I Will Never


United States
33° 36' 22.6116" N, 117° 40' 22.1484" W

I will never, never have the chance to become successful according to the eyes of the elders.
I will never, never be able to survive in this world simply because the world has no place for someone like me.
I will never, never be good enough to match standards set before me that are too high.
I will never, never have a sense of worth on this planet for I am unwanted.
I will never, never be able to climb out of this black abyss because its just to hard so I shouldn't bother trying.
I will never, never find anything to satisfy the pain within my soul that's has lingered for many years.
I will never, never look myself in the mirror and say "You, are loved".
I will never, never think to myself and say "You, are forgiven".
I will never, never listen to a voice that tells me "You, are My son".
I will never, never want to see another word saying "You, you are My everything".

But one thing I will never do, is never allow the lies, the doubts, and the fears to separate me from my heavenly Father.


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