Four Long Years

Four long years you've been gone.
We miss you.
Every year we have to realize more and more that you're gone. 
The pain unbearing. 
My heart still tearing. 
No more advice. 
No more caring touch. 
No more nicknames.
No more long walks.
No more long talks.
No more heart since you've been gone. 
We miss you. 
We need you. 
Why did you have to go?
Didn't you know you where suppose to live 100 more years?
Didn't you know you where suppose to walk me down the Isle?
Didn't you know you where suppose to always be the only thing I've ever had close to a father?
Didn't you know that I'm more than just your granddaughter?
I'm your babygirl. 
I am sorry I have failed you so. 
I'm no longer that baby girl you use to know. 
I love you so, I miss you so much more everyday. 
We will be okay, I promise you so like I do every year again and again. 
I just wanted you to know today that we love you still and we will never forget you.
You will always be my Daddy Paw Paw. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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