John 14:14 here;
Got no reason to fear;
Because if my God is near;
Then we always have a reason to cheer.
Mr. Smiff irritatin’, his spirit faded
His lyrics jaded, his fear is makeshift,
He’s clearly hated, he gets teary, plainly
I’d rather peer at Satan than cheer the greatest.
I ain’t talkin’ bout me, but my creator
He’s flyer than me, he flyer than nature;
If you admire life, you admire your maker;
But the wicked are imprisoned, and their mind’s in danger.
The world hates me, ‘cause I’ve been selected;
While the enemy chose haters, they’ve been elected;
When will you see? I wonder when you’ll get this;
Let me know what you think, before I spend this lesson;
Learning nothin’ but some rubbish, help me escape;
Before torture is my destiny, and hell is my fate;
Screaming at hades, I yell at the gate;
Hopin heaven will drift in, tell me it ain’t too late.


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My community
My country
Our world
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