Tue, 10/01/2013 - 20:53 -- Alonyia

I’m slipping

You see, some days I wake

Not fully realizing the opportunity I have to cease the day

And instead of treasuring such beauty

I become distracted by the essence of myself

Unconsciously clinging to this godly nature

As if I am all too deserving of it’s company

You see, I am slipping

On page after page of black and white lies

Stuck like glue to those cold famous eyes

As I ignore the true inspiration that lies before me

Finding new ways to make someone else adore me

Never fully satisfied

Seeking love from the outside in

Im doomed to never win

Im oblivious to him that has been with me all along

Not once do I stop to smell the roses He grew from concrete because he knew Id enjoy the  metaphor

He gave me faith the size of a sunflower seed because he knew I hated mustard

He etched beautiful stories in my skin and refused to call them scars

He walked with me, Talked with me

Cried for me

He loved me so much

He gave his son to die for me

And in return?

I slipped

I tripped

Over cosmopolitan manuscripts

Stumbled, over misconceptions

Conceiving, if but for a second

That my success was all because of me

Attempting to take credit for my own destiny

Unaware that there was something so much greater than me

We learn from history

That we’ve learned nothing from history

And as I become of this world

My story is becoming amystery

I’m osing sight of my testimony

Because Im afraid of being the only one

But startimg now

Im gonna love the life that I was meant to live

Be the story I was meant to give

So that maybe

I can save someone else

From slipping




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