The Fight

The word "fight" never seemed to apply

I see its far more than what meets the eye

A promise made in youth that must live when youth dies

And I fight. Oh, its a front and a facade - yes, I fight!


Its a fight that's intensified over the years

I lean in to listen and cover my ears

Its becoming more difficult to hide my tears

But I cry. Oh, I only look calm - yes, I cry!


I hold my sword tightly in my left hand

Its not belligerence or nobility, its what this fight demands

Here I'll stay, for here I stand

But I shake. Oh, it weighs more than you think - yes, I shake!


Its pushing back but not pushing away

Its leaving early, its staying at bay

Its saying where you stand and standing where you say

But I fall. Oh, you can recover but not reverse - yes, I fall!


The only reason his arms are free

To both be wrapped so tightly around me

Is because he's dropped his sword, you see

And I know. Oh, just save your breath - yes, I know!


This white flag I hold, I'll toss aside

So that on that day, I'll have nothing to hide

I'll stand there in my white dress with pride

And say yes. Oh, with arms open and heart full - I'll say yes!

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