Moonlit Affection

And she layed there,
body nude in the night,
moonlight glistening on her skin,
patterned and contoured by the thin veil of satin draped ever so lightly upon her waist, frail upon the dip of her breast,
hair trailing the peaks and dives of the sheets.
Unbeknowns to her that i was admiring,
enjoying the art placed at my bedside nightly.
The whistles of the wind outside this longing dream set the mood,
welcoming her presence with an anxious heartbeat to add.
Eyes tracing her silhouette ever so lightly.
Lips forming a smile that meant "I love you in the worst way possible".
In silence,
our issues settled, 
our words peaceful, 
our brows relaxed.
These nights,
Under a forgiving moon,
Granted us wishes formed in our grief.
In these momments we were monogamous-
In these momments we were in love.


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