As We Watched the Ark

Each drop fell, bringing with it a taunt over our own depravity.

It shouts, “Liar, Schemer, Thief, Murderer, Adulterer, Covetous- Human?”

Well sir, in your flawless plan, there lies all but one fatal cavity.

Did you not tell us to lie? Plot our schemes? Plant that which remains to be stolen?


Why then, are we trudging through puddles of wrath?

And, what great plan lies here in the aftermath?

Humans are, as humans always have been,

Weak, and held prostrate to sin.


Do you think some water will wash it all away,

And make you forget the mistake you so wrongfully made?

You cannot go around boasting free will one day,

And then smite down your children for feeling oh so betrayed.


You shouldn’t create life with brains, and hearts, and souls that reach beyond

Then destroy them for deciding that with their life they will abscond.

For what good does a man free will,

When one wrong choice could feign them ill?


But I know one mustn’t argue with your all-knowing plan.

For I know you know far more than I.

But as I watch the water reach the tips of my hands,

I wonder if I truly have to die.


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