Leap of Faith

I lay broken and confused because the past that has held me back for so long. 
Along came a glorious man who held out his hand and saved me from the dead. 
He held my hand on our treacherous leap of faith. 
He looked me in the eyes and said "trust me".
Trust had always been something I had always given out so easy to end up betrayed.
As we fall into the depths of this abyss. 
Not knowing when we'll hit the ground. 
But he held my hand tighter with every drop down. 
He said he loved me. 
I wanted to let go & hit the ground before he did. 
Just to end the pain. 
But I realized love was something I was afraid of. 
I had forgotten how to fall in love. 
I got so caught up with the ending results and didn't live in the "now". 
I looked at him and said those empty words.
But looking him in the eyes is something I would do when my love is finally true. 
I kiss his lips with passion hoping to feel that spark. 
But things take time. 
So I will wait..and wait. 
And slowly but surely let that fear go & allow this strange yet magnificent man steal my heart once I get it back. 
But I can say for sure he takes my breathe away. 


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