My Connection

Never knew what I thought it would be

Everything seems unrealistic, is it?

A fantasy dream full of promises and perfection

A small connection, in God’s prayer will grow

After losing all desire came a seed of hope

That plants something beautiful almost vital

Not tulips, dandelions, or the green valley

But a fresh breath of air called rejuvenation

Nothing is lost unlike this complex generation

Find the tiny pieces to start patching the picture

Finding answers to every curiosity and question

A faithful and unfailing God listens

Through persistence and commitment grants guidance

To continue living never existing

Good things come to those who wait, cliché?

Accurate in many situations as well as conflicting

When least expected God answers in life’s chaos

Receiving the revamp of fresh air in trust

Creating the dream from many nights come true

And completing the picture ready to hang

Never knew what I thought it would be

Deep down I could see and I started to believe



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My community


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