In the Valley of Souls


 In this place,SanctumParadisiumSerenitusOn a plane of enlightenmentThe field of starsThe locus of the universe,Far-From your the maledictionsI stand here in the crucible of allThe hopeful midnight stares back,Stars of wordless joy,Contrasted to sunset parting,The two suddenly meetAs no event horizon on earth-It is strangeMadness, and ultimately comforting,Purple constellations adornThat midnight reach-This sky!  The firmament never was described;Never on earth, was such a sky,And pity the more for it;The Eplisian archIn the recesses of my mind I hear...Singing, distant to the bodyClose to the mind, The voices, the soundsMore pure than any made by menTug just a little,Asking to lift me aloft, Lo,to heaven shall I ascendBut not yet, a moment moreBefore the wonderful enchantment...At my side a torchThe flickering breath, And at my other,The lovely mountain wallIt's warm touch leading down To the valleyWhere lights glow gently At the edges of the buildingsAnd fade just beyond, perhaps,Into a cityThough only each can tellIf it is a city of embrace or archThe valley of soulsI stand gently beforeAnd breathe in the fragrance,Making my peace,Lingering a moment...Till I descend.


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