Purity, Patience, Whole


I prayed for the patience to wait for you

and finally here you stand

A blessing you are indeed

My missing piece

My previously undiscovered energy

When we are together neither of us are concerned with the time

For that moment I am yours, and you are mine

Good vibrations, inspiration, and thirst quenching conversation that

Unfortunately leads to erotic thoughts and beautiful filthy behavior

Sometimes I call on my savior

But let's be honest

The possessions and obsessions less obtainable are the ones we most desire 

so we choose to play with fire

Like Adam and eve in the garden of Eden we are tempted to taste the forbidden fruit

Its fun were grown, we're living life right?

Well sometimes I can't help but think that,

We're taking this a little too far

I've been through this before I know the outcome

but I overly long for us to become one

and this is the easiest road the one most traveled

but I made a promise to God and I won't let the enemy dismantle 

my blessings

I remember how I used to be internally empty, wretched, and stressing

So though my flesh may desire to give in to temptation and play with fire

I live by the spirit and it is this law which has set me free 

from the law of sin and death 

a gift given to all who believe 

So I will pray for more patience to wait for you 

To tell me that you approve

of the merging of my key with the other half of my soul

To release our energy and create new life

not just physically but ideas and all things that contribute to our predestined greater role

I will wait to be made whole

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