I Am Overcoming

Dark, shallow, chained.

My heart has gone days without nourishment. 
Lacking happiness and love and teething on the sediments of dirt,
As I am on a one-way train to Darkness,
where Despair himself will teach his students his infamous art of simply "letting go".
Forcefully succumbing his victims into his idea of a solution, 
through the use of 3 wretched syllables,
one unforgiving 7 letter word,
that haunts every lost soul in our world. 
Tainted, radical, restricted.
My heart is experiencing a new emotion. 
A beautiful, vibrant figure has made an impression on my life,
as he goes by the name "Hope".
My heart remains distilled with dark matter,
however, a keyhole of brightness lies distinct in plain view.  
As if to serve as a reminder of the possibilities ahead.
Yet, my virtue is restricted,
due to the maleficent guardian that holds the key. 
Bright, aspiring, free.
My heart is old and wise. 
As if it were a World War 2 veteran,
my heart reflects its painful past and it's glorious victories. 
Despair vs Hope, Frazier vs Ali,
the hero ultimately prevailed.
The key is no longer in the hands of he who torments,
yet he who serves as a savior.
My heart has returned home to the one place that promotes prosperity, 
the human that lies inside of me. 
This poem is about: 
Our world


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