It's Imagination: God

We live in a world of impossible possibilities 
A world where nothing is really reality
Only what you believe, is what will be 
A world created from your mentality
Created in His Imagination, he’s still imagining WE
We’re living in his big dream where’s he’s observing me
not controlling me but hinting me
to the clues of life that spark life
Free will gives me the choice to do as I please
YOU choose to hate or spread love unconditionally 
in this dream we're all connected but think individually
His visualization that changes every step of the way
Think of your dreams where your exploring trying to find your way
Well that’s what this is, in a way
But your not dreaming, only God and she's showing u the way
In your thoughts, emotions and dreams which are connected to Her
Her energy is what drives you
Think about it, She’s still thinking of you
Everyday making you brand new
Brand new skin, brand new cells
in the Darkness is where we dream well
I guess thats why space is jet black
Dreams are more vivid when the room is pitch black... 
This poem is about: 
Our world


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