You and I were the best part, of the worst combination.

I was the sun,
bringing the brightness of a good day to all those that I touch with my glowing beams.

And you the moon,
luminescent, celestial,
guiding people through their darkest hours as the protector of the lost.

We were made to work as independent parts to a machine of kindness.
We helped the people of our respective kingdoms,
day and night,
so that they could flourish as our precious flowers.
But in our selfishness, we seeked more.

We seeked love, and we seeked it with such ambition, such zeal, that we began to drift from our domains.
We searched the great expansions of the universe until we meet, in the first phenomenon.

We made a beauty of which our flowers had never seen.
However we could not make it last,
And almost as soon as we overlapped one another,
We drifted away.

But a taste was all we needed.

We knew the other was out there, and so we had to meet again,
and again,
and again,
and always for less time than the last.

The flowers we shared loved us together, thinking that these to lights were made to shine together,
and it took till now for those flowers, and I, to realize the truth.

We were never meant to be.

When we were together, to the flowers, we were so close,
touching each other’s souls,
but when you for the view that isn’t just face value, we were so distant,
our hearts,
light years apart.

And now I feel that distance between us,
and it only seems to grow.
And I dread the chance of us meeting again,
because I know I will never be able to touch you.

And I hope we don’t meet again,
Not just because now I burn brighter than ever from my anger with you,
but so that the pain that this knowledge gives me might go away.

But the chance that the pain will stop is a lie I must tell myself
because I know you have already sealed my faith.
I may be burning now, but slowly I will smolder,
then fizzle,
and die out.
Reduced to nothing but ash.
And even though it may take a millennia for it to happen,
you, and your memory, will surely kill me.

I only hope that none of the other stars in the cosmos die chasing a moon the doesn’t feel enough to stay with them,
even when they make them their object of orbit.


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