Why It's Called Faith

If you tell me again

That we’re no different

That we just happened

Our luck was purely evolutionary

I will give up trying

Give up telling you that

We’re different

We’re special

We aren’t advanced monkeys

We are humans

We are special


If you try to tell me

That it just happened this way

We were just able to talk

We were able to think

We have amazing cognitive abilities

Just because we adapted to our surroundings

We have music

And art

And theatre

And beauty

Because we evolved to need these things

I will tell you


That’s not how it works

We have a purpose

But you just laugh


And you say there is no God

How can there be?

We can explain some things with science

Not all

But we’re working on it

Well, why can’t God exist with science?

Why can’t he have created it to work this way?

Why couldn’t he have given us science?

The two aren’t incompatible

But if I say that

You will laugh


If you laugh one more time

And try to tell me that my faith is influenced

By my family

I’ll laugh with you

And say yes

Yes it is

Part of it

I’m glad that my family influenced me

That’s when you stop listening

That’s when you ignore my words

When I try to tell you that

It’s a personal thing

And I try to tell you

I feel God in my life




You ignore me

And go you go on believing what you want to be true


I hear your words

I reply

You don’t try to hear my words

Are you afraid to respond?

Do you not want to hear my thoughts?

Do you think that the words are not my own?

They aren’t

Not entirely

They are God’s words.

And I think about them.

Just because you don’t want to believe

Just because you can’t see

Doesn’t mean I can’t

The word for this thing I have?

The thing that you don’t have

Don’t want?




And named so for a reason.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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