Mon, 02/03/2014 - 01:25 -- g185kg


Our lives are such a mess

That just seems like a big game of chess

Just see what next move going be

Just so we can be swallowed by the raging sea

Then you remind us

That you are our plus

And you will carry us back to you

And that you are the glue

Only through walking through your door

Can we be restored

As humans we tear ourselves down 

until we are completely drowned

And can not see above the crowd

Because we are so blinded by the clouds

That we try to plow

And that question looms of how

Then God Overcomes

And sounds his drums

And shews away

Everything as we call on his name and pray

And asked to be Restored

He has showed us he worthy of praise

Because he been there through every blaze

And has never left our side

Even through all the tides

He said you are mine and I have heard your cry

You have come to me in weakness and you are Restored!!!


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