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Asking myself why is a constant. By extension asking myself how will-arise under any new possibility. I take a step back and peer at all the obstacles residing in my way; making mockery at my current position.
What do I feel?Does it matter, I sometimes think,To express or show it? exhausting thoughts,It is like the air has been repressedAnd I don’t have the energy to navigateIn half answers and half hopes,
What do I feel?Does it matter, I sometimes think,To express or show it? exhausting thoughts,It is like the air has been repressedAnd I don’t have the energy to navigateIn half answers and half hopes,
She's vanished   in sea of cyber space. She wandered aimlessly surfing unfathomable regions of unknown origin hoping to find evidence of  life beyond four walls,  
I hear you I can hear her call. It is but a whisper now. It sounds like she is still right here. I can feel you. I feel her hand in mine. It is just a memory now. It feels like I can hold her still. Still she is nowhere near me.
artificial    Knock! Knock!  It’s me!! Haha its us! It’s you… Aww don’t give me that face now. You forgot about me didn’t you? 
My relationship with my mother Has been a series of trust falls And she's never once caught me . But I keep leaning backwards And hating myself When I inevitably hit the ground .
Let's watch the horizon together, From this crumbling rooftop, we built ourselves on. Let our legs dangle over the breathing city disasters, let them swing back and forth, like a metronome-keeping rhythm. 
She looked at herself in the mirror and what she seen and what she felt were two different things. She was conflicted with herself. What she saw was her reflection, not sure what it was that she was reflecting.
 At home I sit Thoughts running through my head Tomy filled with troubles Yet I'm supposed to be free in his presence I can't even figure out what I'm doing here .............
The Sun can't reach her She's covered in mud and planted in a hole that her tears water Salt from the earth runs deep through her veins And her dark skin reflects like jewels in a cave
     My heritage is mixed like the color of my skin I'm too black for the whites Too white for the blacks But, my color is not who I am The beauty standard of those who lingar inbetween 
It's so ironic how after heartbreak, a simple everyday item turns into the things that makes you fall apart, And it doesn't take much for every little thing to remind me of you, even though you were the one who broke my heart.
Don't make us become displaced. Never make us feel misplaced. that would be a disgrace. Trauma and tragedy, no one should have to face.   Fun games ,not war. Say no to gore.
I repeat my name  on and on  and on and on and on and on   As if I'm trying to find myself As if I'm trying to dig deep into my truth And I feel like I'm getting closer
Losing a friend isnt instant, The memories linger, And the what if's become unbearable.   The guilt sets in at sunrise, And the grief chokes you at sunset.   You dont just lose them and go on
Losing a friend isnt instant, The memories linger, And the what if's become unbearable.   The guilt sets in at sunrise, And the grief chokes you at sunset.   You dont just lose them and go on
It’s A Lot Easier To Believe The Warming Feeling Of Love For Another Is Thoroughly Reciprocated Than To Admit The Blatant Truth That Your Love Is One Sided.
We use to laugh, We use to talk, We use to confide in eachother. I was totally in love with my bestfriend. You can fall in love with friends too.I.would give her my last, my life I let her hold in the palm of her hands. She was so beautiful then.
God has sent the Angels near closest to the one that fears even though you are alone resting due to casted stones a light nearby will slowly heal your broken soul, so well concealed
I never been this confused, what if my life will just turn to blue? How will I survive, if I don't know what to do.
    I am lost Out in the unknown Poeople all around me Yet inside I feel alone   Thoughts and emotions Too hard to express They threaten to engulf me
Donna, donna che ho tanto amato Oh ! Ci sono diverse primavere fa Che il tempo fosse bello E il vento fischiava basso e lento
Why is it we have desperation and reliability on one person we want when we can’t have? The worst feeling that won’t go away until they say yes, and deepens when they go away.
Lost in time.  Lost in the dark.  Lost in the light. She gave up, she never won a fight. 
Mask up Six feet apart please Forget your own name You won't need to speak Don't cough in public Wash your hands Remember hand sanitizer Follow the demands The virus is super bad
A body with hands like maps Allow me to trace your highway veins Intertwine your fingers in mine And learn my roads, my cliffs My body yearns to know your story
I go where I’m pulled, and I’m pulled to a place where I feel so low. 
i was lost in the dark, and in the light i couldn't see. the burnt-out spark, was always you and me.   i was lost in my thoughts, lost in my mind, you were the light i sought,
I'm just clay I mold myself depending on who's with me Change into what they want me to be Then I sit there as they react to me As if I'm a film and they're the movie critic
I don’t feel passionate anymore As if it’s all been sucked out of me And I’m dry As if the water that used to flow Evaporated
One little girl staring out the window  She is alone but not lonely She has a dove Sometimes she shares her secrets  Sometimes she just stays silent Days pass by Then months and then Years
Perhaps one more before I go. This one is dedicated to the men, a man’s height beneath the floor.   Sitting in chairs, until the room starts spinning.
Unspoken, unidentified tragedies ... I wonder if bad news and devastation are better delivered With the merciless blow, like finding out you'll die just before Christmas
Lost and not sure where to turn, 
I feel so tired tonight, I know I promised to be back, But sorry for not coming back. 
For the losers who lost us. The people who loved us. The lucky people who get to meet us. This is for you.   I don't have an attitude, just a personality you can't handle love.
For the losers who lost us. The people who loved us. The lucky people who get to meet us. This is for you.   I don't have an attitude, just a personality you can't handle love.
Looking for Answers And denying events This journey portends So, it begins;   This mixture of love and fear The tireless industry of culture and sin   Sex scandals and race riots
Alone everything pulled inside of me. Surrounds me within me. Unable.
Little Cat I was introduced to you in a dark part of my life.  You were kind, warm, and loving.   Yet I could never bring about the courage to hold you and be with you.  In those days of you where the bright spot
The darkness envelopes me, Wrapping its arms around me. It hushes my cries, And wipes the tears from my eyes. "Shh... I am right here," It whispers, quiet, in my ear.
Been lost for a while, I'm missing myself. Filed a missing person's report on myself. No posters, picture on milk cartons, or hashtags. No tee shirts, search parties, or evidence bags.
Oh no, no, I can't find my pen, I really lost it, I cried like a baby; I can't believe I lost my best friend It sees me naked, perfectly imperfect and still loves me
I spent so many years, Doing nothing but crying. But now I'm out of tears, All despite my trying. Not because I've overcome fears, But because my soul is dying. As the light draws near,
No longer your lover, no longer your desire, only ever my soul desire, confounded by my desire, to give you the love you require, yet only receiving your ire, never to be your soul desire,
Love is a Drug It can be annoying as bug or as welcoming as a rug Love is better than weed because its something you need It can be just like alcohol and cause quite the brawl
Will I Remember at the end? Crying eyes Yet I like to pretend Questions not asked That how I want it to be Die young and live fast I'm hurting, can't you see? I wear a big ol smile
I have disappeared.   Disappearence is common. Allies swallow people.  Lakes surround a soul and rob them.   This is not a dissapearence I have been dealing with.  
Shall I speak to you my secrets in hushed and airy tones near the warmly-lit fire? Sweet taste of nectar and honey you praise me and forget yourself. How this narrative reminds me of one such time
The first funeral i attended There wasn’t too much i understood about death  Relationships that were broken Now mended  With shared sadness  
I seemed to have stepped foot in the wrong directionThat put me on the wrong path. ​The world lights me on fire,I would put it out. The sun loses it's light,I found light in Jesus.
Am I mentally fucked up too? I walk down the halls, the same paths you took, The same paths that we conversed, The same paths that we touched. I still look for your beautiful face  Upon the crowded areas.
the stars we see each night are only distant lights from the past meaning that we see them but they could be gone   i'm sort of like that because you can still see me but honey, i've been gone
I still think about you Every day and every night We drifted so far apart Was it wrong or was it right? I wanted to talk to you I just couldn't break my wall I hated how we ended
You know that train I was talking about? I think it took a wrong turn Cuz now i just feel                                      misplaced Like i don’t belong here
If i jumped on a train Where would it take me? How far would I ride it? Would I be free? A passenger on its many painted boxcars
- Stanza 1: Son Hello? Who are you? You are me. But I'm not. I mean I'm what their I's want me to be. I am who they are. And they are who I am. But now I look at the I AM,
The dark eyed mom is here again. I hope she’s not here to stay. There will be no meals or good-time feels And no, This mom don’t play.
You know, I can see it in your face Your just a machine A slave to your desire You’re so black and blue Yesterday, you said you wanted this Today, you don’t want to live
Teardrops Atop the Pyramid Stunting and bluffing   Stunting and bluffing   Breaking my body and collecting my thoughts   The forlorn state of the Damned and Dependent  
#Memories I lost myself in words last night, It could be a dream as i was high, Some memories i was passing by, revising some older highlight.
she was a light he trapped her in a box she was laughter he stole her joy she was a graceful dance he stole her footing she was a leap of faith he let her fall she was truly alive
it's been a year a whole damn year and here i am sitting across a gym full of people and all i see, is you your obnoxious smile your loud voice and your annoying friends
it's been a year a whole damn year and here i am sitting across a gym full of people and all i see, is you your obnoxious smile your loud voice and your annoying friends
when you saw me and whispered hello did it cross your mind that you'd break my heart?
dear mom why do you  hate me so i need you here with me but all you do is go
dreary days solemn nights lonely hearts internal fights
you've seen the darkest of me and the most vulnerable pieces of me you've held me in the night and kissed me in the morning you loved me when i couldn't love myself and now you're a stranger
Learned the word humble long after the meaning was lost. Just another product of tax payer exhaustion. It hurts when referred to as perfect by the person that hurt you the most. But ima keep it humble
Learned the word humble long after the meaning was lost. Just another product of tax payer exhaustion. It hurts when referred to as perfect by the person that hurt you the most. But ima keep it humble
was, wenn wir beide geh‘nkein licht am ende seh‘ndie liebe nur noch scheinwussten können nicht zusammen sein habe nie so geliebt wie dichoder diente es nur zum schutz für michwollte nie sehen wie du bistoder dir sagen du wirst vermisst wurden vom
How an addict always hurries worries where the next fix comes from worries which of these tricks furry to run ya hunt ya they all want ya- fun stuff
Missing In Abyss Why have I gone this far is it to see how far I can go before I slit the throats of the cobra or is it to know my ill mind is legit I'm not paranoid on a meth trip
I'm a voice for those who have no choice they surrounded hounded by demons when I found them I called out their name I released their inner pain by speaking about mine with no shame
You broke me , with no remorse    Broken pieces , lonely people , sharing the same empty place - with a scenery so memorable it’s painted a home in my heart.   
I am so madly in love with new york city The lights on the buildings Brighter than the stars And you, You were brighter than all the stars that night
I open my eyes only to see darkness surrounding me. As i walk along these cold desolate streets lost, lonely with an agonizing feeling of needing to know what happened to me.
House of cards Easily blown away by wind It doesn't take long To notice how fragile it became It holds memories inside Memories of the good times It has always kept the scent
I feel like they hear me but they don’t listen. As if I was placed in a glass bowl turned upside down. As if it was too much to give me air. If I breathe too much my oxygen is limited. So I sit. And I sit,
I may smile today! But I will cry tomorrow. I will be today! I will forget today for it has brought me sorrow. The world may change due to yesterday's tomorrow. I hate the days where life is pain!
I may smile today! But I will cry tomorrow. I will be today! I will forget today for it has brought me sorrow. The world may change due to yesterday's tomorrow. I hate the days where life is pain!
Some days are nothing but black Fighting a battle in endless fog Seeing nothing, hearing only pitiful static   Some days are nothing but black Nights bring emptiness, fading wordlessly to fog
Being lost is something I am pretty good at. I am always lost in my mind, in worlds I am imagining.  Worlds where I am loved, in a perfect family, and where I get the boy. The right boy.
Im writing these words so that if anybody is to find this, they'll finally understand The pain I was going through and just how deep it went How blinded i was by the darkness
Sitting at low tide amongst the creatures of the world underneath my lungs Staring into the unbreaking blackness of the air hung in smoke My eyes a lighthouse that gaze into the unknown reality
Walking up a concrete hill on the way home from school.  The sun beams against my back.  Creating a shadow darker than my caramel skin. 
I’m lost in a forest with no one around I’m lost  I see eyes in the bushes and stars in the night I’m lost
I smile, I laugh and I cry, but who am I? I eat, I walk and I jump, but who am I? I dance, I sing and I sleep, but who am I? I talk, I shout and I bath, but who am I?
Its just another night and Im starin again at the moon. Lookin at the stars, Remembering of how we've been through. Its just another night without you.
Lonely I'm so lonely I want to love But there is no one to love No one wants me They all avoid me Sending me flares and stares Talking isn't rare I feel a desire To hold a hand
Sometimes I have to remind myself Things aren't that bad That all I am Is a little lost That I'll find my way Tucked into my thoughts
In the silent wilderness, wasn’t so silent My thoughts racing threw my mind, they all seemed so blind. As I claimed to be fine, my limits have now ultimately crossed the line.
Depression is like that younger sibling you always had to share your toys with It's like you're drowning but you're not underwater 
I often wonder what passes through your wandering mind.  May God help me appease my lonely pondering mind.    For what lies hidden beneath  your surface so well. 
i could get losT in those eyes. beHind them there are other worlds, lights, and sensations thAt take you like a tidal wave. the world fades away around us for a Time, and it’S an epic euphoria, all the little while.
  I will always remember our time together,  remember our secrets we keep from the world.  All the lies we hold within our souls. But only God knew
Why is the world so judgmental? Like people, Hungry animals choose their prey By looking for the weak or wounded They pursue them—
Cross my heart and hope to dieStabbed in the back a thousand timesInsecurities are mounting highWhat did I do to earn this life?Held prisoner by my brain My mental state is not okay
I yearned for another, Who wasn’t you, But she wasn’t there, Unlike you, At a long lost party In old Cambridge town.   Did I fall Just a little for you, While longing for another,
O how Ruefully I pine For mi pueblito perdido, What I wouldn’t give, To be young again, And happy as I was back then.   Maria, full of peace,  Do you remember
  Thank you, for loving me, For asking how I am, You made me feel important To feel like I just, can.   Thank you, for the opportunity,
i'll admit it i am not much of a poet i do not know much about rhyming i just know about the individual and how it is hard to be original how we sit here and talk about nothing
What if I could live in a world in which I never fell for you? What if I never fell for you? What if I never fall again? Never feel the scrape of my knees hitting earth again.
I don’t know why I sit and wait for your attention or why my heart is so pure that I can’t actually admit how upset I get when I don’t talk to you. it sucks.
His touch was little at first. Barely holding onto my back. With time his touch gripped on to my neck like a huge claw. I was a slave to his world. Do as he says, when he says, how he says.
Woods, leading no where.  Beauty in the field, destroyed by weeds.  Circles and circles, round and around.    I keep tracking through these woods.  Feeling lost inside my soul.  Where am I? 
Backpack on shoulder, The air got colder, Traveling out bolder, The small hope holder,    In the land full of vicious, He, imagining dreams delicious,   Strange voices there,
It burns through us all, every person on the planet. It is a fast and fearless monster. Stopping the force of the creature seems impossible.
I want                                                                                                           nothing.  I feel 
I don't even know what I have left anymore.  Not my family,  Not my friends  (who I don't want to talk to),  Not trust,  or love,  or compassion, or understanding, 
I'm obsessed,Obsessed with death.  I love to picture my own end. Will it be by my own hands?An enemy's? Will I be a hero? Or will I grow old?   I'm obsessed,
Do you ever just want to be dead? ... I do.  Often.   But, I don't want it to be my fault. I see how much it would hurt them now.    
How deep in that cave should i wander The fork stabs me; i see two paths set before  Harsh light lining my sight His Blight Like a newborn sun rising off in the horizon in an aberrant, pink blaze
1   Her eyes, they were not as bright as they used to be. 2   But even though she mostly wore black, her mind was a rainbow full of colors.
I cant tell if i am lost in a void,Lost in my thoughts, lost in a black hole,Lost in myself or lost in someone else,
We are the generation of thinkers The generation of reckless drinkers The generation in which my eyes are appalled and I have opened my mouth to exercise the right I was given This is America.  
  I feel like I'm in a movie.
One day you're home, and then another you are left all alone.  Abandoned, gone, and lost.  Looking around like theres been a holocaust.  People say life is black and white-
“Hang tight” Dark nights Can’t breathe when there’s no light.  “Hold on” Pain ends? Ash blowin in warm winds “You’re strong” Guess so. Eyes water when I’m all alone.  “Keep goin”
it's been a Cold November September-December-July-August-May This year - more than last Or maybe less than last Sometimes it's hard to remember Recall-commemorate-memorialize
It finally hit me… That feeling. You know it. Nothing.   You heard me right.   Just.   Nothing.  
Falling Without Sight  Fly Back Into Your Routine Still Nothing Is Seen
I’ve lost my map and I have no clue where I am going The fear of not knowing has continued growing The way I am has been lost for months
You asked me to write for you, So I wrote of a boy with stars in his eyes, A bright soul, and his heart on his sleeve. I wrote about how he died and how the light left his eyes
She stumbles in the darkness, in search of the light. But the sky had been empty for a while, the stars could not hold on to it. It is only her, and the wind, and the cold wetness on her cheeks.
How old must you be to experience this “true” love?     They say one doesn’t experience true love until much later in life…   But can that actually be true?   What is “true” love, anyhow? 
School. Absolutely not. "GO" I heard Him say So Large Too Large "GO" Lonely brain in an extroverted body "GO"  I went. Wait... She likes the same things as me?
I’m still lost, Inside my head. I’m still lost, Within this dread. I’m still lost, Leave me alone, I’m still lost,
i’m still searching far and wide for someone who has always been beside me you are here but i don’t know your face yet  
I’ve fallen apart, A million pieces in the floor. Most of them are missing, I can’t find them any more. My pieces have been scattered,
Tread lightly, For this is a realm of darkness, A realm of pain and fear. It traps and breaks the unwary, Then leaves them lying dead.
I am a fallen angel, Darkness is my garment, And fury is my weapon. I was once wreathed in light, And I did the bidding of my master.
I’ve been crying out for aid, But I’m rewarded with silence, I’m screaming out for help, Only for my pleas to fall On the ears of a deaf deity.
It happened twice. I let myself believe. I thought that I might matter. But what I didn’t see. I loved and lost, And was broken eternally.
I watched as my entire soul crossed a threshold. Time slowed and I saw his face. It was him. They said I’d never see him again,
The rain is my peace. My eyes were the ocean. My heart in ruins. I shook violently as the droplets struck me. . The rain is my peace., For she cannot see my tears.
I was wrong; I didn't fall in love with you. I jumped.   ~awatr
You watched me from my window and took out your anger on my body with your eyes.   ~awatr
He shook me furiously and the thunder shook the house surrounding my fragile skeleton.   ~awatr
When I met you, my heart trembled the way it did when she left.   ~awatr
Can't we just accept that life, like math, possesses imaginary and irrational numbers?   ~awatr
I see you in every angry fight, every bruise, and in every goodbye that is never said.   ~awatr
My head felt like an eternally spinning teacup ride at the fair.    ~awatr
She loved numbers the way I loved her hair, messy and unkempt.   ~awatr
Her eyes reminded me of the old embers in the fireplace, unkempt by my absent father.   ~awatr
I hid under a mask of submissive apologies.   ~awatr
I spent every waking minute thinking of you. And when I shut my eyes at 3am? There you were again.   ~awatr
I stole a friend, I took them hostage, I held them here to listen. You didn't know me when I pulled my gun, you didn't know what I wanted. You begged for your life, I begged for you to listen.
Depression is deep Quite like the black hole of sleep It takes you away Never to see the light of day No matter my plight It still puts up a fight
Pay attention to the sunlight, the sunlight is the most warm, visible radiation of all. Down, down into the darkness it goes- the hot, the tender, the close.  
Through that happy dream Open this wide gray doorYell then step and screamWhat is this place all for?
Good bad Light dark Evil spreading through the parks Lurking behind you like a shark You turn around and jump in fright But try and try with all your might  To see the good within the beast  You find it, relieved, to say the least But there are ma
Sometimes I wonder what it feels like to not constantly Worry about what people think of me, to not wonder if that woman on the other side of the room - that hasn’t even looked in my direction - is laughing at me or laughing at the completely rand
     How to express yourself to yourself     Living life fake and wishing to be better     A mind were there is no control makes you think of the dark creeping inside   
After all, we are all under the same sky and shall end by the same fate.   ~awatr
My vision darkens. My stomach churns. My heart races. You saw my pain but you used me anyway.   ~awatr
I’d laugh Care Understand Feel empathetic Love But all of this and more I’d still have if you hadn’t ripped my heart out and kept it for yourself
They ask are you good? I answer with my mask and feel like a empty cask I´m fine so everyone around me can shine can you see the skyline I´am supine being on my back it´s all black
Where am I?   I’m not what you want me to be At least not today I just want to know if that’s okay  
it's a long and lonely mile home from your door hold me in your arms just once more its a long and lonely mile to walk till daylight comes and i fear your smile's still here and it's tearing me apart
To hurt, to love, to live. It’s all part of life right? But what is this so called thing “life”? we all compare things and say “that’s life” what is life? Is it the fact that we breath. Is it that we hurt?
"Hey. Are you okay?" "I'm fine." "What's wrong?" I'm not quite sure how to answer that. Do I believe something is wrong with me? Depends on the day, time, and who's asking.
Eyes like the ocean  In more ways than one They get trapped in the waves Swallowed until there were none  As the eyelashes flutter The wind blows stronger  Get lost is them both
Growing up through life, The pressure to find a job is high. It feels like a cut from a knife When you don’t know where to spend the rest of your time.  
They say that if looks could kill... But you were more like my cyanide pill. ~awatr
Who is this woman? She looks like my mom She sounds like my mom She smells like my mom But she doesn't act like my mom She is mean and cold and harsh My mom is nice and kind and loving
My mind, much like our population, was overcrowded and easily won over by the simplest romance.   ~awatr
My body was a tenement for each limb was its own entity yet still connected.    ~awatr
At that moment,  I let you go. I felt my heart let you go. And it was the most refreshing feeling I have ever felt.  I still love you - But I'm not your prisoner.  and I never will be again.
How have I already been through loss, yet not love?
I don't know what I'm doing or what I have been doing or what I want to do   but it's coming to an end and I'm unsure
Harder are the days going, And smaller are my hopes being. Tired from those daily battles, Hiding goes my upcoming titles.
i have spent most of my life in unconscious apathyoften rubbing at burning eyessleepily staring at fluorescent lightsin windoless classrooms that spark anxiety and agony
i've spent most of my life in apathyoften rubbing at burning eyes, sleepily staring at fluorescent lightsin windowless classrooms that spark anxiety and agony
Get up from bed and something isn’t right Everything is muddled, dirty and foggy I scream and cry not knowing what is going on I go to the bathroom and see Myself in the mirror
As I struggle throught this land Of hopelessness and fear, I pass a sea of faces- Ones that hold no cheer.   I cross the sea of betrayal And over the bridge of doubt, into the desert of despair.
When you've got something,  like a parent or something,  or maybe a pet of some sort.  you like it. and stuff. And then you lose it.  And it suddenly becomes the most important thing. 
I had lost something Lost at sea it was not I set sail but all I found were people lost Some were following a captain Their actions commandeered by one voice But many were by their lonesome
With this flower I shall take your hand With these words I shall make you cry With this promise I shall give you hope With this kiss I shall take you home  
I want to genuinely smile and have real friends that make me laugh.. Even more than that - I really want to get my life back on track... But it's hard to have hope for the future - cause I just can't let go of the past....
There you go again. Leaving me behind. Take me with you! No, don't take me. Not this time. I yearn, And when you finally offer, I reject. Because if I accept,
To My Ex, J . G . .....
There's nothing more I'd like to do, then snuggle in close and fall asleep with you..
I really want to call you... & tell you I still care... But I know you won't say it back.... & I don't think it's fair..
There's a place for everything and everything in its place.. Well, where do I put the memories of the past I can't erase?
If I could build the truth for you, I'd make it out of titanium steel... I'd weld it together with all of the reasons -WHY- I STILL feel the way that I feel...
This thing called life changes from good to bad. Where were the signs? I should have saw the signs. All my fears comingto life. Disbelieve is my heart, for the road i have to take there's longsuffering and malaise.
The only thing that is true Is that they all look like you In the dark.  
Fugitive, fugitive, fugitiveYou must not be fugitiveYou must be activeLove your homeMake it as a groomAdorn with every pomponTo show himself handsomeWear and pretty trimAnd be always in the placeTo lead all nationsImitate its way, obey its sayFear
O Sis, could I love thee like no other. For before my young eyes only squinted, A face inoffensive to our mother. I was, but a statue: black and minted.   Did not my ears think or care to listen
I remeber growing up as your baby cub. You taught me how to care for myself incase you were not there. Well now you are not here and I am still a lost cub.
I cry I weep I dont sleep Night all alone Hiding in my phone Where am i Where did i go Do i run from myself Wont i leave me alone I am lost It is dark Will i come back
I’m inside the labyrinth It’s like King Minos built it for me Perfectly designed for me Just for me, me alone.   I don’t know which part I am Neither the directions of it Nor where to go
Lost in the middle of nothingness Wandering, just wandering A pair of shoes and my soul Where are you?   Lost, not because I’m lost Find me; I want you to find me Hold me, and never let me go
Years have passed and my heart still yearns,  For a love, which is a love that hurts worse I reach out to draw you in But get hurt as I learn that you seek lonliness.   But rather than sitting all alone, 
As my eyes rain this cold, wet sorrow... My heart yearns for a better tomorrow To feel lips brushed against mine Gently pressed, one of a kind. Yes, the cold is trapped in my sweater
Stare into the outside Neon lights and street signs She holds me It’s gonna be alright She said, but she fades Moonlight turns away
She paints the ocean Washed and faded memories Hiding a child's laughter in the bubbles of sea foam Happier times float longingly In her heavy, tired brushstrokes The reflection of a young sun, 
April 20, 2017. 12:41 am  
These thoughts that lingers in my head I cannot explain   Only These thoughts are encrypted by him himself   He who’s not powerful or mighty   But me who’s brittle and broken  
Lost Not the magical lost you get when you go to Disney Or walk into your favorite store Not the dreamy sort of lost you feel when you stare into a pair of eyes or a really good book
Hey,   Remember that time you had your heart broken by that girl you first loved?                                                             Not an elementary love, but the real stuff
I wake in the morning, And the first thing I do Is start to get high To not think about you. I take a long puff To forget about your sorrow. Take another one in To forget about tomorrow.
Loving you came in waves.  At first, the water only touched my toes  With text messages and winking emojis Then the water was to my ankles You texted me every day,  It didn't matter what we talked about 
When your heart breaks it oozes misery  and drips down to your stomach  where it knots and twists but you can only clench your fists
In the meanderings of my backyard, I set a glass of ice water on the muddled glass table Spreckled with rainspots and a splinch more than the grain of salt I asked for.
So finally, someone did it.  I've played this scenario out in my head, How it would be if someone died.  I always wanted to know how I'd react.  You didn't succeed, no,  Thank God, no.
She wasn’t trash nor the last slice of cakeon the dinner table at your friends gathering that was never touchedShe was a person shattering through the mirrorbecause all four pieces destroyed theastonishing caring girl she once wasShe’s trying and
Found out how life works when I fifteen  Just by looking life from a different perspective it seems And what lyrical rhymes has taught me  Nothing comes easy  It's hard I know But As I go  I was lost
How often have we yearned of being, Swept off your feet and cradled? My blood,
Can you please remind me where I am?   I must’ve took a wrong turn 5 years back that direction  
1) You’re never allowed to tell a lie Unless the lie sounds nicer than the truth To tell people what they want to hear   2) Everyone is right Everyone is wrong
She is nothing more than a masterpiece  trying to master her peace.  She  is her own anchor,  but she's lost at sea.  How could this be? At night,  she sleeps with her thoughts
I'll be a muse of your fantasy and trance in a vision you daydream   contemplate your life just stare into space it’s your dream   May 5, 2018
I'll be darkness starless and dark like a tragic soul you hide away   shine in a twilight just for me lights and darks it’s new bright night  
I'll be quiet seductive and sweet like a dream you forgot   run run away just go with the flow  it’s silence   May 5, 2018
He knows what he's doing, Yet his love is just a game, False hope, it's just another thing i'm losing, And it slowly drives me insane.
Look at the clear bright sky tonight Moon and the Stars above your head If you wait long enough You will see a bright light of the lost Perseidas Shooting stars might show me your face
The light of the Lord Shines within me. Where I was once broken He mended me, When I felt alone He was always with me. When I was lost and hurting He took me by the hand,
some erotic escape I need with your face with the cosmos to my aid with a Fire and wild desire romantic play and zany runway the thunder of the heart beating fast
Invisible wounds from past Haunt me through the night In a secret cave of pain I still feel the fire Of our last slow dance   Swimming in circles In the endless feeling Of my false dreams
run away from you from my dreams from my fears   from the pain you might hide deep down in your heart   run away from smile and sparkle in your eyes  
No more tears left Your on your own Sleepless nights All alone It shouldn't be this way Love isn't cold. Wasted hours Day and night Hand on your heart  And all was right  
Now i'm laying in a casket  well, do you want to know why? these stripes across my forearm  i swear they were a cry i really wanted to tell you i really wasn't "fine" but well, you believed me 
i wish i didn’t have a last name; i don’t belong- anywhere.   my original last name lost its beauty from the very first day i was hit, lost its identity.   i became nameless.   
Shedding light on flaws Like street lights above our heads We relish the rays but stay in the dark   We hide our mirrors Because our eyes are too keen to see the hidden storms  
Thank you for the likes Thank you for the feels Thank you for understanding You were my everything when I had nothing. Distant love stay around just not around me
I opened my eyes today once that was a game I'd playLearned through heartache and pain.I pray every night you're not dead you're okayDiscovered how to live even in down pouring rain. 
She's 3 feet deep  Just below the sea She's trying to reach the surface  But it's weighing her down underneath  She lost hope for eternity    She's 10 feet deep Just below the sea
I have seen into the light, For so long I never had it in me to stand upright, I was always so pathetic, I never looked in the mirror as my own worst critic, It was always up to me,
My poetry is a farce  through which I feign brilliance. I am of nothing, nothing remdeemable. Only triviality  constitutes my blood. That of which we do not speak comprises my flesh.
sometimes i find i want to press myself in a book like a flower to flatten my spine so my shoulders can be higher   but if my body wasn’t fragile
I don't know what I'm doing.  I don't know where I'm at. I don't know where I'm heading, And I don't know who I am. The earth beneath me is spinning;  I am here and now I'm not. 
I celebrate myself as I mourn myself. For days I cried, for days I wandered, lost. For days I was afraid, so afraid. So lost. So lost.  For days I rejoiced, life was so good.
Forever, Forever, Forever. What a hopeless endeavor. Forever, Forever, Forever. Please remember me Forever. Forever, Forever, Forever. Don't let me fade away into the lost. Forever, Forever, Forever.
I’m thinking St. Jude has got a hold on me My head my hands my head Shaking so violently Hand me a bottle, babe I can’t breathe I need to breathe
Rejected Isolation Hurting more than it should Why did I get so attached? Please let me be Don't make me see your face Beautiful you Versus ugly me World shattering Heart aching
Sometimes my heart doesn't fit in my  mouth Instead, meaningless words tumble out I wish the right phrases could roll off my tongue So how much you mean to me could become
Everything takes me back Back to that moment That moment when I mumbled “I love you”   Every song I hear Sparks a memory,
Dear childhood,
LOST I cry I wept I wish I wish for something that will never be mine I wish for all too much for my wish wants to see the end of me  With glass heart broken  Blood running down my hands  My cries fall down my face as shards of iceI cry I wept I w
5th year I was always a giver not a taker. I bought my her toy, gifts or what ever I made her. My sister is oldest but I was always the protector.
They say life is unpredictable That saying is correct You never know what can occur Or what will happen next I never predicted this coming You left me in a rush Now when I call your name
They say life is unpredictable That saying is correct You never know what can occur Or what will happen next I never predicted this coming You left me in a rush Now when I call your name
Emotionless through the nights I thought I had a grip It's dark through the days Needing to Bleed It Out And put myself together again Impossible to be whole once more So much has passed so much ruin
Dear passion withholder,   A bright sunny day, and now there I lay. Tears flowing from my eyes, and all i can ask is why? With one crash; I see my life flash. The experiences;
I have these words in inside of me Tearing me apart I wish that I could get them out Get them out my heart   I feel I lived a thousand lives
Dear Unnamed,     I listen to "Over the Rainbow” its tropical tunes carry my thoughts-- The backseat of our red station wagon
Why even bother, why even try  to think about someone  who only lies.    Their arms are not  worthy  but I push it aside  because I don't  know what I will do 
              Still trying to find myself.      
It was a fleeting romance, My main memory is her lips, The salt water heavy on my own, It should have prepared me, For the damage her crashing waves did, She was a hurricane and I didn’t notice,
Set Aside              By:SeemsPoetic   Set me aside Just set me aside Leave me behind Hung out to dry  
She was once a women, Strong and bright, With a magnetic light.A smile so electric,With words so poetic. Bright eyes that gleam,A soul of purity that steamed.  Soon darkness began to arise, demanding for silent cries,She screamed and ran for her l
  I stand barren until very late spring in a yard of evergreens and hundred-year oaks young and a stick figure, not enough rings under my bark.  
    A Change of Me   As I pace back and forth in an empty room where once was never empty and always full.
Dear Sandy,  I come from a remote island  standed in the sea nonsensically  wanting to tell this to thee,  tell you that:    Words
Oh, how it’s been too long since I last heard your cherry blossom’s song. I miss the way you look, snow here, sun there, and my heart you took.
Oh, how it’s been too long since I last heard your cherry blossom’s song. I miss the way you look, snow here, sun there, and my heart you took.
She's in a new world Lonely girl, where are your parents? A new area, so familiar but never explored Adventure awaits those who seek it She's taking the next step, just as useless as before  
I left a ghost, on the curb of a suburb at midnight.   We parted ways, and I mumbled goodbye.
Dear Mr. Anonymous, What is life like being a mystery?   Is it lonely, and empty, Or is it full of soul?     Do ever become tired or bored
Once again that my heart shattered Lights went blackout, no more flickered My head went full blank My life I had hang I thought my life doesn't matter
To the lost boy,   You don’t want to see me dance, or hear me laugh out loud. I’ll still do both anyway, in hopes I’ll make you proud.   Please don’t miss out on this journey of mine,
dear world,  I hope one day to awake in a place much simpler than this, where color nor age nor race mattered. Because we really all are the same. We all hold great potential and great success.
dear world,  I hope one day to awake in a place much simpler than this, where color nor age nor race mattered. Because we really all are the same. We all hold great potential and great success.
 Why won’t they call my name? My name is You Yet they talk about Him And cursing That.
He says: “You’re beautiful” And I smile. He lies to me over and over again, But I don’t mind anymore. He’s the only person I know Who lies just to make me smile.   He kisses my neck,
No one knows her the way I do!   You're right, my love. No one knows me the way you do.  
I need you to tell me where I went wrong I’ve spent too many nights, afraid of something I do not know Terrified, that I might make the same mistake But it’s a hundred times more powerful than you think
Just a dream by Evelyn Delgado a sweet face goes by and it catches your eyes
it seems that i am lost Like i have got no home i don’t know where i came from i don’t know where to go   except there’s mountains in the sky and stars under the ground
She's always surounded by people, but she's always lonely. She never runs out of energy, but she's always tired. She's always trying her best, but sometimes her best isn't enough.
I wish there was an off button for the things I think and feel.  A way to hide my broken pieces, and the scraps until they heal. My head is constant chaos; I worry about all the wrong things. 
Dark place  No pieces to fit  Thinking am I good enough  Who shall I be  Either too big or too small  Only odd one of them all  Odd meaning being different  Being different meaning odd
Hello! I am the narrator, and this, is my story. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Her name was May.
She whispers into the darkness, to find light.   I do not understand.   If she is trying to find light, why look in the dark?  
I've tried so hard but I can't do anything. I feel stuck in a place I don't want to be. I drink to lose the pain,  and I get high to feel free. I'm a lesbian, yet no one understands
I wait Wait for the final accolades Instead life hands me a hundred promenades Promenades of infinite choices Appearing in my head as infinite voices
I feel  like I'm always  on the edge of something.    Waiting.   For what, I don't know.   Anything happy,  or anything sad, 
Dear old soul, You can not see it clear, But you are my biggest fear. You have hurt me with your lies, And all your "Oh babe lets compromise" You have stolen my sanity for your own sake.
Emotions of mine have umlimited meaning to thus my heart to be fine. Although yours, has no feeling.   You are the guide of my love To where you felt the same When push comes to shove,
Dear friends,   I believe in love, I believe in might but I'm beginning to lose my sight of everyone around me, everyone near, everyone who might be close to hear that I'm losing myself, losing me
You never know what will happen, Life goes in unexpected ways. Through the hard times, And good times, Even the indifferent.   They say “when life gives your lemons,
The dress we saw hanging, shining, sparkling, fringe dangling. It reeled us in;  your money leaving. You wore it for a time, it's majestic lines falling, you danced, sang always enjoying.
I am the only person in existence, sitting in the only room in existence, surrounded by a sea of darkness beneath a blackened sky, violent waves
She's walking down a stream of wonder Searching for the place it's under; Her eyes oblivious to what they see, If only she could make believe.   Her mind is open wide this time,
behind my smile is a hurting heart. behind my laugh, i’m falling apart.
I watched us grow apart, you found new joy. Memories, pictures, and moments I watched them be created. Without me. Because I love you.   We spent everyday together, laughing.
To whom it may concern: No one knows your name. And why should they? What have you done in life to earn respect, love, to make your mark? Nothing. And you never will.
no light at the end to guide you even though I'm pointing the way you will ignore me, won't you because you think I speak lies but I wouldn't lie to you I couldn't because you're too deep
I am not okay. This is all a lie. I'm not who you think. Let me clarify.   I spend my days laughing off my pain; I spent my nights silencing my brain.    I appear to have
I don't know if I'm anxious or depressed or suicidal or really if I even exist.   All I know is  nothing seems real and all I can feel is the absolute lack of feeling.  
   Because I love you I listened to you, Because I love you I cared about you a little too much I lost my self in the process of showing you my love, in
My love, is it you? i do not want to loose your soul for another because of blindness. am i blind? I miss you but i cannot remember who you are and loneliness
Trapped knocking on a cylinder bottle. Child locked with no safety key Drowned in odorless desires, Panting, sweating, boiling,  Whimsically lost in this dismay.   Stumbling upon memories,
Dear Mom, We've been through alot together, When you and Dad broke up a was still a baby, All I know was my blanket and pacifier,
We are freespirited. Kind.  Compassionate. Hopeful. Loving. But we are hurt. Tired of hearing about the do's and do not's. The can's and can not's.
You have consumed my thoughts. How are you? You have become a part of my daily routine. Should I text him? You drive me crazy. Why hasn't he replied? I think I am becoming depressed.
There is a veil over my eyes,One thick, and made of fog,Made of years of sighs,And risen from a malodorous bog,  
Surrounded by laughs and smiles While I just listenOnly my ears are openSealed lips shut Words can’t be spoken
A path with nothing to fear. Walking on a road to nowhere. A path with nothing to see. We can chose who we want to be.
White. White walls, White floors, White ceilings. A splash of red. My anger. My regret. My longing to forget. Black. Black ink. Black thoughts. Our colour Blue
The pipes played as the piano sang along its keys, while twelve ladies danced, Travelling across with unprecedented beauty. Step by step. No falter could be seen. Elegance and grace surrounded the sisters.  
Loast at sea, thats what I am. A little spec surrounded by swirling water, barely staying afloat in this storm. I call out  and there is no answer as sharks circle about my capsizing raft.
Count the stars the small latterns that line the sky to help the moon light the path to tomorrow, as you try and walk away the sorrows. Wander aimlessly,  searching for something that is lost
Sleepless for the reason of no more dreams.   For the reason of not having anything to think about. For the reason of only having nightmares and why things won't happen anymore. Happiness is sold to the past.
 Frost invites my fingertips; it beckons my graspEach flake kisses my lids, and paints my lashes to frostMy palms are graced by the snow, a bliss without costI lift my lids, while each step is answered by the snow’s raspEach eye of ebon sueded is
Oh Alice, Alice Where did you go You tripped and stumbled Right down a rabbit hole. Oh Cheshire, Cheshire What do you know Your heart was on fire Now its stone cold.
My lips are cracked, My tongue is dry, My vocabulary has been sacked!,
Once upon a time...   Not so very long ago Before the wind had come to blow A girl who lived with long blond hair Came to finally see the snow.   To her delight, and her mother's fright
Standing in a mirror trying to change myself imageLiving with the guilt that daddy couldn'tFinishEvery blow to the brain was a reminderMy momma fell in loveWith a coward  Scared to admit he was broken
where are you? are you out there? i promptly awaited a response. nothing but the beating resonance of my heart and an echo of silence in return. i don’t know where you are and i don’t know if you are out there.
I know you don't want to talk to me because you need to breathe but I'm restless without you  they say the only ones up at 4am are the loved and the lonely  but I'm broken You see
I’ve been lost, wandering around in the dark Silently begging for someone to come Find me. To lead me out of the dark woods Shine a light to show me the path out With a strong hand to keep me from stumbling.
I'm sorry that every other day I want to kill myself I'm sorry that you think my depression is inconsiderate and rude I'm sorry that I was shaking so hard I dropped my pen in class
the breath taking sun sent rays of warming, gentle kisses against his bronze skin. dewy, light-green grass grew to his knees. bursts of colorful flowers decorated the field beautifully.
My beloved she waits for me Amidst a thund’rous roaring sea Ode to turmoil’s kindly soul Whose navy waves do crest and roll  
Running wild, all aroundStarting to the cold hard groundLoving life, feeling freeEroded rocks, let them beLook into his eyes, look soul deepBlack and empty, down so deepThe warmth of his lips
They say that to get to sunshine,You have to go through rain. But why would you enter the eye of a storm, knowing that all that is possible is causing pain? Everyone says someday it'll be worth it, but they all lied...
11:11pm I wished for you, I always wish for you.    I think that's what scares me the most, I cant stop wishing for you. I close my eyes as the tears roll down my cheeks and a shiver crawls down my spine.  
She sits on the swing right outside her window.   The window where she use to sneak out of every night.   It's 1 in the morning and her thoughts lead her back.  
They say you see someone’s soul Through their eyes I see their souls In the money they Slide into my jacket  
Lost as I am,  I survived the raid. Those throwing stones didn't know my name. Lost as I am, still I wait. The patience came from within. Lost as I am, I trusted your judgement,
Lost as I am,  I survived the raid. Those throwing stones didn't know my name. Lost as I am, still I wait. The patience came from within. Lost as I am, I trusted your judgement,
Isang litrato mo aking nakita.Di na malarawan mukha mo sa alaala.Para bang isang panaginip ang nagyari sa ating dalawa. Sa panaginip na gusto kong magising at wag na lang ulitin.Isa bang sakit o sumpa.
You're the one i want to tell all my secrets to  I want my fears to dissipate when I'm with you 
Like a little kid When the lights go out My soul is dark and scary This there is no doubt My brain wages a war it cannot face
Hear the sound of the passing wind,Watch the blazing sun of yesteryear. The water rippled through the galaxy,I watch his back as he face the clouds.
    From the rolling commons of the countryside     To the vast expanse of the ocean,     To the comfortable domain of home
"There are many who's crimson does not hover beneath your skin. Many who did not bend the shape of your nose, craft the shell to your ear or weave circled threads of blue-gray.
Mirror, mirror on the wall who is worst of them all, I promise I try to stand tall. I know I'm ugly, I know im worthless, My body alone makes me nervous.   You don't have to tell me how bad I am,
Handmade by the divine Carefully deposited in time The moment we cross paths And can't leave the way we came. Will I ever be ready And how will I know? Somehow I'm lovesick
March 6, 2017: Sorrowful living is a long, desolate path It’s where you’ll never really feel complete, but you don’t do much to fight it Because, though you just want to be happy, you don’t know where to begin
March 9, 2017:   We're continuing on this journey of self discovery and fullfilment We know we're lost, we know we'll probably never truly find ourselves We spent our teenage years trying to escape our depression
Hello, My name is broken A heap of letters left on a tattered floor Shards of my identity, opaque from the settling dust   Hello,
They say that Home is where the heart is.  That may be well and good,  But truth be told, As I grow old, I think they misunderstood. My heart resides with family, with lovers, and with friends.
Four and a half years after you came into my life you are gone from it One year of silent staring Seven months of friendship One year and four some odd months of dating And the rest in between, Well...
A simple touch, stale and darkly remembered, deep and dead among empty feelings. In time, would it light a beginning?
I swear i'll love this town, if only I can look at it from my cars rear view mirrior. This Town destroyed me. I would destroy myself , to become your idea of perfection. Yes, yes, yes
I hear her scream I hear her tiny footsteps in the hallow way  Her shallow breathing quickening my heart She is an empty shell of the person I knew Her soft skin that used to soothe me is abused by her confusion
The wheel of the year started with me in the sleeping death that is ashen winter snow. Everything that had been there had burned away; only charred remnants were left in the dead sea of what was.  
Her smile was fake, her soul was crushed, she saw all the bad, no good in her sight.   The colors were gone,
Do my steps weigh down This island, and flood my home In waves of guilt?   These frayed gaps tell me so.   Prayers force their way out of these pages
Unwanted, I feel unwanted like a useless  plastic bag floating in the wind.
do you know how exhausting it was to rebuild what he had broke? the walls that he so violently tore down? the fire within me that he slowly extinguished? the shelter that left me stripped raw and helpless?
She lies, And she does it so easily, She hides, And she does it so sneakily, She rips apart hearts,
Around age thirteen, freshman year is where life began for me Rising up from my cocoon so that the world would take notice of my identity I was quiet but passionate, Reserved but determined
I don’t know where I’m headed, But I wanna know before I go Which way is right? Which way is left?
Eyes are heavy, Lies always ready. Stressed to a degree, Messed up to a T. Plans a mess, What to do with the rest. Study hard, Sound like a bard. Grades are in, Finally, a win.
And then, there was silence. You were just a memory. Your voice, your words, your face, your smile.
I have never been so lost in my life, I used to know who I was, I used to not care so much about what people thought. I was never really a leader, but now I wasn't even in line.
I smile to keep from crying Everyday I spend my hours trying To keep my self denying That I'm not afraid of dying
And just as a seed on a dandelion do not be afraid to lose yourself in the wind and dance around in the air long enough until you find a suitable home
Reaching out And reaching out. Help the helpless But I am the helpless. Standing out is too much Blending in is too little.
Pathetic  never mind  wish i kept it  all inside  i don't matter  you'll soon find the world got blacker  here, have a blacklight  but i can't see: how that will help 
My walls were built up so high and one day they were just…gone. The thoughts rolling around my head had no words to them. I forgot how to put my emotion down. I showed myself off like I had my world put together.
You know what's funny? The way you seem to think that all is right in the world. That everything is working out great for you. But you cannot seem to fathom the destruction, put onto others, brought on by you.
Few things shape a persons psyche  In a year like a lover  and the first to entice thee   Sixteen shaped me through a love I lost At the time keeping up no matter the cost The birth of my brother 
Every day, every hour, every minute, every second It follows me It surrounds me when I wake up It follows me throughout the day It haunts me at night My mind is distracted by it
This time last year, the only thing I liked about myself was my persistence.   I spent far too many hours crying over who I wish I was,   rather than focusing on how amazing I really am  
I sit in the darkness. No thoughts. No words. No shouts.   You lower into the ground. No thoughts. No words. No feelings.   We fall into line. No thoughts.
This feeling has sunk deep into my soul and I’m afraid that my body isn’t mine anymore.24 hours a day, 7 days a week.There’s no time for resting.This feeling makes me wish that the next day to come unfortunately wouldn’t.
You were there... When the sun didn't shine, And the rain fell like my tears. When the nights were plaugued Flooded with my fears. When my anxiety ruled my life, And living with depression was a fight.
From when I was young it chased me Underneath my skin and filled the steel frames I’ve heard that cities are tiny demons with oils of yellow and white goodness.
I’m constantly holding back tears, I hate the lump in my throat, I wake up, do my makeup, fix my hair, and throw on my coat, I walk out the door and into the world, Here I am everyone, just a lost, vulnerable girl,
It doesn't take much to change a mind, unless you have one just like mine. A choice was given to me just last year, And I could only think "Oh dear, Oh dear." I had to choose, go left or go right,
Muses are supposed to be: soft, loving; passionate, burning;   But you are: lost, looking.   Your eyes are wide open, always searching; you see everything, but find nothing.
Shadows line the walls When sun light fades And darkness falls. And into the abyss  The tormenting pit We find ourselves bound.   The ropes of doubt The shackles of fear
If I sat down beside you would you be mad? It seems everything I do dissapoints you. I don't mean to make you cry, I don't mean to make you sad. But every litte thing I do, dissapoints you.  
For once, I have never felt so desperate judging myself for what I am destined to be. Most don't find themselves until it is no longer expected from them. I am afraid to wait too long.
Angels sweet melodies Soothing the sensation. The times go by through and through Strengthening my disguise. Lost and alone drifting through life Nowhere truly found.
Light starting to fade,Flashlight batteries on low.Feet planted on slanted surface,With no friction below.
I used to be an optimist of old who sang laughed clapped and taught doubters her many high ways. Now I am an optimist of shackles, weighed and bore down by tears
Your eyes,  Cold, hard, Dark as the night sky, They stare at me, Empty, Holding nothing but brittle air, Saying nothing more than lost love
Lost and cannot be found. It is in a swirling world that you are bound. You could learn to swim or you could let things take their tole and see where they go.
Darkness   Darkness; continuous, deep, perpetual darkness. Constant.  Soulless.  Empty dark space.
If I am lost in a storm of doubts or a cloud of fear, call Lindsey. If I cannot find the will to go on, get Maggie. If I am in need of light or laughter, text Isabelle or Michelle.
There's no greater feeling than getting lost in a book. While I read, I am transported to another world. Reading is an escape from the stresses of my everyday life. It is
I can't make a decision, without my parents telling me I'm Wrong. I've almost lost my best friend over a boy. I'm Confused. Who am I anymore? I'm  Lost.
What Bad Luck. I got lost. What Good Luck. I found a Game Stop. What Bad Luck. Its kinda sketchy. What Good Luck. I found the game I wanted. What Bad Luck. Its over my budget.
Every day the sun shines brighter. Every day the birds sing louder. But to me, every day is dark and mute because every day, I have to live without you.
From dusk to dawn I roam the streets A quiet place where few find peace.  My solace in the rising moon For many sleep - few to renew. The silence is my comfort still As all who weep face the last hill.
When the middle of the night comes, bleak and lonely, my eyes open to find the many shades of gray, constantly echoing off of each other.   Thoughts racing back to that moment,
lost in a world of forbidden hope 
Have you ever been so lonelyLost in the woodsBut terrified to turn backBecause you know where you came fromThe darkness is unbearableYet you hold yourself to the floorSayingDon’t give up…
My hands are about as cold and dead as they can be without actually being dead.   My hair is about as long as can be without actually being long.   My thighs are about
My hands are about as cold and dead as they can be without actually being dead.   My hair is about as long as can be without actually being long.   My thighs are about
my stone, my stone  oh my cold stone heart  why are you callaous and set apart? my black, my black oh my shriveled black heart? why when I need you, do you depart? my hard, my hard
I'm lost I went the wrong way And now I don't know which way to go Up is Down Left is Right Red, Blue, Orange, Green 486, 488, 987, 531, 401 Where am I supposed to go?  I want to go home
I try to focus,  but im just too hopeless 8 planets in the universe, I'm on the coldest    The things that complete us, seem to leave us broken i got distracted from success
"Hello?" No answer. "Hello?"  I try again. Still, no answer. I call yur name, I get no response. I scream your name. I still get no response. I try to talk to you,
Its 3:00am and here i am still awake I keep crying and overthinking, but most of all regret You're even in my dreams, thats why I can't sleep I know that i'm fucked up, and I know i've made bad choices
a humid haze after a violent stormthe spotted, dying leaf fallen from a maple treethe bitter aftertaste of a sweet treat,the remnants of what was once. one minute, it's so close, you can almost smoke it and the next it's faded, a ghost, you've los
I spend my calm and lonely nights suspended wordlessly in my mind. These nights though saddening are the reason I am me. Thoughts fly by my eyes as images, words, and light. We discover ourselves in that night.
His smile wasn’t always muddled in the shadows Their hands clasping curls from his head smashing his body into the bus seat He is strong; not a sound came from him and his tears were locked away
In this world, there are numerous paths to take. Some involve truth, while others are all about being fake. The hardest to walk is that which involves Faith.  But you've got nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain.
But I’m broken. And now anger overflows within me. And I still feel lost. Not because I still love you, this isn't even about you anymore.
I have never truly been able to find myself. Confused and lost in a sea of thoughts. What is my purpose in life? Where will I see myself in the future? Wanting a special dream to call my own.  
12.23.15   Who I am,  I forgot. What I know, I just thought. Where I belong, I have sought. When I lie, I get caught. Why I live, I know not.
When I walk, I see my friends When I stop, I see nothing Feeling alone as I lay Feeling only sadness for those I've lost As I think, I think of a song I've always loved
I remember last winter, You said it'd be alright. I looked in your eyes for warmer weather, But then the fire turned to ice.   What we once had, it was burning, But now, the flame has gone away.
"The brighter the shadow the darker the light I try to cover it up with the viceIs that giving up the fight Bait from the or maybe gift from christ Either way I won't take a bite
your eyes were a much deeper blue than i thought causing me to dive inside to run around and get lost but i'm terrified that by tomorrow you won't be there like before and i won't have your eyes
I slowly closed my eyes. Awake in the forest. The background of blurred colors began to die. I still saw your silhouette staring back at mines. When I was younger. I weeped.
No illuminating grass, No water for miles,  The Sun beat down agressively,  I shielded my eyes,  Lost,  The only word to describe me,  Where am I? Where should I be?
Can anyone love me? Would anybody be willing to withstand My horrible insecurity, The side of me I hide? Would you be willing to tell me  It will be alright, When you know I don't believe you?
It reassures me Yet it used to Annoy me so much Thinking about My choices being made Without me as a thought But for some reason It now becomes a medicine I plead for it
Nothing stands out Numbness takes over Robotic movements Apathy bleeds in And emotions Fade away Muted and dim Somewhere In the background While a being With no face
Where to go What to do I'm so confused Heart aching  Torn in two I always knew Somewhere Deep inside This feeling  Of being lost But knowing And feeling
What is going on Chaos ensuing The scene in a daze A hazy fog drifts in What am I And everything collapses Who are you And memories fade The ground below you falls
She woke up every day with colors in her head. Visions of blue and green, pink and purple, and pounding blood red. The girl tried to capture the fleeting moment, to pin it down in her mind, 
Blood pulsing in your veins Feral growls passing through Eyebrows knit together All aimed at you Limbs quaking with anger Hands curl into fists Shaking to slam one Into a wall A floor
Stretching on and on For miles and miles Everything pure white And dull gray And dirt brown A path of gravel Your footsteps echo In the silence By themselves Nobody else
Oh God.  How did I get here  The world has grown to big I've only grown in fear    This morning. I swear it was this morning. I woke in my mothers' arms    I was so big then.
                          Its funny to think with you I'm more safe                cause you have the lock and key.
you had said,"i wish i had a clone...i want to make you happy...and i want to be there for youas much as you want me to be...i want to be the one."
Robert Frost said there would be two roads but the closer I get to them I see paths, trails, and streams you can paddle down the problem is not which one to pick  but where am I going exactly
I know that you are out there! Please come and talk, To a girl who feels all alone, A girl that feels so lost.   I am bisexual, Yes, we exist. I am not hiding that I am gay,
Escape the ordinary into the vast expansion of the mind Where happiness, love, and sorrow blend together to create the lives of the loved the lost and the liberated
I'm lost. But I don't want to be found. I'm warm hearted, But oh so cold blooded.
Every text that I got Every vibration I felt About you is what I thought & my heart just melt   The second I saw, it's not you, my mind just blew. I cannot stop thinking about you.  
A lost soul  just another in a night full of us spent another hour on the city bus  staring out the window  wondering if I can achieve my dreams like winslow feelings strange on this eve 
A little girl She wanders in the night Searching for home Five years old with no place to go She doesn't understand why No one can see her No one can hear her No one hears her cries for help
Someday the time may come, when I, no longer able to distinguish the line between reality and nonentity, will accept the illusions and leave behind this materialistic world. Could you pull me back if I slipped away? Would you catch me if I ever fe
Darkness envelopes within the soul. Consuming first from the edges like a t-shirt stained with blood We look into ourselves for hope
You are a disease Infesting the corners of my mind Rotting my perception of others Lingering in the darkest places
Hidden in plain sight like a lion in the prairie He sees you, yet is not seen He hears you, yet is not heard But by the ears of the spirit  
Maybe I am going insane. When I want to break down, Cry for the stupidest thing. Cry over the fact that I hate myself, That I will never be good enough for you, Absolutely not for myself.  
Her tears fell down her face As she let her crown fall He picked her up slowly Knowing she no longer trusted him He kept repeating sorry But all she felt was the vibration of his lies
The storm rages on inside,I'm drowning in this deep sea.I steel myself against it,Praying you'd rescue me.
I have been put down In the harshest of ways And I cannot frown Because it is not you who deserves the blame.
I've cried, I've weeped, I've screamed Can you not see me?? Tell me have I become of a burden You've taken me into oblivian Can you not see me??
false  too confused to know the truth lost but what was lost, was it you? who I don't recognize   when did I lose you was it when you shouted? or when you laughed?
when did innocence become insanity? even the voices in my head are sick of me wish they wouldn't feed the beast that I now have named Agony  but I swear it wasn't really me  it fed on words from humanity 
Leap of faith into the wind, Parachute back in resemblance of the staggered memories of independence. The title, "us!" is presented with both neighboring feelings of worry and hope,
Dreams die as people dine with fishes, Life is sand in an ever-draining hourglass, To float on murdered wishes Is laying waste in the mind only to harass, Flow not, wander on always And find the soul lost,
I know it's the past now   But it's really hard for me to believe   
Which way should we go In this land of woe  The sky has fallen to darkness The people broken and heartless Which way should we go 
What if I were stuck on an island, All alone? What is one thing I need? Love. Love is one thing I need. I need to feel loved.
Sitting here in shadowed sorrow Not knowing the true pain of tomarrow Unable to see another face Being stuck here in this isolated place No recognition to be found Gustling of wind is the only sound
I watch the wave, come in, go out, come in, go out. Softly brushing the white sand, of a bloody beach.  
We're living in a society where 13 and 14 year old girls dream of a relationship even remotely close to 'Fifty Shades of Grey' but can't even tolerate the cramps coming from the heavy flow of their monthly red room of pain.
When I was a baby I looked at you as if you were the sky I grew a little and looked at you like a princess   I grew a little more and discovered that you were a queen  
find me lost in the middle of oblivion  tied to a pole in my thoughts of just givin in    like I'm trying to fight the very waves of the ocean  cause I can't find a vent for all this emotion 
  I wonder when you bought this, did you think about the stone? The jagged purple gem meant to prevent a drunken bone. Or did you buy it on whim to make up for a drinking binge?
I tried to write about the sparkle in the snow, but it turned into a poem about your eyes so I decided to write aboout the winter winds, but it only described the aftermath of you leaving  
I never felt safer laying in his arms, seemed like a story. My happy place I never felt more in love listening to his stories, living in a fairy tale. My happy place
The stirring of shadows  The waking of dreams A last stand in battle  No one hears you scream But you made it through  Which is worse to you  Pretending to be okay
shake off this feeling  it's just a phase but my heart takes a beating  when I catch your gaze  the time that he's stealing  my sould it does raze but since I know your feelings 
Please let me sleep Stop showing up when I close my eyes Stop haunting me Stop lingering at the end of every thought Please leave me alone And just let me sleep Stop speaking words that only I can hear
At night I feel you hold me,Whispering all the things you never told me.When I wake up you'll be goneBut for now, I dream on.
Without him, I wouldn't be here Or anywhere. I'd be nowhere; I wouldn't exist.   Without him, I wouldn't know family Or love. I'd be lost; I'd be alone.  
The next logical step, now that I’m on a deserted island, is to kill myself. Plunge into the water and sink onto part of a marine shelf. After all, how long can I last here?
and our love story is different. we didn’t end badly or terribly. we didn’t end hating each other or regretting once said promises. we ended by force.  
I've been finding myself lost in thought quite often. I feel differently than those who are around me. In a way its almost relieving,
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" A question frequently asked by many. Growing up I've had everything a young child could ask for. I had a stable home, a mom, a dad, and endless amounts of toys. 
I don’t really get quiet moments. Between noisy conversations in overcrowded hallways And my own intrusive thoughts, Silence has ceased to exist in my life. Even while I’m stuck on this god-forsaken island
I sit there in silence, Alone in the dark, Listening to the soft hum  Of the words that float around In a familiar and gentle sound. Staring at the empty room before me, Wondering where I went wrong.
If I were lost, in a paradise unfound the only thing that I would need is to keep my sanity   While others would say
For the girl whose laughter filled the room, And the boy with the eyes, so brilliantly blue, In the silent graves and the darkest tomb, We in the starlight remember you. We remember the way she splashed in the pool,
Afloat in the body of an endless sea Drenched suffocating as the shores no sight to me Fight to be loved Loving to fight The night holds me tight when I struggle for light Blood in the eyes of a sun that cries
I saw The shadows feed I fall Finally cut too deep I call Out can't you see? I'm flawed So from the heart I bleed I'm lost Give up I'm finally beat They killed 
She is a girl.Living off the sustenance of guys' attentions.She is hurling aroundat a million miles an hour.Out of control.But she needs it,you see.If she slows or stops,she might remember
I have sent you a dove, It carries to you a note, Telling you of my love.   I want to tell you of above, The skies giving our planet a coat.
I have sent you a dove, It carries to you a note, Telling you of my love.   I want to tell you of above, The skies giving our planet a coat.
"A deadly weapon in disguise But i keep my head down Horror fills their eyes I search for patterns on the ground Bright lights fills night skies But I still feel bound I look up wishing I could fly
"Dancing shadows Deep and dark Flying arrows Met their mark Weary gallows Done their part No more follow Lost their heart Inside is hollow  They lost their spark
"Broken bones Broken mind         How could I           Be so blind Broken hope Broken staff         I though you Once had my back  But it wasn't true As i onced belived 
"The best of us fall sometimes The strongest lose their minds  The warriors break through binds Guided like we wear blinds But the chaos is in our minds We change but not in time
"When the darkness rules And the moon falls apart The world is made of fools And it's tearing at my heart What I've learned is not from school And I no longer care to start The ocean expanse is full
"Try, just try They shout across the void But false hope,like a lie It's my mind with which they toyed But real are the tears in which i cried Am I more than a mindless droid? Not to them
"The soldier  Wounded in the fight The lawyer Finding out whats right The paster Showing others light The family Holding on so tight The author Giving courage when he writes
"It's your name i call Until my throat is raw Because i know you saw How, with my fatal flaw I felt your absense like a claw But still more poisin there is to draw, Out from the wound
Never take life for granted Always wake up with a smile The ones we love cannot be supplanted And you might only be here for a little while
"I am lost, Here alone As though the frost Has reached my bones I am tossed  Onto the stone As my smile is a clone Tears run free, you should have known all that's left is skin and bone."
"When will the dying end? when you shed your last tears Tired of smiles being just pretend But too scared to face our fears When will the hate cave in? Only crying when no one hears
"Your smile fades  As you look away I see the broken pain That is causing me shame Why couldn't I see What was pointed out so clearly I went looking for trouble  But it was right in front of me
"Footsteps through the fire But I don't feel a thing  Burning even brighter I sour on angel wings Down in a ditch I can see the light If I could only reach I try with all my might
"A battle within a battle  A heart within a heart I'd be lost without you I don't know where to start But as I look away My anger turns to shame To yell would not be right 
"When anger finds me buried deep The hurt inside might make me weep  I try and take one final breath Before I meet a friend called Death Must go on Must break free But Anger tries to keep it from me
"The day of death grows closer still All the while I hold the pill To make or break this path I've chosen Will I choose the water or poison  For the path of God is never easy
"The wolves inside my head Gnawing at my brain Try to take my essence  And flush it down the drain Remember who I am If it's those wolves I tame If I can't defeat them I might just be too late
So I’m actually stranded here on this deserted islandIt’s kind of ironic how many times I played that game when I was youngerWhere you pick three objects to bring with youThe heat is unbearable
Must I be patient for my own demise? I do not know what is out there, beyond crests of time, pillows of snow & schemes of wonder. Lust towards unknown  and unheard of realities.
Awake...Another dream to bring me back to this cold, lonely existence Alone...Left to suffer in silence as no one will hear my cries Awake on such a night as this to ponder why...
He calls me an "old soul" 
I love her more than I think she loves herself. I look at her and see so many things. I remember oh so well the mask she wore everyday. The smile that was plastered on her face.
A circle of unfamiliar colors filled the air as I walked, astounded. A deeper, winding street caught my attention, A child, I walked forward and my imagination knew so much more than my eyes.
Finding you was the hardest uphill I've ever climbed...
I dream of you. Standing next to a car with leather seats that became too hot in the summer.  With eyes, golden as the embers in a fire With arms, hugging me tightly With lips. that kissedmy forehead when I was sick
I dug myself a grave in the ground It was like 60 feet down For years I'd walk the edge Then one day I fell like a rebound In that dark that was musky too Though I was alone I still heard the "I NEED YOU"s
Christmas Lights, Whose power so bright. But not brighter than the grimaces hung from every face in sight. Joyous music fills the air, Holiday decorations fashioned everywhere. But not a holiday spirit can be found, not here, nor there.
With nowhere left to turn Here is your opportunity to find yourself You seem lost and disoriented Just get yourself some help You can turn it all around All you have to do is try
I hear your voice As I sit in the silence of my lonely red bedroom I hear your voice As I try to convince myself that I don’t need one more drink I hear your voice
Sometimes the hardest thing is not being sick. Watching the world drag by from a second story window, too far away for anyone to notice, too separated for anyone to care.
In stagnant waters of the soul, We hold to memory's from long ago. But,.. if in time we do not keep, From our lips we'll pray to keep. Secrets of the soul we leak, The joys and subtle tragedies.
A cloud in my mind, like that you would see on a gentle summer day. Twisting,turning,changing each moment a new thought more entrancing then the last Simple though like the memory's of a child .
All my life I have hid behind a smile I laugh and smirk and smile when on the inside I am slowly dying I look back on my life and feel nothing, but regret
Dismember me Pull me apart piece by piece Torture me Hear my screams Break me   Then put me back together
The stars and moon shine above Rooftops housing dreaming children Dreams of flying Of an island with trees and forests, Of jungles and beaches, A bit of everything for a bit of everyone
I have built myselfFrom the ashesOthers will not determine My fateTired of being the girlIn the shadowsI will Take your breath awayYour opinion No longer mattersIt is Dead to meI will riseTo the occasion And defeat My inner enemy
Moments   There must have been one point in your life when you were secure, when your view of the world was unworn and pure, not filled with cruelty and utter despair.
She stands there Staring at the mirror Multiple thoughts race through her head The voices tell at her They put her down She starts to cry She looks in the mirror She can't recognize this person
I called a thousand times last night But you were never there I wore my voice out crying But I know that you don't care What happened to the kingdom We built from blood and ash
It's easier to be lost then found. I've been alone for so long, I forget how to interact with others, I feel wrong. With all my attempts i wonder if I'll ever stop trying to be seen.
When asked what I remember about my childhood, I will answer “smoke;” There’s a lingering, hovering cloud in all my most recallable memories.
His kiss was of goldStaining her lips with the markOf innocence lost. His fingertips leftGilded prints, painted on herLovely face with care. Polished AdonisThough he was, the sun cannotShine on forever.
"Who Am I?" A Question I now ask myself daily. Am I the girl who smiles at random strangers? Am I the girl who hands the homeless a sandwich? Or am I the girl who is lost?
In elementary school I had so many friends. Nobody cared what you looked like or the clothes you wore. But now that I'm older and high school is here, there's judgement all around. I used to be so confident,
1. I am haunted by It.
When you miss that boy And your nights are derived of joy Do you ever stare at the stars And wonder where you are? What you are doing here With a heart and mind so unclear And a Destiny destroyed by work
If i disappear will you look for me? In the misty spring nights And beneath the willow tree And where the deer fight?
People identify themselves by what they see, and who they are near. I must be violent, coarse and rugged, I must be angry, broke and thuggish,  I can't be forgiving let alone loving. 
Rise   What is it like to stand alone? Isolated, deserted?
Initially, this wasn’t exactly the reality of the story I imagined I would be strolling through. Madness intertwined in my balance,
There was a couple who lived for each other but he considered himself an outcast, a no one. Two hearts that were one, just like two burning stars. Her creator created a star for every day their true loved burned.
Don't know where I'm at Can't see where I'm going Nothing seems clear anymore and I'm losing my faith Hope is gone Defeat staring in my face I'm scared I pray
Is the relic lost?
I began on a rainy, cold fall night. I was an ‘accident.’ The shaking hands and rage encompassed shock of my mother. The free money and sedentary existence of my father.
In a world this size It's quite easy to feel small and unimportant But you can't let that get to you Because the moment it touches you You're lost forever
I have these feelings trapped inside that cannot be put into words.
I'm just an observer... Nothing more, Perhaps something less. All that ive ever done, Is float helplessly in a world with people just as lost as me. So from time to time,
I am one
They robbed it from my comfort They wrenched it from my grip It’s in the past, quite far away, A memory about to slip. It left, leaving me caution The scenery from view.
betrayal and aching in your lungs the last half-sip of wine no u-turns   one missing stitch   bleeding ink on left hands whys and what-ifs alone at a table
my father reduced to a pile of belongings   "a seperate load" on moving day to be locked in a storage unti abandonded worn clothes donated to charity
I am found. For 7442 days, I was lost Stranded with little knowledge of where I came, what I was.
  I've become one, one with myself, one with society, one with mind, one with culture, one with any and everything he or she fines comfortable in their own lives.
The monster took over his mind. Leaving him with nothing but the thought of drugs. Everyday I lose more and more sight of him. Standing here by myself with no way to help. The monster became more important than me.
April 12, 2013 I had blue frosting on my lips, face covered in lies. You walked in and placed your keys in your coat pocket, "You lied, we can't be friends, Happy Birthday Erica" you said tears in your eyes and I said my goodbyes..
Encapsulated in an island of soot and ash,                                           Shrouded in poisonous smoke,                                                                        my eyes strain to see the star,                              
Although she shines like a star She's not aware of what we are She lives in ignorance, a blissful peace Instead she basks in yonder feast Of the world of desire, She couldn't burn brighter
Life changes and everything about me is new.But there's one thing that's always stayed the same...I still hate myself the same as yesterday,and I still think of death like it's unavoidable.
Darkness engulfs,clouded by despair.Surrounding the peacefulness,eroding it from within.Discontent follows,maddened by grief.Unpleasantly distraught,lacking true desire.
  Cherry blossoms, look my way. Express the right way for me to go, Oh, how your perfect petals sway. The deepened thoughts of those who pass high and low,  
Fallen, have you? Thats alright. You'll still live To see the light. Lost your place? Turn around. I'll be there, Then you're found. Blurry vision? Take a breath.
I fill ye treasure cove wit’ rubies ’n dimes           They be not essences from th' heavens,           Bein’ scratched from stolen times   Go 'head, pry like a slimy oyster,
My thoughts Are falling down my throat -- I didn’t want them to tip over.
Throw away those super hero t-shirts and draws, Take a look at these women in their bras. Trade in those sketchers, And let's get you some J's, Cut that ponytail off And get a fade.
I woke up craving you. What is really new? I love you, But do you really love me too?   Or is that just more lies that I believe when looking into those pretty hazel eyes.
I lost another poemthis morningin the early airbetween my home and my carI failed to net itput it in my poem jarit flew awaywill it be aroundsomewhereover therewhen I get back?
remember when you told me about the monsters? how they take over, & get inside your head, & they stay- for a really long time. they're only gone every once in a while,
A little more nice and kind, But it seems you were evil while I was blind,
you were my bestfriend my true friend
Looking your way Is like night and day For I know that your glance won't return. Do I kid with myself? Are you out of your shell? Or will feelings continue to burn?
I'm here to sleep like America is today never to speak Just follow a path one way who needs art when you're molded like clay Rip out the part that we wish would stay  
Often I find myself in thought Silent on the outside, screaming on the inside Internally I fought
He walks at home in the streets alone a lone light Glimmers as his day starts to fade a satchel for his car and a lighter for his fuel he drifts off into another star evening
This poem is dedi
I used to walk a road of friends
I wish I knew who I am I've just always been his wife His rock & friend So who would I be without him in my life? I miss him so much but its not what you think
You say that you care is it really true, I'm hurt I'm bleeding all because of you, it was perfect before what's going on now. Have you found another heart? Are you playing around? Wiping tears from my eyes. Something you use to do.
Thoughts keep rolling in and out of my mind like kids hyped up suger  On a day to day basis I keep thinking to myself,
"Pick your poison," he says to me.
How many times have I found myself like this?
It's weird to feel your chest ache,
My heart is a dull thud in my chest. Drained from all life, it struggles to beat once, twice,
Do you think its ok to keep trying  even though you are not  good enough    Do you think that  its ok to keep going  even though you have tried hard but still have tasted defeat 
I think I might have just been  born of a disease. A disease where slowly my  flesh peels away  at the slightest remarks.  Where my eyes become to full and my heart become to weak
I ask you a question but I get no response back,
it started with a wave no a tsunami. it started with a tsunami bringing chaos to the order crushing the structure flooding normal until i was drowning in an endless ocean
Anonymous, AnonymousDo you find yourself stressing constantly?Are you lost as to where you went wrong in this crazy life nonsense?Are you unsure of who you are....Or what your life should represent?
  Boys without fathers,
I rise with the dawn and dusk alike
What if i told you there is hope? What if I told you there is an end? Would you believe me?
I’m mental. I’m losing what’s left of my rapidly deteriorating mind. Its hard to understand a basket case. No one really does.
All these crazy things,
She’s a pretty little angel,
Bright, big smile.
Unfortunate. She drowns in the depths of depression. Necessity. She needs to get away. Escape. She vies for freedom. Personality. What's that?
I've been searching for hours, to find a reason why. It's 2 A.M. and I'm running circles in my mind. I whisper prayers that go unheard. I wonder when my thoughts will turn. To happy days
Lord, save me from my sins
Every day is another war, Another soul lost Another closed door And at what cost?
Distanced of the long ubiquitous walk
The day I see you is the day I find myself. Every day, I look outside the window and see what appears to be  never seems to be what I want to see.   Just today, I see you walking
I gave you my heart and soul  this love has taken it toll for you never loved me you used me as a key to open a door to my friends heart while you teared mine apart    
I encouraged myself, I mounted on a voyage to the far reaches of space a spaceship fueled by the sadness of my heart a pioneer of the cold, the void, and the emptiness
Faith You've Lost  
You are not my puppeteer I have feelings, emotions Thoughts I can feel pain I can speak on my own I can love the people I chose to love I am not bound by strings
Why did I ever do that?
One morning she was with me
tired. that's the one word that constantly replays in my head. sadness. a terrible feeling, like you're sinking down, down, down into the depths of the sea of despair :( lonely.
Everyone needs to go away
Shut Up!! Shut Up!! Just Stop Talking!!!     Wait, never mind. With everyone quiet I can hear myself think.
Behind the 140 characters, Beneath the instagram posts,
Is this how it feels Like your heart is slowing ripping away Your mind slowly shutting down Everything getting blurred No longer able to hear Breathing gets labor
I never thought this day would come, I wasn’t prepared for this to happen, I cry myself to sleep every night, I can’t accept the fact that you are gone.
With all the cups you gave,
If you could see inside me
Your eyes are like the ocean full of secrets someone could get lost by staring to long some people enjoy them yet some people never have yet to experience them
Lost In this world of chaos Lost In between confusion Lost In my own mind Where am i? Where am i going? So much noise So many colors I feel so lost in the midst of it all
When I close my eyes, I see you with your arms wrapped around my waist: I feel loved.
One love, oops, too late.
I have an obsession with quotes because other people are so much better than I am at putting my feeling into words.  
Who am I? A doctor, writer, or biologist A musician, detective, or radiologist Who am I? A dancer, veterinarian , or accountant A teacher, athlete, or consultant Who am I?
Sometimes, I get lost.
The tears that are surfacing upon my eyes and leaving glistening trails of a salty substance are not there for the comfort you had given me.
I want to be free
If you asked me to name your beauty, I would say you are a sky.  
You are not alone Sleepy eyes Purple crescents burn bright under them Boney knees Baggy pants conceal lack of nutrition A broken heart, longing to stop beating It screams in agony
I hang around In this room I pretend that I own, I feel so ungreatfull for the life I've been thrown, and the friends I have grown, In a house full of homies and I still can't help feeling alone,
Trying to invent myself. I'll juggle it all and make all the right choices. I'm overwhelmed. Like a cloud stretching to cover the entire Earth.  It reminds me that I am small.
Would a filter be typing? Would a filter mean no erasing? Does that mean I can't correct my grammar?   I'm going to give you the realest me there is, no bullsh*t.   Well, to begin, my appearance.
You've gotten fingerprints, All over my favorite movies and songs
I wanted to kiss my name off your lips, Taking back my identity
It’s late, and I’m coming down with a cold, Or something of the sort. I should be sleeping, But I’m not ready And yet, I don’t want to be awake either. Can I just stop existing for a little while?
As I stare outside the window today, I see little children with a ball they play Happily on the street together today.   As I stare outside the window, I remember our time back then, Where are we now?
I want to forget the past But I keep trying to make the memories last I know I’m only hurting myself
I am a parasite Love, masked in depression Darkness conjured from the light The familiarity is lost on me Suicide is too disgraceful I feel numb, the pain no longer subsides
I am a parasite Love, masked in depression Darkness conjured from the light The familiarity is lost on me Suicide is too disgraceful I feel numb, the pain no longer subsides
This is me.
My mind is a land   Where poetry is created and hidden from view   Stories written and shared with a select few   My mind is a place where you'll get lost   With no map to guide you
I remember watching him sleep, his eyes fleeting back and forth under their lids. I remember him drawing long breaths, and his heartbeat wavering in his chest.
She isn't hopeless She isn't worthless She isn't mediocre She isn't ugly She isn't alone  She knows this.   She feels hate She feels shame She feels guilt She feels regret
May 15th Nothing can change my love for you. Everything just happened so fast. I wonder, what if I knew, before you became our past just who you were?
Water running down my face, as today i decide my fate going or stayin wouldn't even matter Would it?
I lay my head on your shoulder, Cuddle with you while the day is over. I lay my hand on your chest, viewing you as a form of protection, my vest. Clearing my mind of the rest, in that moment, I realize...Im yours and your mine.
Eyes burn into me, I feel them on me, I don't know where from, Goosebumps cover my body,  I feel a presence... Next to me... Behind me... All around me...
The bright lights shine and the euphony of the band begins.
Every answer is a lie, Every night it all unfolds. Only when I'd rather die Is when the truth is told.   Every answer is one I hide, It scares me more than you know Because when I search,
I hope I forget your eyes And that I couldn't look way. I hope I forget your smile Because it makes me wish you'd stay.   I hope I never call you  When its late and I can't sleep.
Bleeding because it paints the pictures so heavily spilled in my mind. And seeing the crimson upon my skin Gives me pain that makes me real.   Crying because It makes me view
A permanent reminder runs crooked down his chest a seam, a scar, still raw, deep, and red he is in debt to a strangers hand, loses rest for fear of failing his second chance 
They keep trying to tell me I should be happy. Ok, I am really trying, I mean honestly I ain't cut in almost 10 months now. People say that it's pathetic when someone is that sad,
The words I speak Just float Softly Away  Never being heard   It's no one's fault i think, i guess But truthfully, It hurts   I apologize
Within my heart lay a gap that I cannot fill A gash within my emotions that lay unhealed This wound inflicted bleeds deep within me This stream of emotions wil never heed A cloud of thoughts loom in my mind
As I pick up my violin, And rosin the bow, I feel ready to let the music free, One small note, Then a scale, One by one, The notes fly, And when the last note turns to mute,
I flinch. False consensus effect strikes again. I'm not afraid of your touch. Fear has no position on the playing field. you recoil, my body like a stovetop to the touch.
Underneath it all, All the lies and facades, I feel so estranged,
It's really weird 
Conscious calls when I close my eyes Every moment of my life flies into me at one time Thoughts collide like cars, crash inside my head The fire burning in my eyes will not extinguish,
IS it crazy for me to image myself different in the sight of what my past was.
Will my smile hide, The tears behind,  My lost and clouded, Dark green eyes?
i'm not too sure which hurt worse the cuts on my skin or the memories behind them the break up or the break down that occured first the purging or the comments that pushed me to do it
I. when the boy drawn to priesthood kissed me, his mouth burned. with triple-layer onion skin and a crucifix tongue, he tumbled down from a cloud at 9 and snapped his legs in half.
  Where do we go when we are lost? Where can we find ourselves and what’s the cost? I’m searching of the girl I once was. Looking and looking, where can she be? I see a girl, is it me?
I'm a Marionette,Your lifeless little toy,Anyone can play with me,Be they girl or boy.The wires tied around my arms,You control them as you wishYou can break my heart and cause me harm
I'm hurting so bad... She doesn't know Cause she's glad I'm not in her show, I meant life, But its the same I want a knife No more of the shame
Most memorable moments come and go.  The hurt and scars from underneith are the ones that don't show. Being happy is just a phase, and dying is just a race. Moments that gernerate smiles are the ones worth the miles.
I close my eyes and count to seven but when i wake im far from heaven i find that i am still in hell, no anglic bells and my heavy heart swells and though i feel im 'bout to burst
A wolf alone in the wood, Not by choice but by cruel fate, A social animal without a pack, A mind consumed by hate.   Will you not take in the wolf? No, of course, no one would,
people will never recognized a simple girl. who is like other girls, simple as a paper flower. who really is nothing compare to the real flowers. whose color and petals are different from others.
I was lost in your charm and your mesmerizing eyes
She started to twirl.
When I was 15 I lost my parents, My mom and dad is in heaven now, Sitting up in the clouds watching me everyday,
I am tired and lost in my empty world Looking for answers to my questions Where do I belong? Where do I go next? What am I missing? Am I in the wrong life? Is it my hair, too short and too straight?
The key to mystery is balance; Though, I suppose, it doesn't really matter if you're not trying. Sometimes the silence doesn't hang quite as heavy as it used to
I walk around, wondering. I wonder, how will the future be. The future seems promising. The promise is withheld by each individual. Each individual seems unknown of the promise to withhold.
Feeling that I may love you isn't enough for me it seems that I need to anticipate your company   I have to yearn for your touch and embrace, waiting diligently all day to see your face  
It's easier to be alone where you know no one can touch you. It's easier to be alone because you don't have to care for anyone. It's easier to be alone because you know you can't hurt anyone.
Tomorrow Tomorrow That is when you will be all mine When our hands fold like cards When I feel your marrow against mine
All my life I have been unwrapped My ribs glossy-exposed My lips made of glass They have told me to learn And I have taught myself to listen While ignoring what is important
He loved me once Everyday he told me so.  Anytime of the day it didn't matter. Right there beside me or There in the middle of the day. space between us grew bigger and bigger
I don't know what I want. All I know is what I've been told. But are my thoughts truly my own? Does that make them mine, Or are they something instilled?  
You'd never see me The true me, the real one inside Because my heart's been broken and I've learnt how to hide I took my feelings and locked them in a cage And there they've stayed while I have aged
I am a woman behind a curtain, and that's something that I find difficult to accept. Keeping lies, and secrets, I seem to always let them take advantage of every part of me my heart, my lips, my eyes.
Walking away from this pain, Leaving it behind, To try and see, A new light.   
I thought I was okay till i found myself in a new place. peope tell me i'l  be okay, i'll be alright. but I can't belive them at all.
Many times we sacrifice hopes and dreams thinking that by doing so we will achieve bigger dreams. We don't understand how many we lose in the road until we look back.
Forgive me for always wanting to be in love, I know it sounds dumb and stupid. But I rather be in love and feel it’s warmth then hurt from the outcome Of its winter cold.
A million stars up in the sky one shines brighter I can't deny A love so precious a love so true a love that comes from me to you The angels sing when you are near within your arms I have nothing to fear 
I loathe your addiction to cigarettesand the women you go to seebecause one is killing you
It's not how I look, Or how I walk. It's how I react, When something's gone wrong.   As life goes on, There will be up's and down's. I try to survive, With the least amount of frowns.
  I watch blood trickle down  moon crested waves of memories of tomorrow
Gay. Respectable. Intelligent. Deviant. I'm all of these things And none of them. My identity is contradictory. Exsistence, a paradox.   Wandering and lost
It was just another school day, 
I remember a little about  that cousin in Rikers I remember a little about  each relationship
Tears they fall feeling no pain Who are they?
So close but so far way. In front of me but out of my way. Hard to hold on to,
It’s so cold. I can’t feel my hands. All I see is red. It’s so cold.   Where am I?
As the crowd’s conclusions falls to hush                 I could make the joker spin and blush At the lies I tell and the mask I wear At the chances I take in double dares My skin changes colors as chameleons
There are some days you wake up and wonder why her name isn't lit up on your phone Or when you get news good or bad you know she doesn't care
I don’t want to be a robot, someone’s invention
This poem took a minute  Cause i had so many thoughts going on in my head  I didn't know what was right and what was wrong It seemed as though my world has been turned And i don't know if it was for the best
This fear I feel is formed from my imagination.   Constantly contemplating where my life will be stationed.
As I write this poem, I realize just how much of myself I've lost while I wear my favorite accessory,
I'm lost. In a place where I won't be found. In a place where no one cares.   I'm lost. No one looks for me. No one wants to find me.   I'm lost. In my life. In my dreams.
Crashing down,falling hardBroken dreams, broken heartI guess I'm not really sure where to startPicking up after your goneWide awake at night, listening to our old songs
Its so beautiful  So enthralling Life There are so many tangents So many decisions that can be made Adventures  Things to see and people to meet It has become overwhelming 
My mom likes to  think I'm just like her That I love crowds of people and constant noise That I love calling all attention to myself And that I like conflict My mom thinks I hide my real self from the world
every night i sit watching the stars dance infinitely hoping somehwere you are sitting watching waiting wondering if i am doing the same
1: My doors closed shut without any mercy to let free me.
My life is miserable like yours
With everywhere she's goes 
The pale ghost stares at the filthy mirror. He sees not himself; with that happy scowl and playful temperment. The pale ghost makes the suface clearer. He sees not himself, but his own warm disembodiment. 
Stress, sadness, fear,wory. I have a mask to cover   that up.  Boredom, anger, doubt, loneliness, confusion,    regret. I can hide it. There truly is no know emotion
I wanted to tell you how I feel, But I don't want you to run away; For the ones who I care for and love the most
Happines where is it?  I sit & wonder will I ever get it? My fake happines is fading each day No one can tho its just me I can only keep this act up for long
My my another life lost Behind enemy lines Did we do anything? Did we pa their price? Or just watch Watch out loved ones die? We hae lost the ones who gave it all While we did nothing
In a too familiar whim of feeling drowned, I jump onto this raft that manifests
If you dusted my skin for fingerprints you would find a multitude of people have touched me in all of the most
Do I know you? The words you pronounce  are so ugly and dirty, But you say they fit me just perfectly.  Do I know you?  No, I do not  but here I am lying on the floor
I used to be different The world was brighter I always had a smile  Nothing could bring me down
  As a child your life is spinning, out into this world you find yourself lost on a merry go round.  
Why can't anyone see the me that is truly me? All they see is a mask That does the un me task the one that shows no fear the one who is not really here I wish to show you the me that is really me
People from across the globe fall in love from house to house or thousand of miles away Never meeting except online what if you met that person face to face would all those feeling come flooding back
When the ocean is far awayand the wind is full of sand instead of salt,I dive back into the green pools offorgotten peace in your eyes.I swim through lakes of cheap vodkaand expensive memories.
in this moment, I did die. the smile on your lips. the soft touch of your skin. the twinkle in your eye. in this moment, I could die. the sound of your breathing. the rhythm of your heart beating.
You're like a faded memory, A distant dream, A long lost needle in the hay. I remember when you were my world. My everything, The rock beneath my feet. But,
I am a mask,So many think they know who I am,but they don't care to ask,Yes, they are content with my maskWho am I? One of many made to pleaseWho is me?
Look Here N, You stole me Yes for the very first time someone has stolen me in years But please know I’m very fragile and have high self-esteem And unlike the body I live in I don’t have any fears
Am I wrong to think about you like this? Will I open up your skies? You would say no and walk away pissed But you know I know I hear your cries We have the same heart same beat
I think that is a good question C+N? Will it ever work while I hurt and think about you Knowing that the love I have for you might be true But it doesn’t come back to me boo I guess I’ve lost the argument
Remember when you used to say that you wanted t
The name N goes so far He really does he’s like Jafar Giving him promise, my times, and even my attention It’s like he’s got full dominance Beautiful green eyes like emerald seas
I am lost. Long gone from sanity. Hoping, Waiting, Watching, Loving Falling into an endless abyss of confusion and pain. A way out is just a mirage and escape is no answer to my predicament. Falling from
I hope you think of meas you are flicking through old moviesas you are kissing lips thinnerfar thinner than my ownas you are hearing words that triggerpast text messages exchanged
Sometimes I get lost on the way to the front door.
once i love you it can't be changed no matter what the out come is me  and you R one forever
loving you isn't the hardest part lossing you is the worst part but not being able to see you feel you love  you this hurts me the most      
A sweet glow follows his every glance, My seductive love heats the land.  While we spin around enjoyuing the dance,  My love travels the world holding my hand.  Bringing cheer to fauna and flora, 
I opened up my narrow sighted mind In hopes that it was you that I find with my luck the sun will not shine you continue to give me no signs   the rain pouring down it hurts my ears 
Two broken souls, Lost at sea, Will find each other, When it’s meant to be. But for now, They search and search For a love that burns bright. They look at the same sky,
How can you grab me from falling if the hands you reach for is full of flames of fire
They made me wear a mask when I was younger. Days went by and a new stitch was added to the mask. It was starting to fit my face perfectly. "Do this," they said. "Do that," they demanded.
The face, the eyes, all full
Hands Of him to invade me to intrude to be ill mannered and uncouth to me Hands Dating the clock so faithful so diligent so painless so fast so slow Hands
I turn my head and so does she I look into her eyes and she looks in mine
You ever feel the loss someones presence so strong yet it's a wasted cause the way, I feel like peeling the layers of your heart away  when you don't feel like wiping the tears away 
We just lost a brother He brought joy in our lives Now tears to our eyes We just lost a brother
The rain pours outide This library echos with the raindrops. Singing a stormy song. Outside, It is a different song to sing. Animals, Former pets, Try to dodge the raindrops With no prevail.
There comes a time,
You left. She stopped smiling. She stopped laughing.
I didn’t want the morning to come, The sun to invade my windows and brighten my room,
That's a start - in the room of my heart. My thoughts do not contain certitude, For there stands before me a physical facsimile Of you. Except lacking your attitude. Your timorous tone, You threw,
You cut. You slice. You mangle your arm.   You cry. You scream. And pretend it does no harm.   The words. The judgment. They replay in your mind.  
A serene statue lost in the crowd Scarred wrists and stolen innocence Playing war and failing at failing in the constant game of survival A coffee too bitter to sweeten with milk and sugar  
to have loved and lost is not so bad, that is what they tell me. although, they have many times failed to tell me that to be lost and loved is the worst tragedy of them all.
Leave all doors opens, I don't know if I'll return. I'm stuck between trying to he Myself, The perfect daughter,  A flawless, better version of my sister,
To live is to be lost... lost within the mind,  within books, within studies.  Within ideas that can't fathom constellations,  far as the very depths that the soul cannot reach. 
I lost my shadow, I lost my friends, Even my reflection is running away. What did I do to scare you? I was always nice, always generous, I gave you everything I had
For whome, This may
When I  was younger you sent me to my room and argued all night
Floating--- Going no where. No place to be, but everthing to see. Nothing can compare No limits-- I am free!  
  Do you really love her? Do you really care? I could love her better. Why are you even there?   I care about her as a person, I don't just love her booty!
Loveis a horrendously wonderful thingthat makes the heart flitterbut also the pit of the stomachWeigh the pain of manyemotional bricks
The news rang in my ears I didn't know how to accept it "She's brain dead" I hear it over and over A constant reminder I can still see your face Hear your voice Promising me I'll be okay
Maybe it was the way he held your hand, holding on like it would save him from his worst nightmares. Or was it the sound of his voice sleep deprived and full of despair calling you at 3 a.m. Just to Make sure you were still there.
Behind the Curtain of Staged-Perfection  by Janae 
They way your lips touched minds somehow made me lost with your eyes as u slowly grab me close to you. Making me lose sight of the world around me
The candle flame burns too hot. The flickering of its wic dances in the over heated breeze. This breeze offers no respite from the smoldering need.
Two boys of sevenrun through fallen leaves.Their laughter shakes the treesThey fall to their knees
I prize my gift from the sun, the smooth ebony blanket that trails in my path. It bears the token of my progress, like a toll booth of past endowments, always full of unanswered prayer.  
Strolling the dark street / I’m walking with a cold gaze / Have I declared defeat... / running through life's maze? / I remember a phrase / “Mend the wound, Forbid distress” /
The Lost Traveler  by Paloma Castroa  
The intensity of every beat of my heart electrifies when we depart. You have been gone for so many years over this time I shed so many tears.   This emptinessI feel in my chest
searchng for closure searching for a sign put wanted posters on billboards hoping it would catch someone's eye "watchya looking for, lady" someone replied yelling over my screams
As the image of isoloation arrivesI wonder, is this a moment of peace?I know I should be grateful to be alive,But as i stare into utter emptiness,My mind and soul feels completely empty. 
its 3 am again and it all really seems so familiar, the dark sky, the quiet house, the creeping memories of you, and the feeling of death and sorrow in my chest  
I knew when I met you, that you were the one. The one that I find any chance to see.
I found your pictures on my closet floor The only way of knowing you were here before And I no longer get waves of tears anymore
I am fifteen And my hair is nice and long I still have the curls And my love is not so strong
breathe the sadness that stitches your ribs together and choke on the chances you missed  
I have feelings of loneliness that I can't breakTh
To see aint wat it seem How to get over wats still in a dream Close my eyes and there u are But when i open them u are so far The irony is u're right there Over and over i say it aint fair
I walk around with a smile Showing the world my happiness  while really I'm in plain I look around at how happy others can be  I wonder if I just smile I'll be the same  Never once had I cried or frowned 
The darkness is approaching Its taking my mind, body, and soul I can no longer function  Someone help me  Help me; before its to late The darkness is spreading I am becoming numb
 "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God.
The walls she built she thought it'd save the way she hides the creatures from outside   The noise she makes bounce off the walls and don't go through like usually
Captivated I feelwith a whirlwind of nothingambitious to leavebut can't A girl with a dreambut just dreamin' it seemsnothing farther than that
You said to me, "I am Lost" So I etched the constellations in every freckled part of my skin, so you would always know where you came from when you traced your fingers across my hips.
Outside, I am put together, my hair is done, my makeup is done, my clothing is ironed,
It would pull me in  Dare me to eat it And then I would And then I did And then I hated myself I wanted to be that girl  The thin one with legs The toned one with abs
I like to keep to myself because i don't want to hurt other Except for my family people think they can read me but They only see and know what i want them to I myself am
When you look me in eyes , i feel like melting away. When i dont talk to you , i feel like i cant go another day. The way you say my name, makes me want to jump with glee.
Her heart is fragile  Just like a piece of glass is fragile 
In death we find a calm, sweet pillow A place to rest our weary head Gone are the years of endless worry Gone are the times of hopeless dread   This white palace knows no fear
First time i saw her i thought nothing of it, She was another face, among thousands. Another body, among millions. But a spark, a spark that would set my body on fire, Her beauty was not striking, her body less so.
Pricked and poked being left alone to dress her own wounds,
The fires burn in the distance nowyet he feels better, some howGasoline and matches, his keys to freedom
Games of the heart are not easily won. Is there victory when the battle is done? Loss of blood will occur on both sides.
I am fighting this war inside me
Why did you leave me behind? Was is becase of your pain? Or was it because of mine? I wish you could of talked to me, before you left me behind. I miss you daily,
They aren't just scars They are demons I fought at 00:00 They are my insecurities My deepest fear And my lonely nights They are my insults I have recieved and the Emotion I can't contain
I saw Mary today      I saw Rick today I haven't seen her since last summer
I'm lost. I'm lost and I don't know where to go from here. I'm being battered by the whirling chaos that is my mind. I'm doing things that I never thought I would. 
We all want to be loved But what is love if we're all blind Not able to see their mistakes We think our partner is perfect I guess we're just too kind We don't umderstand why
The reason why I try to hide 
When words can't explain my frustration on how a boy can change your mine completely 
I'm constantly thinking
  my mom always warned me about the drugs on the street
It's a whirlwind, you feel like you no longer are in control of your heart because you gave it away unintentionally. It feels like constant emotion of happiness and want.
As this day became the most worst of all
I’m confused in this world. My Parents tell me one thing And my friends tell me another. I watch all the movies. I thought what I was feeling was real. What happened to love, live life.
Here I sit, Mind opened, Thoughts spilling onto the floor, Creating a raging sea. A sea so vast, A sea so wide, A sight so magnificent I nearly cried. There is no plan of action,
I was only fifteen, no fifteen year old should go through it.  No fifteen year old should be left withou a mother.  A fifteen year old should no have delt with a alcoholic father. 
I hope you're comfy,
Walking in the the path I once knewNot understanding how I lost it all
As you lay your head on my chest, I realize how bless I am you leave me in shock on how your words are expressed, your like a past of a ex I reflect, I feel the connection,
Why don't they jump rope anymore?
I am a coward. I'm too scared to face myself.. Too scared to find myself. I'm always running away from thinking about the inevitable. I run away from reflecting on them.
Time passes us by the tide sweeps the sand aside one grain lost in the sands of time just a passing memory in people's minds what we are....lost in where we are. 
I started just like any other clean and pure and a heart that was whole Innocence started to fleet learned to walk on my own two feet
What’s done is done. And I am done. What meaning do I have if all I mattered to, left me for dead? My beloved do not belove me. I am disposable. Superimposed into life, frame by frame,
the first moment you laid eyes on her,
The monster is waiting.  I can hear it crawling. I can hear it's breath. I can hear it racing. And it carries death. The monster is waiting.
I want to die. For this feeling I can no longer bare. The rage within my soul has consumed my whole being. The terror and horror of hell has revived and rejuvenated in my soul.
I feel like I’m sinking Sinking to the bottom of the deepest ocean Eerily a seemingly artificial light illuminates the water Candid images surround me Random memories, fantasies, desires
Did you ever really care Or I am an element forgotten like air. Did you ever claim me as yours
And outside, life Is cold. The trees are as bare as my bones are hollow, and through the chains over my window I can see the world outside- Moving. It's all still moving, without me.
My words mean a lot to me so I won't waste then explaining how I feel knowing you don't care. Tears getting ready to flow knowing in my head I gave up. No more worrying, no more of nothing. I am worthless, I am nothing. I.
I see how you move, dancing and throbbing like you know  what it is you go on about. Throwing around these three words like its glitzy and glamorous. And I sit with you,
Too many nights my mind wanders travelling to where my lost possessions are now. Ordinary belongings. A blue hoodie. Hairties. Pencils and pens. Then instead of wandering to unknown destinations,
I just wanna go back Cause I feel like I’m in a trap I swear it felt like a heart attack Like I fell off track
Why is it alright to earn less in a lifetime where are our full rights?
Do I stand a chance? I am not creative or possess a talent I’m sorry I have not experienced horrible, painful, branded, unforgettable pain not just physically but emotionally
I fight this battle hard and true
If only for a moment Consider me Know that I am here and that I care for you immensely. Know that you can tell me anything It shall be locked away within                 For only I can see the truth
What’s up Doc?   Silence? Why, that’s awfully rude
Ready as I'll ever be, ready and willing to be more. Time encapsuled, just like myself, time not taken is time torn. Waiting, for something to happen, waiting to feel alive.
What could I do? What would I say? I cannot begin to imagine the pain I'll feel once I realize you are permanently gone You'll be like a distant memory of what could have been, what was
I live in a lions den  Only but I know that I'm 
Pretty little thing
Why am I here? Once, as a girl, I dreamt a of a big wide world.
It is rare that a man Can come to terms with Surrender. It is in a unfair waisteland that a man can make sense of these thoughts that will hinder. Its uncomprehensible that
Broken roads engulfed with rubble A heart apiece, blind eyes focusing Who can stand to face the trouble The hearts that burn, spurned Eager to face another day, wanting
I'll explain, and I'll try not to weep as I speak. But please listen, and don't ridicule me. Things occur for a reason just like the transitions in every season. The love I have for Him has sprouted up, and will not wilt.
You're ready, you're set, but you just don't
What can you do when there are no other options left
Im not emotional I did not cry I do not cry But yet I am sad Should I cry? I dont think I should
A person, full of pain and sorrow, a heart that is parted in the middle, held together with one thread of hope and faith…
Where did it all go?  When had it left me? My hopes, my dreams, my passion, my lust for life and success. 
The point of this is to be heard Among a crowd, one reads my word My story and struggle one must listen
Mother has these multicoloed marbles Everyday she would roll them in her fragile and spotted hands. Rolling the marbles was an everyday activity. It gave her a sense of calmness; she would smile a lot
Blind, Oblivious, Bastards     I see you all, I hear you all, I know you all You do not see me, you do not hear me, you do not know me     You speak loud words of nothing
Tears run down her face
My friends don't want me Life is getting hard I'm feeling so lost And it's tearing me apart There is no one to turn to Nobody cares It's making me retreat
Do you see that girl, looking in the mirror?Starin
I really miss t
  I can't see a world with out you , But then again I can't see  I'm blinded by your love, my insecurities. 
I once had a childhood; carefree, full of dreams.     I once had a family; happy, loving.     I once had my sight; to explore, to enjoy, to embrace the world around me.    
I don't smile often. The world doesn't know why. I don't smile at you because I don't like you. I don't smile because I am terrified of not  receiving one back. I don't speak often.
-Everyone changes, one way or another -So, if you're trying to stay the same don't even bother -Whether it's you appearance, attitude, or religious angle -Everyone changes, even the Devil was once an Angel
I trace the wind It’s path, it takes me Past the part Of happy endings Now I swim I swim so swiftly I cry, I try To hear myself   Can I reclaim my innocence
I am lost in this lonely world With my troubled past And I can't escape from these memories That will forever last
Too young to make life decisions. Too old to depend on mom. Wandering on the uncertained journey of life independently.
As my life passed me by,
Why couldn’t you love me?
The fire in my body to cuss him out is lighting up, it feels like I have to pee after drinking 2 big gulps at 7 11 .
The fire in my body to cuss him out is lighting up, it feels like I have to pee after drinking 2 big gulps at 7 11 .
  It used to be
It is then & now that I contemplate the darkness that has consumed me ever so slowly I find no words to truly explain how I feel I fear I am gone My soul & whole being fading away with the passage of time
It is my serenity My escape when reality is too much to bare. Freedom among that unexplainable And you are the guide.   You guided me here, To this vast wonderland of beauty.
Waiting to be free;
Taken from the rhythm of life Immersed into the pit of life as you know  it Guided yet lost Controlled yet self- determined Sought after as a case revived by the aid of hope
  Lets drift away
I have a mirror. It’s broken The girl I see in the mirror is not me. I am young I am beautiful.
Make Me ForgetKiss me so that I forget what his lips taste likeTouch me so I no longer feel him
Here I sit, once again, pondering why Why did I take this class? Am I crazy? I tap and tutter, releasing a sigh. I don't understand; study more, lazy. Chemistry, O Chemistry, thou art death.
Talkative people and silent movers stalk their sleep without a peep. sinking and rolling, never really knowing if ground is up and if down is round. Reality fades into managing days
narcotics and razors cannot block these bullets that explode through my chest every time i think of  our last kiss
I loved you and I lost you. I only got myself to blame too. They say niggas ain't supposed to feel. Like you soft or weak and you gotta be strong all day, every day. But it's hard sometimes. You human, so why can't you hurt? Why can't you love?
Give appra
I thought he was intangible He's fragile He is frozen in time He's scared He is now going slow motion in reverse His words are misguided They tear everything apart He battles his secrets
I used to fall asleep, head brushing fur to the gentle melody of your steady purr   And I can still remember exactly how it felt warm and safe and comforted, my head on your pelt  
Daughter left behind, though her semblance seems strong, she yearns to loved.
You walked away from life, from friends, family. For why? For a love that never came true, for a love that was broken hearted. Can you say it was worth it?
Now she’s talking. Why? What right does she have to do this? What right does she have to say these things? What right does she have to make me feel bad about myself? No right.
I walked into the building today, and I thought to myself, as I was marking my palms with little half moons: Be brave, be brave. Because I knew I would see you for the first time since you broke me. I considered skipping French.
So beautifully flowing, so sporadically chaotic, so miraculously conjoined, the fact of existance, so matter-of-fact, as we live to simply not be. Nothing may begin if there be no end,
Lost He’s lost his mind
Throughout a lifetime,
I'm craving an adventure where it's just us,  
...sitting in a room, empty, consuming  the thoughts surrounding the little heart inside as a tear begins to form, and slowly falls to the floor, a voice silently questions, what are those tears for?
You were gone Gone for so long You left me in the cold You came back Then you were gone again Came back for good You were down for a little while You rose Rose up and started to build again
The feeling that feels nothing The thought that leaves nothing to think Crying crystals that run down my cheek Beat up what is life left to be? Close to the heart yet far from man kind
You know that place between sleep and awake?
"Laugh," they said. 
I can't breathe My tears flow freely, the sick feeling of dread overwhelming me His hands are warm, controlled and gentle. He's comforted others before me,
I wake up every morning wanting to go back to sleep.
Do not show jealousy in the light of a mischievous mirror For that same mirror will glare back at you in madness.
Once there was a willow tree. A lovers' tree 'twas fit to be. But times cannot define the soil, War and hate marred branches loyal. Rope on bark as cloth to back, Love was all the tree did lack.
i want to see the way you have shown me i want to love the way you have loved me i want to be the person you believed I could be I want to go the road you marked for me to follow I want to feed the fire you sparked
I am the paint on the walls
You are the only one I need
and they say sphere keeps spinning, shit'll reach the fan and catch some airplay, moments are tarnished missing tossed bouquets, then deemed stray, then eyes wander in disbelief,
Eyes. There were six of them, green, blue, brown, and lavender. Now, why were they hovering? The lights were too bright to cast shadows, so why was there a lack of bodies to these eyes?
  but poor Peter, for then he was lost out at sea there was never a man so alive as was he forever, it seemed, he was just as a child adventurous, lost, and a little bit wild.  
Her skin is pale, making the dark areas around her eyes protrude in stark contrast. Her eyes are weary, cautious. A penned up animal. Her body is wiry, thin, long. Spindly, like a cat or a spider. Agile and possible deadly.
i lost my mind somewhere back there
“We become aware of the void as we fill it.”                                                                                                                                            -Antonio Porchia                
The time lost the time is gone  Our time we had was just so fun Every time with you it was just so great Now it seems I showed up too late
I loved her more than she ever knew Went so far I didn’t know what to do It was above and beyond how much I cared So amazing the times we shared I must confess
All over America, there are towns And yet no one knows them Except the citizens themselves And can you blame them? (It is their right, after all, to know the town they live in)  
I want to feel it all Feel it all again. Once upon a time I knew. Now something objects in me Because I know Somehow
I just want to get lost in the crowd Walk amongst other beings Amongst the whole, just an observer just a small part of the eternal play On a rainy day Next to a cafe
5'8 107 Pounds 23" waist Yes I'm SKINNY Does my outer appearance bother you? I'm happy with my body rather you like it or not. All you are worried about is TITS and ASS.
When I was eighteen, I had my first anxiety attack. Alone. In my room. 11 PM Crying, gasping, my heart felt like it was going to die.
But I am lost   in a matter of seconds; I have left those clouds  
If I could I would; I would take it all back. Clarify exactly what I meant. How I truly felt. I would of never shown any weakness. I would of never been so open.
It's been ages. Ages since I've written anything down. Since I've allowed verses to be thought. It's been forever since choppy sentences unvailed my inner emotions. So here it goes.
It's like everything is falling into my lap onto my lungs suffocating me and making me feel the weight of everything all at once drowning
  Like a baby born without a mother Shit just don’t make sense So how the hell can you walk around without a split lick of common sense You think have all together
I’ve never felt so lost, Nor felt so helpless, alone, angry and frustrated. Nor have I ever cried so much, or as often. Never have I asked “why” so many times. I’ve never been so weak.
my brain awoke, but my eyes stayed shut. it felt as if 100 lb dumbells hung from my eyelashes, streatching them across my face.
The therapy didn't put things in perspective and the pills don't make me happy The pain still hurts and the tears still come I'm broken inside and I can't find all the pieces
Congratulations, You did exactly word for word what you were told. Never went against the grain, never did anything you weren’t told to do. How does it make you feel?   Pretty good right,
Like sand through my fingers And wind through my hair, I'm letting them slip  And don't know if I care. So close, but out of reach, They're whispering my name, I can't tell who is different
However lonely Only is non-existent You are not yet an island You are not yet in silence Nor will you become a blank moon Keep your eyes hoisted above the frames Do wander tonight without a name
  Avenues and alleywaysSpending days so afraid Afternoon and coffee Wishing tiredness away   Always wanted to follow you home You skip rocks and I throw stones
There I was, yet there I wasn'tFor they neither saw me or knew where I hidThe shadow's hostage; the dustmite's captiveI feared "I'm forgotten" despite what I didAlas, they still call me
these timeless days ,stay the same . i wish they`d fade ,or begin to change .
I'm back, but I'm falling apart I'm back, but I'm lacking the heart, That I need to keep movingAnd what do I think I'm proving? Starving for attentionReceiving it in the form of tension,
My generations judgement is corroded. We cooked and bagged our souls like crack, then sold it. Our minds are not ours. Our feelings are anothers. We give respect to strangers before we give it to our mothers.
Lately I find myself dreaming of a new world, It's a place of shadows, A place so very beautiful, I'd love to actually visit, It's all a dream, A place I can't go, With only people like us,
Oh I'm lost in the world Lost in a world called life Running  around trapped Trapped in the world Oh I'm lost in the world Trapped in the mind Trapped in time Craving Clarity..
As I retire I perform a similar routine It involves a person Sometimes it is dream He is only a boy
I would change the fate of those who are lost, to found Have you ever wondered where Fido ran off or where Vanessa vanished?
I feel as if I knew every inch of your being. Your soul, dark like your lies. Your smile, as white as the lies you tell. Your eyes, once as deep as the ocean, now as deep as the trench where you threw our love away.
I am lost.Lost in a world that only sees shades and could care less about you if you don't have the best grades.
Ran Through the White Fog             Selected             Lined with a decorated past             Finding new sights with old eyes             Your courage is tested  
come find me cause im all alone mourn with me
Lost.To be lost is to allow yourself to be swallowed by the weight and beauty of the world.
Are you looking for me? Sadly, I cannot see and this darkness pains me Lost in the shadows of forseeable doom Why am I drowning in my own gloom?
It extraordinarily depressing
Feelings?  What's that? Well I'm too dumb for that.   Happy?  What's that? Well I'm too numb for that.   Nice And proper ? Whats that 
Those men who watch me when I walk home. They haven’t always watched, but I don’t remember when. Out of their windows in their cars as they pass by. Someone’s always watching me.
I don't understand.
it takes just a second of familiarity
Music might help with it's melodies, However it is still has no effect, Still there are no remedies. Just songs to select.   Some might say it is a cure. Some might say it is a place.
A disease, That no ones knows, But it stings like bees, Yet still no one sees.   My father, Has this curse, He looks at his daughter, She knows it hurts.  
A lost little girl  Stuck in a world Full of monsters and criminals Scared to fall asleep Because of the men who rob her of her dreams
Can you see from my clothes,    all the things I know.   Adorned from head to toe in mediocrity.   I use to feel the need to exceed normality.   
In the blackest of the night, It glides through the overgrown grassand threw the sewers under the city streets.It swallows the minds of innocents.It rips into the lost souls.
Sitting here alone in the darkness of the night,
The sickled sling which cast doubts beckons from the blackened light.  An inevitable dream that awakens me abruptly, haunts my ever waking moment.
Why would i ever wish to change the world? Many would wish to cure disease and safe their loved ones. Who would blame them? However this world would grow to 
The sun is going down, but I don't mind the sun is going down, but I don't mind Kind people are hard to find so I,
In the time after my death a flower grew above my grave The roots reached down and intertwined with my body Now I am the blue grey flower you see when you pass my final bed
In the time after my death a flower grew above my grave The roots reached down and intertwined with my body Now I am the blue grey flower you see when you pass my final bed
The flames licked her side as she laid on the ground. Tears fell from her eyes. She couldn't move. Disabled rom the unforeseen fall down two flights of stairs. She knew if she did not move she wouldn't make it.
Long ago, I was no lost soul 
Hated, lost, rejected, abused; Angry, hurt, broken, confused. I wish that i could disappear And find myself, away from here.   Stomping, slamming, pouting, rude; Immature, stupid, juvelnile, crude.
'Where are you?', is what he called. The sweet childs sing-song voice called over the cloud of darkness. 'Where are you?', he calls again...giggling shortly after. 
The wind whispers through the trees Softly singing, trying to comfort me But no song could sing me to sleep On a night when the stars are so bright
Only a single tear in the salty sea Only a single word that echoes back to me No
Help me- I'm broken Help me- I'm lost
I found at that place at the fork in the road where change begins. I found where life waits on the point of a knife where everything hangs in the balance. I’ve seen how everything can come crashing down
Blink.               Brink.                            Sink.   We, the people, lose touch Technology and sin are important Glory of creation, not so much Blinking, we reach the ledge
A man that made her feel safe Took her in like she was his own Betrayed her by making his claim  It was ruthless. She called out for help No one heard her scream Belittled to nothing -- nothing at all
I've been dreaming I've been wishing
this void, this emptyness inside. what'd you expect of me? i'm an empty vessel with out a soul.
If I could talk to you, I would tell you how hard its been without you here.
The faces fade to ash Photographs discolored to the sickly yellow Of rotting buttercups and stagnant sunlight Captured in dust-coated rooms   Disintegrating into something less than nothing
Sometimes I have a hard time picturing myself sitting behind a desk, or standing in a gym, or flipping burgers. In other words, I have serious issues.
I've slipped; A mistake I cannot reverse. I know it won't help. But for now, the movement of my hips Clears my mind.   It burns, The small of my foot dies. But I keep going.
Forever was the thought
I’m unstable The earth shakes in me like a thousand drumbeats Drumbeats that quiver and reverberate through my bones The tectonics shake and the supports fall out
Chills Reaching deep within my soul they breed Multiplying, festering Unable to stop them, unable to take control I retreat, trying to preserve the little sanity left 
Has love just faded from the world? With illusions so strong our hearts became jaded. Or is it that this generation has never really known love?
Just let me go, we've obviously reached our low, You think I'm boring and useless, Our love has reached a weakness,     I'm trying to keep us going along,
I have inspiration; I just can’t put it together. I have dreams; I just don’t know where to begin. I have hope; I just don’t show it.
Through the recent everythings I’ve come to see The things I planned turned to nothings. I cannot be me In a fairytale ending
The bombardment of booms that echoed the groundsSt
Lace your hands around my waist
  I hear it during the day, as much as I try to push it away I hear it at night, although I just try to see it as an attempt to fright It grows louder when I am scared, it grows louder when I am insecure
Lover lover can you see me standing here? Waiting so patiently to be heard. I'll give up my last hopes if you'll just turn around. please my dear lover just turn around.   faker faker can you hear me now?
I wandered away to another place Looking for something I lost. I was not sure what it was But I needed to search for it. I wandered away from my blue sky, My browning leaves,
I feel you in my skin
These cold hands are stuggling  Can't get warm if anything I try and try again Only to get colder than The heart of this dead body walking I can't resist the coughing
I turned a corner and found her asleep. Her body motionless, like an unborn sheep, Hair splayed across the floor, like seaweed washed ashore, skin pale like the moon, lips drained of life.  
Roses are Blue, Violets are Red, I don't know why, But All the colors are all Bad.  
When thing changes
Talking is easy but I don’t speak Some of the most wonderful things grow from silence and solitude Loneliness is painful but I don’t weep
First off, I will start off by saying I’m sorry I don’t know if I actually am  My brain says I ought to be but my heart disagrees  
Why do I fly down the streets at night, 
You left me on a hot summer morning.
Around mineLike the morning airDances around myFingertipsAnd let your body envelopeMineLike my blanket when I’m gettingCozyIf you could let me taste youOne more time
The darkness and light struggles within,Can't imagine where to begin.Seeing through clouds of darkness and dispare,One wonders what to do from there.Bright eyes pierce the soft soul,
Blinded by your misconception, You're afraid, but still you walk Aimlessly in a new direction, Refusing to admit you're lost   Carelessly, you've embarked on this journey
If I ran out of the room. Would you chase me, and save me from my doom? Would you run after me?  
Happiness is you. Happiness is something new. Happiness is something borrowed and blue. Happiness is our wedding day. That never happened because you went away
Looking up the sky, wishing you are here
  Lost in thought
Ah, what a pitiful sight.
I love him, He loves me, But how could I be so dumb? Why can't I see?   This is wrong, But it feels so right, To be in his arms And to hold me tight.  
gleaming in the fluorescent light, brighter than the moon against a pitch-dark sky, breath catches, it’s beauty unforetold. not everything in the lost and found has been discarded.  
Inspiration is a way of telling our sorry tales of when we lost hope and gained it back. A way to show everyone and everything that there was a day the pain resided and was left to hang in the air.
There’s a fire burning within Fueled by pure sin Tormenting thoughts and soundless cries Reminiscing on each of his lies
Fighting for you, while beating myself. Saw your heart, needed your help but not just for you. Perfectly blind, all I want is you. Have eyes for no other. Thought someone could fill my void.
I don't know what to think You say one thing and do another Why me? I'm scared I'm lost You took all my energy from me Who are you? What have you become? Thought we were friends
Those days i wished i could  run away Run away  ,go far away Never look back Never  take the chance of giving my all, like i used to Never taking the chance to say i love you
Forbes publishes “top jobs,” and the sport of Googling can easily yield endless lists of “best careers” of any given year, even those that have yet to come. These labels are slapped onto underrepresented fields,
This day is drawing to a close, the night is coming near, And somewhere out there stars light up, illuminate my fear. It takes a dense, steel wrecking ball to break through love’s embrace,
lost in el barrio, i saw a broken glass bottle and lifted its fragile piece to my face and attempt to see a reflection of me i threw it down and the rest was shattered  like broken dreams
The calm before Yolanda
Black and Looming, She peers into its soul, The swirling masses of chattering teeth, The slick palms of wrinkled futures, The abyss.
Falling down, falling down And then those words saved me. When I was at home and all alone I looked for an escape So I'd hide and wait, I'd hide and wait And then your voice saved me.
I hate the crowd, the wrong crowd That keeps me in, I'm drowning now.  And there's no hope No lovely hope To keep me safe, to keep me sound. I fall too easy, and I can't swim
I am sitting here with a needle in my hand, the contents in it...
home is not lost but can not be found home is not destroyed but can not be saved   home is where you feel welcomed but also feel lonely home is where you are free but also are imprisoned
Merely a perception of the line that divides Oceans never to join, skies never to touch A sunset that disappears below to nothingness A sunrise that appears from a blank image
lost amid all the chaos amid the destruction within the broken hills terrified of the withering sobs beneath the dead in the mountains of fear drowning the voices that call
When you are in a blizzard you can not feel your body. The only thing you see is snow skipping and turning on top of the piles of existing snow. Then cool wind blows all around you. You hear the snow hitting your jacket.
I'm lost in a world that's all my own  and as I stare at the clock it begins to race not forwards but back, leaving me, in a cloudy haze I see a familiar face, I don't quite remember, but haunting all the same,
Today I was lost Today I  was afraid Today I just cried today i was sad today I was alone today my phone died today I really tried But today I was found But today was to end
Everyone talks about it Why won't you be about it This angry hand that you raiseDoes nothing but appraise It appraises our loveHow worthless it isHow it hurts to stick around
I'll never forget when we first met, Our eyes locked and your smile won my heart, From that moment our hearts met we were never apart, Time went on and we both moved on, But the love we shared forever grew,
If you learned to walk in the dark.How would you act when the lights come on?If you spent your whole life high.How would you face the day sober?If you spent your whole life lost,Would you really want to be found?
It's just another day, still hanging by a thread. When I open my eyes, to see a pillow and a bed.Where I lay my head, I think to myself thank god I'm still alive and not found dead.
Part of me got stuck in a galaxy, I called it "whats-its-name".   I just remebered after being ripped in half, things would never be the same.  
Like December, Like tomorrow's coming down, Shaking snowflakes to the ground, While you're waiting in bed some more, Cuz in November you were falling all around, Leaves of every color now,
Regarding the World ; I'm sorry I wasn't the perfect girlfriend, the best student, or the greatest child. Yet, I strived to accomplish much and be the greatest everything. It's just didn't work for me or I didn't work for it.
i don't matter like a snowflake every one different and beautiful all in their own way yet all the same   as they flowly fall into reality no one notices they fill the world
Get me out of this placeMy heart breaks like glassLet it shatter and it runs a different paceIt's messing with my head, one minute i'm with you now suddenly i'm hereWhen will this end?
There's nothing I wouldn't give, I'm still addicted... But it's not really me you love, It's my best friend... There's nothing I wouldn't have done, Anything for you... You're all I've ever wanted,
a song's on repeat, something's not right. this time you're the reason I cried myself to sleep last night. moving on doesn't come easy, at least not for me. I know it's something I've gotta do,
Moving round and round in the maze inside my head. Contained in this padded room that's stealing my sanity, here I wait with my tortures thoughts, conjuring my eternal reward.
          Lost, or what do you call it when nothing makes sense to you? When loved ones eyes tend to glare, fixated, unsure of your very existence. What is it, when all you feel is pain? When that mirror image only brings you shame? Lost.
Their legends are not like yours. A true story never to be told, Of the gore behind those closed doors.
Sober Thoughts,You're just wasting my time.Grab the bottle,It was in the back of your mind.In the darkened place,Where I always hide.Drown it out,A waveless tide.
I'm on this path to my pursuit of happiness trying to get back to that place where a smile wasn't rare remembering my days as a child a time of pure carefree bliss death was just a word
What is college Why should you go Is it pointless What does it show Getting a higher education Staying in school Focusing on your career What could you lose Just your time
Home is my burning desire. My soul has been set on fire. Feelings of lost hope. I am on a downward slope. Dreams crushed as no tomorrow, With none left to share or borrow. Aromas of the unknown,
Little Scarlet, little Scarlet, where have you been? Prancing upon my garden, did you spend the time that you were so generously given?
Little Scarlet, little Scarlet, where have you been? Prancing upon my garden, did you spend the time that you were so generously given?
As I sat there thinking to myselfI felt it happen like needles in my eyes,Slowly fading and slipping awayI couldn't control it but it was going
I had spent days, what had seemed to be months clenching to the piece of life I had. I was lost, in a chaotic silence, hoping and praying for redemption, for savior.
  She sat alone on a sidewalk almost as dirty as her, in a city almost as dangerous to watch the boys skate With their profanities and perverted jokes, she was hooked
Take a second to breathe, to listen. To hear the laughing and the whispering. I get it, we all do, it's old news. I'm gay, yes it's true. Yet you don't understand, acting rude and all whack.
You breathe Yet, nothing comes out You bleed Yet, never die                 To tumble into a world of pure sorrow Is worse of a fate than chaos   The screams we once held are no more
The charming smile on one face Is just a blemish on another Alone in the universe With myself as a brother As an enemy, a friend, A new means to an end He is she as are we
I struggled against my restraints I was forced here, into a cage I wasn't meant to be locked away I have things to do, Places to see, People to meet  
My head is down for a reason My computer screen is dark I don't know   Help me I can't comprehend this I don't know   You talk and you talk Do you ever notice my blank stares
Getting carried away, going over the top, losing yourself. That state of zen when you are meditatively doing, Unconsciously awake, disconnected from your anatomy,
Education is the key to success The mind is the metal of the key It can be easily inscribed Some rusted and hard With the right materials
Running, we're running with no direction, Blind tour guides oversee the "right" way, Hiding uncertainty at each intersection, Hopelessly, we pray they don't lead us astray.
Just look at my face       Lies is what it seems to be I am lost everyday    Deep in me I drown Gagging full of frustration Sea within me here...
I miss her, Where has she gone you say? I don't know, I'm just a hollow shell of her now, the smiles fake; the laughter off; where has she gone? To the land of heartbreak.
The night creeps up and it stings because it reminds me of the things that we used to mutter and sigh, laugh and cry to each other.   The daylight shines out our pain, Oh, but the night, 
This girl once had a purpose.She strived to be the best.She left it back behind her on the Golden Gate bridge. 
walking out in the after glowthrown about in the drunk beyond,looking for my wandering doglaid out upon the ground. battle scars black and bluescratched up knees -all for you,that fence post did me in.
I sing so you don't know im crying. I luagh so you can't tell im hurting. Close my eyes so you don't know im watching. Walk to keep from running. Hide in plain site so you can't see me.
 I crawled out of my grave. I stare with red rimmed eyes in shock as the emotions and truth  rape my brain. I gasp and swim with the stars as my eyes swim in tears full of epiphanies.
When I see you my heart skips a beat. When our lips touch there's a connection we can't defeat. When you smile, it makes my world complete. Damn, your touch makes me weak.  
The pain I always hide, I just keep it bundled up, I wont let it show, I wont take much more, But I can not let him go, And all these things I say, Im just lying here,
People mindlessly wandering around their souls never found. Where the ocean meets the shore,  is where these souls adore. Young children and adults alike, never alive to see this night.
Who am I when the lights go down When no one is around I look at myself to see Who I can be But I don't see me I see a reflection I see the girl I pretend to be The pretty face
My brother was forced from home I tried to ask, "why?" The seeds of our love were sown I received no reply
I’d treat you like a queen, but what does it mean? Not a thing, cause I’m new, and you want the old You tell me nothing even matters, you lie to me Warmth of your touch… yes, your lie's so bold
It’s a clear sky today. After a long and exhausting day I decide to go take a dip in the lake to cool off. I jump in the water. It is very cool and warm at the same time.
Some days we are told how to feel and what to feel. It is on those days that it is most important to listen to our hearts, and not to think, but just to feel. Some days we may feel alone or lost,
when i get tired (this feeling of lonliness) i close my eyes (come meet me) i walk through my dimly lit mind (everything is empty) and i begin to pray (there you are)
To feel Wanted.. To recognize Abuse... If I have  given up on humanity, Why do I still long for a friend?
Is it only me? This page is blank Why is it only  my pen that races across the white landscape? Is there something wrong with me? Why is everyone staring? "Special...she's special," How?  Why?
I have no body. No mind or thoughts. I am lost in this maze- I am broken, I am lost.   The irony is my way is gone, Here I wonder in miles, Around the gardens that are not nurtured,
 Grasping at shadows. Reaching for Ghosts. Searching for figures along the coast. Looking for something real, something to hold onto. A single shred of proof that I am not alone.
bound to the thought of tradition, chained to the idea of reality structured in the ways of the ones before you, trapped in the shadows of others  
I am lost in a sea of unknown faces, blurred and unimpressionable.  Blending into the class room walls. Spending the school year doing nothing but filling in a desk, and saying present when called upon.
The puzzle piece never fit. Blood seeps from an unseen wound. She died without a smile, destined to become a phantom.  Her nails were embedded in dirt. Her eyes, skyward. The puzzle remained incomplete. 
Grab a hand and stand together   let here a heartfelt welcome  hand by hand race by race  together we stand equal   strong and firm We are never alone   so be a friend and lend an ear
High school I wasted. College I hated. Everthing seemed more important than saying I made it. A high was sufficent. For that I was persistent. Had something to say but nobody would listen. Yeah I had morals. Hopes and dreams, those too.
A day spent in torment,  A witch with an infernal love of torture, A job to educate, yet she fails. Why doesn't she see, That we struggle to find the solution, That this is the epitome of masochism.
Are you the gentle breeze?Are you the soft-spoken whisper?The one that rustles through the trees?Which only makes the silence more crisper?Are you resting up above?Are you the one walking through dreams?
Their magnetic hands grab at mepulling me into the darkInebriated with emotions.. "NO! Won't stop..won't stop.."A spirit inside me is screaming"Can't lose myself-must keepgoing."
Raindrops pour and splash across her face They dance and he kisses with such elegant grace. Now this may seem like its from a movie scene But truthfully this is all just a dream There is no quirky cat and mouse chase
I should be happy But for some reason I'm sad I can't understand the game you're playing It feels like we're on different levelsYou're funny, cute, and awesome But I can't seem to feel what I've felt before 
Tears so simple and complex like the waves of the ocean moved my tectonic plates   Tears such a burst of weakness like an innocent child unable to feed or clean himself   Tears
Beaten is the pathBeneath the wandering feetOf those all lost in wayWho find themselves at peace  
As you stare out the window of your quickly moving train car, the landscape, blurred, is ashen and bare, and the pitter-patter of rain on the thin metal roof never stops.  
the feeling you lost the feeling you lost in you hollowness finds me  
You were my everything my used to be and always you left a lingering taste on my lips, from your kiss you gave me words to say and like a puppet and her master I repeated every one
I am stuck, stuck in between what is wrong and what is right for me. I am stuck, stuck in-between someone that will make me feel alive tonight and someone that will make it right.
Quizzical mindhushed and hiddenlie within the shadows. Everyone is prepping forthe live broadcast.The premieres set oncethe sun plants itselfon to the night sky Not gently woven--Plucked.
  I have no anchor to keep me on this ground my feet barely touch the ground and my soul is struggling to leave my God! I need an anchor! The stars are beautiful,
She spends her time looking for truthIn the ruins of BabelAmong the pariahs and lepersJust another lost soulTurned away from societyHer only crimeWas to loveThe wrong soulThat sung half truths
I ask, Who am I? Forever I shall know not, Between wolds above and those beneath Eternal life and endless rot.   If all the stars in heaven Shone into my very soul, That which was illuminated
Hell is a place where the mind can goNightmares exist before eyes are closed Fear has a home inside my soul Memories hold me captive and won’t let go   Love is a place where I feel warm
Hidden away inside your lungs Is a history I’d like to hear from Locked away inside your chest Is a heart that beats the best  
Lost like a message in a bottle Folded in a tight space No room to take a breath Rolling in the waves   Used like a crimson rose To symbolize a false belief Thrown away when use is done
I died last night Gave my best Took all my strength But I still lost the fight Fought for our love with all of my might But all my dreams came crashing down Heart ripped out my chest
My last recollection of seeing a black butterfly was not long ago. I remember it was on a particular flower. I remember it was on a red flower that had just bud after sun rise.
I'm tired of feeling like there's nothing I can do about my life and what i'm going through Now i'm starting to wonder is the life i want for me should i give up 'cause i'm not feeling very happy.
All my life I was taught what I thought was right and wrong. All my life I dressed for church and knelt before the Lord my God. All my life I sinned and hurt and all my life I lied. 
I remember the rain that day.That day I saved your life. I remember the way I loved you.Without regret, never doubting.All my life.
  You were the devil in disguise, so my love for mystery and mischieve was sweetened. When former friends  were disgusted with your new candy coating, I grew to like your unfamiliar taste.
Dig away from all the dissappointment I get lonley in caves all by myself. Thoughts lose everything all in the moment, Scraping nails upon walls, all blood runs high.  
It hurts to be me. In the night when no one can hear, Not a cry, not a wail, not a single tear Shed for what is long forgotten, forbidden, unspoken A broken heart the only token
Is anybody out there, 
Creative juices flow... Like a gentle stream that comes to an island and must choose if the waters flow: left or right
I’m drowning circling the drain in a sea of circular thoughtsthere’s too much gray area in these life lessons
To a long lost Lover: I've lived a wooden life for longer than I can remember, Creaking, cracking, losing leaves and making more. It's beginning to look like December, I hope to see you in Spring or before.  
  Pen Paper Black on white Flick of the wrist A moment’s goodbye Swimming in my own mind I can get lost in this world Other’s voices, other’s own ways
She spoke what she thought, she thought things through. To one bad thing she would never do. Never spoke a lie, she was always so sure. Then three kids walked by. She looked at them with envy,
I aint’ never been part of a high class society The thoughts that crave within me, Blearing out with animosity Breathing in the fresh-scented Musk, that’s Broken. Calligraphy- The fundamental process;
Alone in a room a broken girl lays. Eyes once so brown now have gone grey. In the flesh of her arm is a quote scarred in ink. It reads, "Don't follow others  if they contrast your beliefs."
We all face our own demons We all battle it through Why is mine still here? Oh No... Is this mine My premium punishment This is why i can’t move on Why my hurt
All I ever ask myself is why we have to die. It just puts depress on us and leaves us all to cry. Why do we have to leave even when we’re young? Before you even know it, the heaven bells have rung.
My fortune renders me silent. An expression of the lost Finds a hole in my chest. I see the parallels in the death of a star.
  This is a poem  of lost things,  of lost shirts  and lost rings.   Of lost shoes  and lost balls,  of lost books  and lost dolls.   This is a poem 
Growing up isn't easyThe struggles are endless. No one can mentally prepare you for what lies ahead,in 7th grade an enlish teacher showed me how to cope with the madness.
Lost, I am lost without you.. Have no clue where to go no clue who to show the problems to, I am lost without  thought lost like a ball with no air. Walking around with no care walking around lost Who's fault is it? Who should I blame?
  you have etched into my heart a walking path lined with flowers of every color;   i've walked it once or twice, myself, and i've seen bluejays and buttercups
there is any number of things which i would like to tell you about – but i open my mouth to speak and my butterfly of speech flutters away.   do you see the way the clouds just touch
There are moments in ultimate tiredness when I feel I can see everything, sense everything, understand everything. The music starts and my thoughts wonder. I feel as though we are all part of the same being.
Where have you been?Where have you gone?I sing sad melodiesof how i was wrongand i can't even dreamwithout you in my armsso its best to believewe just dont belong
Stare into the seamless skies I recognize How close I came Gaze into where I belong I cannot help But feel the change.   (chorus) Why can't You hear My voice
To change the past was your mistake A broken life you can’t remake Scars become the lines that you have crossed.   A child’s yearning to be free Became your own worst enemy.
I spent all day crying over you again. I can’t stop it hurts so much. So maybe you don’t love me as much as I love you.OKAY. FINE.
I'm just a girl who is trying to find the answers. Lost in the dark wanting to find the light, but I'm not alone here. Something is in the dark with me, something painful, sad, and depressing. He goes by the name of Misery.
Ive said once before                                                                                                    Distance is just slight of hand                                                                                                
it's true, I say that the pain stays inside that we don't know where to hide but why? you ask because we're broken because we're lost because we are alone
Welcome to the lost city, a gathering place for broken souls everyone is lonely here but that seems to be the path we were bound to go, but oh no, we will never let it show, ask us how we are doing and we will say we're good to go.
First day of high school, I wore a dress to impress and I guess I was subjective to the people that I messed with, but it didn't stop there. People were staring at the waistline of my elastic that made me look fat.
I know it is not empty and it isn't full either. I know it is not completed but not incomplete. I know it is not a feeling I have felt before. I know it is neither a connection nor disconnecction.
What makes her both an angel and vixen? What makes me want to be her? What has me chasing after her? What makes me question my affection?
I wish you were with me right now, so you could see the tears spilling out of my eyes. If you saw me cry, would you change your mind? I wish you could hold me close and whisper that everything will be alright.
I know it's all my fault, and I know I've made mistakes, but talking me down and hating me now is making me feel afraid. Afraid of my future and who I may be afraid of failure and that I may never succeed.
...you kissed him again...so now what? You made a dumbass choice again...so now what?...you hurt my sister again....so i'll tell you what fuck you and everyone and everythign you do. Loyalty is something you can't be true to.
You've been with me for all my life; time I've thrown away.   I used to pick up your petals when they fell before. They stayed for some time my dear, but not so anymore.  
What did giving up ever solve The sadness, hate and woe Never seeking the future, to evolve The potential inside you don’t know
Seasons don't change when there's ice in your veins. I am a victim A sweet target with barely bitten skin torn by life's fangs. I am forgotten I light fire against chrome but his reflection hasn't a name.
I wander throughout the earthSearching for my havenWhere is safety?All that I see is as the firstNothing familiar to my sightConstantly running from the pastForever hauntingHe hunts for my soul
What is Briana Scott? Young, beautiful, thoughtful, quiet, self-conscious, determined, creative...Lost.  I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing  with this life of mines.
Innocence…Enlighten my eyesYour memory haunts my soulWill you forget me forever?Is our separation an eternity?Innocence…Vileness consumes meDarkness blinds me
(poems go here)You took my hand And you held it so So close I didn’t see I didn’t see the real me You took my hand And you took me in Into the forest Into the wind You held my hand
Lost is the lady bee in the apple tree Drawn to the nature without a mother Carrying only a bit of poison to protect herself Looking for the soft petals of security
they scream "we're not drunk enough!" so I give them the golden liquor of death 150 proof and an extra bottle of gin to control their djinns some ginseng on top so they sing sweetly
 When I think about you I fall into a dream sleep With Technicolor baas of sheep.   It’s fuzzy around the edges, Murky, like the deep in the sea And I wade through variations of blue.  
Lost my mother At the hands of death. A childhood of struggle From breath to breath. A void too sudden Without warning or shame.
She is strong and fearless harboring a secret.  She has shut them out.  She is lost; lost as quickly as lives disappeared.  Her existence is what left her with nothing.  A shadow of her former self.  Seeking the night he finds her once again with
Blessed are the philosopherswhose dedications stained the eyes of humans staring up concrete obelisks,
Here me here me ole trouble one Thrill and passion is what you desire, And your wants unquenchable as fire. Allow me to give you what you seek For it is from your heart I do speak.  
A year has passed since last we were together, when the days were long and sunny, when I smiled a lot more. But after that day, when I learned the truth, about those feelings you have deep down,
When I feel lostYou find meAnd I think that’s what I miss mostBeing foundSanityPeace of mindKnowing another like myselfExists.Without you I’m lonely.Not lone like a wolf,But alone
There is a certain blankness in your stare one that is so deep, and true It seems you're the only one who cares. I'd like to say you're diffrent, but you're beyond that hold me don't let me go hold me?
Don’t be afraid You’re not in trouble But one wrong word And your father's lost forever   Not that we’ll tell you It’s all behind your back You’re too young to understand all the facts  
Always in the back, dreams of lead rolls to hold us. But we're passed over more than old tapes of Gold Dust. As the value of words goes lower than gold does, I tell him "The money's worth more than the trees."
Does it make me lost, if i can't find myself?
  In that forest deep and green They came across a maiden Unlike anything they'd ever seen With gold and jewels was laden   With words of honey she led them Deep into the wood
As omniscient as you are I find myself alone I find no solace in your temple nor is it in your hand Its no longer in your eyes or your voice or your smile I find no home in your arms
It’s summertime and everyone’s free Taking life easy and drinking sweet tea Hearts being broken yeah it’s the season Girls dropping boys for no apparent reason Boys leaving girls
I write to find myself. I write to sort this all out. I write because my heart and mind have much more to say that my mouth could ever accurately convey.
I am young girl living in a confused world.You see. I can be happy at times, but the devil comes in and defeats me at times.Negativity comes in,people bringing me down to the point where I break down.
And as I looked up at the sky I asked to the heavens, "why were we given the earth, if you knew we were going to destroy it?" A bird flew The stars twinkled, the planets moved,
Prepare yourself, For this will not be ordinary. To express the way I feel Is to look upon the people of this earth with a smile in my heart To see the distraught  the unloved the wanting
I am the lonely and unhappy girl, who is always jotting down words. I am the girl who is wondering why she has a complicated life, the girl who is lost and wants to be found.
Tangled Ripped Tattered Scared  Wrapped around the jagged arms Of a small tree Been discarded   Left alone to Hang in the wind Ripping it like Vicious fangs  
Spontaneous vibrations Out the corner of my eye I see her number-- ten numbers.   Quick glances But your name no longer lingers in my mind.   Two and a half years
You are a past thingA thing from who I used to beAnd I miss you, you past thingBecause sometimes, without you, I don't feel completeMaybe I have not tried to replace youBut you're like a rare part
She was a pale skinned dark haired Shorty from the ghetto Latina princess who listened to death metal With black tee skinny jeans always on her headphones Walked all alone whenever she would head home
Empty hearts in a snowless blizzard taking on the heat of day lost to the world so ever loved lost in a world once meant for play  
So sad the fate of lovers be Especially the two Who lived by the sea He was a poor sailor And she was his lass They loved one another But not long did it last
Holy waters of the United States, Wash away the cherry blood on his hands, My voice calls out like David's precious lamb, So lost in the valley of death and hate.
Lost! Alone! I wish I could die! Scream the minds of the pawns with elongated chains Attached to their wrists, ankles, and minds Release us, we beg you! Oh please, release us!
Paint the sky black because I'm never coming back and I don't want to see you again It was wrong the things you said are playing back inside my head I can't forget I can't let go
I saw your Picture I Smiled. I heard your Voice I Smiled. I felt your Touch and, I Smiled. I was Pained when there was no Thought. I was Pained when there was no Emotion. I was Pained when there was no Contact.
Do you feel as I do do you see as I do like the world is fake like it isn't there Does it scare you Does it frighten your very soul
Me and You were friends I was drinking water at the fountain when you came and splashed water in my eyes I screamed and you smiled I was fighting with you and cut my finger by a false move
Winter comes. The wind howls and the ravens stick around. Perhaps for one more day, To scrounge around. They search forevermore, or perhaps forever born to be alone.
Today I am graduating from High School. so i want to tell you things i have learned in high school that the classroom cant teach you.
I came I went I left broken I'm gone and haunted will I cry and break or will I hold strong for mothers sake I came I went I left broken
Hush they said Okay they said alright they said
No dress like this not like that Eat this healthy food, don't get fat Just tie my free will to heavy strong chains Leave me damage on my brain It's the same punishment as your doing now
Poetry is my light It is my darkness The bottled feelings inside Pain Excitement Loose Happy Explode all on a single sheet of paper Like a volcano ready to erupt
I came to you one humid spring night You taught me how to appreciate life, because You are death and death is all I see You are tall, dark, violent, endlessly mysterious but blatant with your lies
The impartial grooves and ridges of my body would not tell me any lies. I don't want to put names to these thoughts because if angry wasps can sting, they will. I am tired of the attack--and redness--
Tied up suffocating just need to push a little further to break lose weak and fragile. I'm stuck within myself, lost and trapped oh but God why must you take me to the darkness?
My body was a temple my heart made of gold a stranger he was so impulsive and so bold he took what was mine innocence forgotten as he crossed the line
I am a Horse When I was born my owners saw me "She is a cart horse" they said My mother agreed But, I am not a cart horse.
Never forget who you are Thats what my mother told me That advice took me far Unfortunately that couldn't be.
Sadness lurks on the street like an ancient greyhound—forlorn, lonely, With a heavy satchel strapped on his back, slowly limping on the road To nowhere. The rest of the known world has deserted him—left
Such a deep love, impossible to ignore We're pulled together, while others pull us apart. Love is forgotten, making life such a bore The lost memories, breaking every heart.
Thinking the world is conspiring to go against your will Your closest relatives seem to be the ones farthest away The way you view the world has changed
I saw the world for what it truly is when i closed my eyes. She figured out her worth when she closed her thighs He truly saw himself when he left the guys We are all robots in disguise living lies
Falling in love is bliss until you can’t fall any further. The only other option to giving in is denial, you don’t want to believe there is someone so perfect for you; only there is no going forward or turning back. You love, & are in love.
Falling through the cold, Hearing the sounds of screaming nights, Seeing time change to dust. I feel you there. You seem so real. Like the little girl in an empty park, Running around with glee.
Words have gone unspoken. Thanks has not been given. Respect has all but vanished. Appreciation is fading. Communication is gone. We are now expected to work till our hands bleed.
You would not like to know what lies in the depths of my soul And yet you want the truth. You do not understand what secrets that I hide. You ask why don’t I sleep, Why don’t I eat,
I have nicotine stains on my fingers. I've got dreams that will never come true. I've got about a thousand ways to say I don't love you. I've got five dollars in my pocket and when I leave I say goodbye
I am here. In this dungeon. I fear losing my grip on sanity, for the longer I am bound to this cage the more I feel my mind chip away.
The lines are blurred by my watery eyes The tears I cry rain down upon my lips I taste the salt running through my cracks
Like a repetitive note hidden in a melody Giving significance to the sky in its remedy Not hearing the flow from a space through a crack Unless the vibrancy is constant in its subliminal act
In a world full of loneliness, Why is it that we find Love in the oddest of places? When all hope is lost. When you have given up on yourself and the world. Reenact that scene of loneliness for me.
I don't know where I'm going and I don't know where to start. I've been through a lot with strain on my heart.
My father reeks of leather and old books I love to smell that scent while we tattle Society may call us paranoid shnooks But we know they are only mere cattle No good times do I know of my young years
You were gone Until you weren’t I thought I’d found you And then you left. I thought you loved me But I wanted proof You thought I loved you Proof wasn’t enough. We were meant to be
I sit by my window, watching as the sky turns a crimson gold. Dreaming, thinking, hoping- But then there is a soft whirring, I look up… The grinding of tires can be heard as my Father rolls in.
For the first time, his arm swept around another girl, I knew that he was walking away, An ant in the field, smaller and smaller to see. I was naïve, I sat on the sidelines
Another day I return to my bed Another search again with no end I remember the moment I saw you You were different than anyone I ever knew
She’s cold and isolated The demons lurk beneath People think they know her But the beauty’s just skin deep And she wants to run away From the hurt and the pain No one sees the shackles trailing,
Is this what life is? Only the known ones Only the pure ones Can make it anywhere Only the divine ones Only the heavenly beings Are carried on feathery wings To the heights of riches
I have a vase Of sad forget-me-nots On the bedstand Next to Emily Rose-wooden eyes See what mine still hide from me Behind the thread and the needle holes I know we still holds my memories
It’s in the broken hours of the night that minds pace through hallways of a never-ending maze Sleep is just the prize of a game we barely play We don’t need to close our eyes to see what we fear
I'll hold you still, even still So trust me and this bridge we've built Made of wood and stones we haven't thrown I won't cast against you why you have grown
I've lived I've learned I've loved I've learned I've lost I've learned I've lied I've learned I've listened I've learned I've laughed I've learned I've lived
Drained. Life has been drained from me. Care. I don’t anymore. Live. Something that is getting harder to do. Be. Something I just can’t anymore.
When the world around you closes in, go find the Whipperen. When everything seems difficult, search for the one you must consult. When life is hard and course as gravel, go down the road through which few travel.
The small things Hurt the most The little words Scream the loudest The nice words Veiled in caring Stab the deepest The constant Berating Belittling What now?
I cried laughter and pain, Memories rushed through my brain, I wonder how I lost you. Thinking ill have you back, Times i tried and lack, I still wonder how I lost you. Seeing your love for me is gone,
I thought I can show her the way of love, Make her feel untouchable like from heaven above, Be her friend and also her one, No more thinking her love is done, Give her that light that she can not see,
My days turn to night's, No sun or flashy light's, Looking throught the window with fear, Quiet whispers creep through my ear, I stand alone heart skipping every beat, The door opens a cold breeze to my feet,
Lost in an empty space craving something to replace the emptiness. I was told there was one, they called it the son and the light. I looked towards the sky, the sun blaze in my eye,
I promise to remember you. I promise not to forget. I promise to remember the good and not the bad. I promise, I promise. I hope even as I leave, you'll remember me.
Birds flying over head Waves lapping at my feet, The breeze blows in my face The smell of the sea in the air.
I long to tell you whats already been said but the rain has stopped, one sided romance feels dead. The bitter cold bite of reality engulfed me
On the other side of sometimes, I wait with baited breath On the other side of sometimes, I keep away from death
Have you ever felt like running till you couldn’t run anymoreJust grabbing a bag and jetting out the doorBeing free and running wild with the windBeing a part of something that will never end
Our distance was created By individual thoughts Ideals held tightly Releasing a friend’s loss Blinded by Honor’s pride Visioning all the wrongs If love held true Friendship would be strong
what am i gonna do you got me six feet under standing on my bleeding toes the nails beneath me show no mercy what am i supposed to do
A Child Alone Thinking that they’re grown But just another soul lost Victim to the World’s Exhaust
I lost someone To a life of the unloved Someone who brought untold limits I lost someone to the heavens above
A silver hair spins a thousand tales unspun. It comes, drifts, sinks and leaves, Blinded by what it thinks, hears and sees. In a world where the two, seeks the one.
If my heart was singing It'll crescendo lovely notes Repeatedly singing I want a sunday kindof love So I don't mourn monday Leave me broken on tuesday Over thinking on wednesday
I’m lost A simple fact but true They tell me where to go But it just won’t do I want freedom, I want power But I feel like an ant Standing next to a tower I had big dreams
Why should you want to die? It feels good to breathe to live to love and just be alive! How can anyone feel the need for suicide? I’m losing my best friend...
Drip Drop Will it ever stop? The hurt The pain Blood dried on my shirt And still nothing to gain Why does the pain still persist? My happiness is so greatly missed. Inside I am screaming
(poems go here) Dark, deep Marbles in a pallet of white Pale, like a moonbeam Tired. Haunted. Human. Five fingered truths Paired with misery, Joy sustains Fleetingly, lost again
(poems go here) Blinding winds Separate from all others, Put out your arms Try and find the end The goal The howl Filling your head, steeped in whirls of thought The cold presses in
Wake me up Before I lose it all This nightmare's a little too real Pick me up I'm starting to fall Pretty soon I'l forget how to breath I'm not asking. I'm begging you now
I'm the shadow in a rainbow I'm the anger in a smile I'm a raincloud on a sunny day The tenth number in a dial
Take away my lifelines Watch me fade away I am the Gravity Killer Wake me up with nightmares Fill my head with ash I am the Shadowman
The sweetest serenades of bliss, head lost in the possibility of ethereality: that destiny maybe was supposed to keep us together.
I’m all alone, left nothing to accomplish. Humans hath not heed death’s approaching voice. At ends with friends desire death as punish, For we both walk, but only I life’s choice.
I’m holding onto pieces of my past My broken heart coerced me to resent Thinking of the time I saw you last Longing for the chance to mask your scent
Love life love hard times move on whether you were a part of them at all can't move so stop trying hearts bleeding eyes crying there's an expiration date
here we are all alone, each of us a dry,    dead             bone. NOTHING left to loVe or haTe                          a barren wasteland of empty fate
I knew that when I’d fall asleep, I’d only dream of you. And of the Last rose I’d ever get from the man that loved me too. And when the night is over, I wake up and I cry.
Broken street I’m forced to travel as ice tickles porcelain cheek. Crystal leaves forbidden trail now, my traitor heart still beats for thee.
I have found you in this small room, neatly tucked away in the closet so no one can see you. Never have I seen a body tremble so rapidly. Much like the movements of a leaf when it takes off in its autumn wind.
One step too close Face-to-face Nothing else matters But this moment today. Now only centimeters apart This crushing distance is closing And with one final spin, You decide to leave me abandoned.
Buried deep within our souls, there's so much left to say. You were there for me, then gone. You let me down, you never came.
My love, My darling, Oh, where are you? I’ve searched and scoured the earth for you. I’ve left no rock unturned. My heart is failing, My hope is fading. Where could you be?
She said "I can't see myself without you" He said "well close your eyes, and if I ever really loved you would I tell you lies?
Clandestinely cascading-- The entire, pitiful, centerfold That I consider to be a sympathetic heart
I am locked in a cell Condemned by my own words They have escaped me They have guilted me
Would you stay? Just a little while longer. Must you leave me right now? Would you let me feel your gentle touch Before I can feel it no more. And your beautiful lullaby voice.
Sitting on a stained dock Amidst the four winds Is the figure of a woman. Have you seen her before? Her dark locks lifeless As her body sits frozen. Her white dress stained With red.
Northside Hospital: Atlanta, Georgia [Dying Woman Isolated]
We're so tired of this world and all its' evil, Tired of the horrible and fake people Tired of the murder, the lies, and all the pain, Tired of the bullying, the cheating, the earthly ways
My future, me, its mines. but others fund it, so is my future a lie what I can do has no limitations. but does a wallet have the answers to any of my questions. my family hurts for my happiness in the end.
Standing bolder, I try to be a man. Try to kiss you on the lips To make you understand. That I’m here for the better, And I took that chance. I even put my heart, In the palm of your hands.
Forgive me God, My lord and savior. For I have done things, opposed to your favor. But this you know, and this you have seen. So it is no secret- My soul is unclean.
once lost, it disappears, it vanishes. it disintegrates into nothing, it's absence leaving a void that can never be replaced.
She stepped out of the car and quickly strutted her way to the classroom, avoiding as much eye contact as possible; Then, during the second that she looked up- the look that had to be made because she was tired of
Why lie when I can see it through your eyes? You just make it worse, But what can you say, that's just life's course. What your going through, isn't so good, relying on sorrow isn't so well.
Watching the sunset  And I began to feel empty, ... tortured and drained and even a bit of envy.  Tears well in my eyes  And I can no longer control  these emotions that have been put on hold. 
My heart no longer smiles the way it use to It just sits there and stifles The feelings that it really wants to let out It holds back and waits Unwilling to express itself out of the anxiety
It been a while Since I’ve seen you A while Since I’ve touched you A minute Since I’ve missed you A day Since I’ve needed you Time has changed Who we were And has given me
The Path Bright Red sweating wagon With its dirty dusty decay from the long journey Treading in the muddy dark land Carrying natural pieces of the past, in its rigid black rubbery tires
So as we walk and listen upon thy word, people cry as they look up into the sky, feathers falls towards us from the birds, within ourselves we begin to cry,
During the toughest times Sins follow my mistakes But these are truly dark days So help me find my path And if there is no light Forgive me for being lost
All my life - I've been trying to find Such a beautiful place, Like the one in my mind. Somewhere that no one else can trace. Now here I am Standing in front of it, Not giving a damn,
You promised a chance A moment to prove, To leave all out on the court There is nothing to lose. Yet alone here I sit Observing, lightheaded, voice sore, The encouragement failing
She steps into the water, Spirals of foam pulling at her ankles. The ocean billows out before her Like a pair of sails in the wind. A pelican rests in the water Out beyond the waves.
Look at her and what do you see, a happy, cheerful, girl, full of glee? Well look behind that mask, that has been so neatly painted on, for your little girl is long, long gone.
My hazy thoughts have done nothing to solve this riddle. Broken memories and strained eyes forgetting the details. If only I could slip back into what I once was. Simple life, joyful smiles,
Im on this journey, and when I started Im not sure. But now Im lost and in the background I hear, "what were you thinking" echos of my freaking past... "I told you not to do it"...that marriage didnt last.
It starts off slow, a tugging at the heart. A sort of deep ache welling up within the subconscious Something that cannot be expressed in words You see them talking, laughing, but not like they care if you see
I sit. I wait. I can hear nothing, but there is something in the silence. Cries. Not in pain, but in longing. They long for the time when they could smile without wondering how soon it would end.
They laugh at her because they know not what they say and laugh at is the reason of the hurt. They know not what pain they csuse with each day.. Each word shoved in her head unwillingly..day to day. Each word they say
Sometimes I let my soul become like a desert land, building up on every side castles made with sand. I try to hide behind these walls of bitterness and shame, selfishness and hurt and pride grow like a hungry flame.
He’s the one left behind when they’ve walked away. She turned and walked away with the rest of them carrying pieces of him but he couldn’t find the strength to move.
I'll tell my story You tell yours I don't know what will happen beyond here Whether my eyes will remain dry Whether I'll need a place to hide If I will meet the sky If I will pass and rise
Her daddy walks her down To her prince charming Family and friends smile At her in this perfect moment with the sun setting
here i am, little ol' me, underneath Your galaxy. there You are, up above, smiling down on me with love. Lord i love you, by and by. You are my love, my firefly. i wish to feel you, next to me. holding hands, silently.
My tears are wasted on the opinions of the unknown. The cruelty they have shown. The harsh words they have spoken, have sent them on a ride of which I'm just a token. The gestures I make, and the words that flutter across my tongue.
Hunger, starvation What I wouldn’t give for the sensation Good, bad, any feeling would suffice Or, better yet, to sleep forever would be nice For longer than I care to remember I have been numb
Do not promise what you will fail to deliver Beautiful Hopes are crystallized shards of glass Fragile But when they break, a maiden will cry a river Promise Each vow: special; varies in size and shape
In a deep dark forest, there is a caravan of traveling strangers Hosting a creepy carnival, with many possible dangers