I Am Not a Cart Horse


United States
36° 31' 47.604" N, 82° 35' 0.582" W

I am a Horse
When I was born my owners saw me
"She is a cart horse" they said
My mother agreed
But, I am not a cart horse.

I see the jumper foals in the next field
they practice
leaping over logs and ditches
I am strong
I practice jumping too, over and up
"Save your energy"
my Mother says
"You are a cart horse"
But, I am not a cart horse.

I grow tall
all day I pull carts
my mind is not on pulling
I rehearse jumping
in the fleeting daylight
when my work is done
I watch the jumpers
training in the arena
they are tall
they jump, they are powerful
My owners see me jump
"Silly cart horse" they say
But, I am not a cart horse.

I will grow stronger
I can jump high
as high as the jumpers
I have practiced
I have learned
They say "Jumping is just a hobby"
But, I am not a cart horse.

One thought is in my mind
My goal
'When will I jump the fence?'
And prove,
I am not a cart horse.


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