Long arms

Do you think its ok

to keep trying 

even though you are not 

good enough 


Do you think that 

its ok to keep going 

even though you have tried hard

but still have tasted defeat 


I'm really tired of thinking this way

of not finding the importance

of what I say


I just cant seem to see 

why people try so hard

when in the end

there is only a slim chance 

at success


Some say,
"I'll grab that chance

however small it may be" 


but really I think- 

its not that easy to bear


To lose over and over

do they really expect me 

to get back up


I think this time 

I've had enough


I really can't find the point

in reaching for a goal 

when no matter how hard I reach

I still will not have the longest arm

and it is not like 

my arm will grow

It will still remain the same.

And the people around me

with their long arms

I will watch as they grab

what I wanted from the start

So you tell me now

what is really the point?

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