Man Up

Throw away those super hero t-shirts and draws,

Take a look at these women in their bras.

Trade in those sketchers,

And let's get you some J's,

Cut that ponytail off

And get a fade.

No one wants a little boy,

Man up little man.


Bury those emotions,

Stiffin up that upper lip,

Take this beating,

Nobody respects a bitch.

Feelin funny?

Here's a tip,

Satisfy your dick and fuck a bitch.

Man up little nigga.


Stop talkin bout love,

Real men don't "love"!

We fuck and duck,

Take the V and leave.

No feelings,

That touchy shit is dumb,

Just hit it and quit it,

And it's done.

Man up little man.


Education? School?

Boy don't make me laugh.

A job? A career?

Sit down you damn fool

Shut up, and make this money.

The streets is your company.

Man up little nigga.


Look at you now.

Locked up for 25 years,

Got you a baby girl now too,

She's out here growing up without a father,

Ain't shit you can do.

Cancer is takin over yo Momma,

They say she ain't got much time,

You can't even apologize to her for all this drama.

Yo little brother is fallin into the fast life,

Only has distruction in his sights.

Ain't nothin you can do now that you're up in the pen,

Just pray to God and hope he forgives each sin.


Lay your head down,

Close your eyes,

Remember it takes a REAL man to cry.


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Our world


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