Wordless Cry


i want to see the way you have shown me

i want to love the way you have loved me

i want to be the person you believed I could be

I want to go the road you marked for me to follow

I want to feed the fire you sparked

I want to live because you live in me

I want to cry because you are my tears

I want to laugh because you got me past my fears

I will always believe because no matter what,

You are always with me

When I cant see you guide me

When I am weak you build me

When I am lost you lose me

When I give up you fight on for me

When I cant breathe you breathe through me

When I let go you grab me

When I run you run ahead of me

When I hurt you heal me

When you died, you never left me.

While it seems I am all alone and you are so far,

I still feel you holding me.

After all these years, I love you even more than I did before.


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