Wed, 04/01/2020 - 17:39 -- Kbliss

You know, I can see it in your face

Your just a machine

A slave to your desire

You’re so black and blue

Yesterday, you said you wanted this

Today, you don’t want to live

I can see you crawling up walls inside

A battle inside

Tiny slits forum in your eyes

You cut me out

Say you’re fine

we both know your no angel (you’re no angel)

Everybody hurts sometimes

Oh let me dig you up from 6feet under

I’m never gonna give up on you, no

You’ve made me strong

Made me fight the hardest

But go ahead ghost me act like I was 

Never there never return my calls, texts

Without warning 

Leave me to think it’s my fault(It’s my fault for trusting you)

I put my blood, sweat, and tears in this.

Why don’t you care for me as I care for you

Why don’t you care for yourself

Why weren’t you there?

Where have you been?


10,000 feet underwater submerged 

Found a safe place for my soul to rest

You use to bring a smile to my face

But now you bring tears to my eyes

That is drowned out by a baby’s cry

Can't you see

You are hurting more than you are hurting yourself

No, I can’t see you go down this road

So I blocked you

I blocked you


I feel like a puppet on strings

In your twisted game

Can’t you see, can’t you see

I fucked around got attached too you

But you’ve been acting like its nothing

But I know you know

So why we fucking around with all of

This wasted time

So I blocked you

I blocked you

And I give a damn no more

Because my feelings aren’t meant to be played with

(feelings aren't meant to be played with)


(feelings aren't meant to be played with)

No, No

(feelings aren't meant to be played with)

No, no, no

I’m done.



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