"Loved by the Ocean"



I met him in July. 

He had lips like cigarettes,

Scars like the earth,

But his eyes were blue oceans.

So deep and vast I felt sometimes

That I would drown

In his tsunami's of emotion.

I was the shoreline.

His oceans found my sand,

His water gave this deserted island life.

 Water filled my island body

With more splendor than anguish.


He met me in July.

I had lips like autumn's leaves,

Scars less visible now than before,

But I was still made of earth.

My eyes were golden grains of sand.

If he kept digging long enough,

He could find the pieces of ocean

That would belong with him.

I would not let him see the tattered sails

Of lost men that crashed on my rocks

In fear that he would leave my island a desert.


He will always be the ocean,

Even if he no longer kisses the rocky coast.

An island cannot forget her ocean lover,

An ocean cannot abandon the sands of her shore.




Nice! I really like it. :D

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