Captive to the World


United States
34° 1' 24.9276" N, 84° 35' 44.0628" W

A Child Alone
Thinking that they’re grown
But just another soul lost
Victim to the World’s Exhaust

Advice can only go so far
Principle must be learned from the start
We must be proactive
To free this held generation

Neglected children
Produce broken men
Desperate to discontinue
Hurt done to them

They went too far
With too much at stake
Father time what is truth?
A disastrous fate

Red Flags
Why can’t you see them?
Red Flags
Why won’t you believe them?

The young, trapped,
Why are we ignorant to fact?
Living in this world, naïve
Oblivious on how to act

Thoughts of distorted realities
Action abnormalities
The result of pacified teachings
Diluted greetings

Their life a lie
Not realizing in Adam all die

Dangerous decisions
With no more supervisions
Whimsical ideas
Soliciting no fears

Unchanging situations
False accusations
Left only to themselves, to think…
Why the misguided information?

Red Flags
They’re revealed to you
Red Flags, Red Flags
Yet you have no clue

Consequences to face
Actions that can’t be erased
Misguided Love
A generation displaced

Red Flags
Red Flags
You’re a little too late
This is the burden of the wise…


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