My bestfriend


Springfield Massachusetts
United States

We use to laugh, We use to talk, We use to confide in eachother. I was totally in love with my bestfriend. You can fall in love with friends too.I.would give her my last, my life I let her hold in the palm of her hands. She was so beautiful then. My memory is vivid it's so real and these memories hurt. Christina where did you go? Why did you leave me here with her..? Who is this person standing In front of me? Why did she let these men hurt me? For a hit of crack my bestfriend let them rape me. While I was sleeping my bestfriend sold my body 😪. I was drugged and dreaming of how things use to be. My bestfriend has been gone for a while now and this empty person walks around In her body. My heart ❤ is literally broken into a million pieces. How could you do this to me? As her blue eyes looked into mine I couldn't find her anymore. I woke up naked that day and she was arguing with this predator of a man. They were fighting over 15$ worth of crack.He looked at me and said " give that to her , after all she definitely earned it.." They laughed at me. Then he said " she's not your friend." My bestfriend was standing over my naked brused body with my room door open literally fighting over drugs. I didnt want to realize that she sold Me , sold my soul, sold my dignity to the highest bidders. 💔 My bestfriend wasn't really a friend at all and the worse part of it all is that on that day she took a piece of my heart with her. I remember her before. I miss her. I cry for her everyday now. My bestfriend.

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