What is going on

Chaos ensuing

The scene in a daze

A hazy fog drifts in

What am I

And everything collapses

Who are you

And memories fade

The ground below you falls

And you start to crash

Before your soul bounces off

But your mind is shattered

Insanity lingers

Thoughts leaking

Mind spinning

Your splitting headache

As you glance upwards

Madness taking over

You catch a glimpse

 Of yourself

Before you become the fog

And you transform 

Into a tumbleweed

And you tumble away

Like a distant thought

Abandoned in the end

Happening everywhere

It's all the same

Don't expect much

To be different

The puzzle pieces clatter

To the ground

They lay there cold

And hard

With nowhere to go

And somehow

In that moment

It all fits together

And then you know

That it was meant to be

Always this way

Never changing

Nor stopping 

A circle of life 

That was always 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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