They way your lips touched minds somehow made me lost with your eyes as u slowly grab me close to you.

Making me lose sight of the world around me

As you lead in

I let you go for it

Instead of wanting sex  I wanted your present

.to protect me in your hands

to love me even when I"m shaking like a leaf you some how you stayed calm for the both of us

Even though it was only on the cheek somehow was everything to me

to let go and you being able to caught the missing pieces which landed me in the eyes of your beating heart

Which was the beginning of a major heartbreak ...



I was going though the hardest kinda break up /love problems so continuse to read this poem and the next poem called I'm Sorry

I can really use any advice that could help me though this 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

when i read this poem

i felt your msg, i see that you put your all to this poem

very powerfully stated

emotionally driven

it can be hard to overcome a heartbeak ending to a relationship

but at the same, it saved your life because underneath it all, there are lessons to learn

grow wise and move forward-well done


Yes just time me let go all the pain heartbreak and just be happy and continue to focus on school


Awesome job Imani so intriguing and fascinating makes me want to read more! I feel your pain, been there. You express ur feelings in the best way through poetry :)


Because POETRY is my voice and I can express my inner emotiinside. I feel I express my emotions better in POETRY then just speak off my chest. That why I ALWAYS say I will make a poem about it

Mafi Grey

This is really good and it shows the hurt from what you needed something as a support and they left you standing alone, those times you just want someone there for you but they use you. I know that true feeling and what it teaches you, but not to be cold hearted and bitter but that much appericated for the true love that will follow after thoses who leave. Check out this one I wrote,


You are So right because I was really hurt about that break up and I don't cry more was angry and eemotional and after I grew strong. Another guy ten times better said to me I'm willing to pick up the broken pieces of your heart and I told him when you try fix me you can also get hurt he said he was will be in pain just make me happy. It's amazing How thing leave something else comes alone to make the smile i thought I lost come back. Thank you for your powerful it helps me continue to be bold and help myself grow

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