The Eternal King

find me lost in the middle of oblivion 

tied to a pole in my thoughts of just givin in   

like I'm trying to fight the very waves of the ocean 

cause I can't find a vent for all this emotion 

but I won't let go, no, it's more than this

It involves my friends even though they don't see it

they are what keeps me going

when hurricanes come blowing

trying to cave me in

but it won't work, not agian

loyalty, is the center of me,

the center piece

the decline,decrease 

my soul's eye piece 

where I'm finally at peace 

but the time there I just lease 

Cause I'm so close to insanity 

the pain doen't really cease 

but I know the destructive power I could unlease

and though it's descreet 

It can still involve a stampede 

while I feel like a centipede,

getting no where ,cause I still feel incomplete 

next to your expertise 

the embodiement of peace 

you, who doen't get angery

you have such patience with me 

I didn't understand how you could be 

sometimes even I hate me 

making up this false reality 

where people can actually see,

the scars that make me,me 

but no,they are eternal, enternal

nothing you could actually see

like the invisible chains from which you set me free 

so I can now raise my hands and sing,

of You,the Eternal King 




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



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