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He’s the one left behind
when they’ve walked away.
She turned and walked away with the rest of them
carrying pieces of him
but he couldn’t find the strength to move.

Where did his mind go?
He sits on the floor
staring through his hands
staring at the wall
trying to find himself in the mirror.

He tries to follow,
but every direction points away.
Holding still keeps memories from fading faster
but he can’t hold his breath for long.

Looking at the masks hanging
on his wall
in varying shades of transparency
what to put on today?

His breath is gone
and his eyes are closed
when did he lose
everything he wanted to keep?

Finally he speaks
and words are spoken.
His eyes are opened
and he finally sees.

He’s still lost on the road
but now it only goes two ways.
Maybe he’s not whole yet
but he knows what he’s been searching for
all along.
More than something,


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