Prayers Of The Broken Brethless Heart


It's hard to breath when you feel like you're drowning

Its hard to get up when you feel like your binded

It's hard to move on when you're constantly reminded

I'm on a relapse now

Take a bow

Make me frown

Now i look like the clown


Laugh it up

Talk it up

Because I'm a dub

Now I'm on a relapse

And its causing me to collapse

Hold me

Don't scold me

Because now I want you to

Be near me

It's hard to get out of relapse

Now I'm spending most of my time


They said they did it

Because it's fun to see me mad

But little do they know things like that

Makes me sad

Makes me want to die

End my life

Grab a knife

Jump in front of a car

To make them wonder why

But I can't think like that

But these demons I'm fighting

They play dirty and start


Now I'm here writing

Away my feelings

Because it's the better way of dealing

Its my form of praying

To my one and only


The king

Cos apparently

He is the only

Person place and thing

That consoles me

Fake generosity

Makes me sick to the



Is that a real word?

Why do I go for him

Everyone else gets curved

Can you not

Just not

Take me for granted

Because I am the only one who has me feed planted

On the floor

This means war

I can' with the.constant

Playing feelings

Do you not know me

Like seriously

Is it so hard to stop and think

We might be hurting her


Take deep breaths and put it aside

It's in the past

I know that

So.why does the pain last

I'm trembling


Fearing because now ya talkin

I know he's not mine but as I said before love is blinding

For.ever binding

I'm getting on my hands and knees for mercy



Honestly do you all not

Think considerably

Think about Kimberly

Laura story writes that

Blessings come in tears

In fears

Not only cheers

And that song makes me read my


Thank you hold for not being a fraud

For helping me through this

I don't want to end it

It being my soul

And I'm o happy I have you to

Defend it


There little prank

Would have lead to my demise

Relapse is causing me to collapse

But my ground

That I am planted into

Down to my hair follicles

And roots

Belong to you

My God you are true

And kind


Is blind

So you know how I feel

When you see one of your children

Dancing with him

Bathing in sin took me

All day

And all night

Crying. So I won't fight

Thank you Lord

It's hard to breath when you feel like you're drowning

But keep trying

Because God will help you

If he knows your soul is crying

Not crocodile tears

But genuine ones

That leave scars for years


I say




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