Outside the Window

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 20:26 -- BahJiy

As I stare outside the window today,

I see little children with a ball they play

Happily on the street together today.


As I stare outside the window,

I remember our time back then,

Where are we now?


As I look out towards the childern today,

I noticed a someone standing far away

From the group, looking at the children play.


As I look out towards the children,

It reminds me you are alone

Somewhere I know not, but not home.


Ah, the clouds in the distant comes towards us.

Looming so brightly that I know not  but

That our time together is specks of dust.


The childrens, they have yet noticed it not

But soon they'll find out that it is not

As time is static, stationary not.


As I look outside the window today,

I see us together happily playing.

But oh! the cloud came! I see us no more

Only the rain that blinds us evermore.

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