and our love story is different.

we didn’t end badly or terribly.

we didn’t end hating each other or regretting once said promises.

we ended by force.


those nights where our goodbyes were twenty minutes long just because you stood and stared at me were ones I thought would get old,

but now i won’t have them again.

i would run across the world to have them again.

those nights where i broke down crying and your voice over the phone telling me everything was going to be okay.

i was toxic to myself though i seemed to be your poison.

but you didn’t mind, did you?


i didn’t deserve you by anything on this earth.

you’re always my fucking galaxy and i’m just a planet at your consumption.

you are my world and i was just a continent. (i would say country, but you always beat me in those and said....”aw liv” when i thought morocco was in europe.)

i’m nothing great, nothing worth talking about.

but i’m all your family talked about.

i hesitate using past verbs because i know we’ll get back together, this time for real.


but if we never get back together, 

if time forces us to move on,

i hope you find a girl just as special.

someone your family can be proud of.

someone you can be proud of. 


you and i,

we’re like salt water and dry sand.

close enough to touch but not for long, not for permanent stay.


here’s just another sad poem about the lost love of my life.

but i’m grateful for those twenty seconds and i’m grateful for this.

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