Look at the clear bright sky tonight

Moon and the Stars above your head

If you wait long enough

You will see a bright light of the lost Perseidas

Shooting stars might show me your face

And open my mind

It is not Love

Just a Passion

And the same sound of Silence

A state or mindfulness

A celestial crush of souls


Behind the Illusion

Romantic touches or excitement

There is magnetism of the Eternity


I never saw

Never felt before

Maybe I was blind...

Focus you mind

On the star rain at the sky

On my desires

While I dream


Hello Heaven

Yes, you

Wake me with the Sun

Tell me I am your Speed or Spleen

It is just a fire and stone rain in the sky

Still, I can see Heaven in your eyes

Don’t break my heart this time...

No limitation

Sky has not limit

Maybe I can be alive

Once again


I just saw a rain of shooting stars in the sky


August 11, 2016

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