Stagnant waters of the soul

In stagnant waters of the soul,
We hold to memory's from long ago.

But,.. if in time we do not keep,
From our lips we'll pray to keep.

Secrets of the soul we leak,

The joys and subtle tragedies.

The places we've seen,
The shadows we've been..

That love first felt in ones beating heart,

The hate first seen in the friend who strayed

Both to entwine in memory of mine

Both will break!
Just to recreate!

Broken Into fragments

I see the pieces, but each meaning unclear

Like piecing together a puzzle you have never seen

While looking backwards through a mirror

Defined by that image

Created in a moments haste

Now defining your next move
From things in your past

Yet...Held together


Break again to redefine

Fragments once thought of unclear

Seen now in different light

Or shadows in the shade of night

But still hold firm to you...

The journey through a broken mind
Can make or break a soul...

But Defined by ones own will

To be.. Or not to be

The choice is yours

This poem is about: 
Our world



This was really beautiful, good work! :)


:-) thanks

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