Shall I Not Disappear?

Fri, 10/18/2013 - 16:54 -- rauchb2

Little Scarlet, little Scarlet, where have you been?
Prancing upon my garden, did you spend
the time that you were so generously given?

My dear Violet, my dear Violet, where have you gone?
I have searched for you and prayed for you upon
your favorite place, where the wind dances at the pond.

Sicily, Sicily, my darling Sicily has time to shoot.
Where you lie your head, awaiting the next kick of his boot.
I have tried to play your savior, but alas the point is moot.

Honey bear, Sugar plum, have you lost your way?
The rain pours and the thunder roars masking everything in gray.
Still you sit soaked and quiet, professing nothing to say.

So say you shall not.
Speak you shall not.
Live you shall not
and weep you shall not.


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