Stretching on and on

For miles and miles

Everything pure white

And dull gray

And dirt brown

A path of gravel

Your footsteps echo

In the silence

By themselves

Nobody else

A bleakness takes over

The landscape is whitewashed

Simply existing

No meaning yet

Cheeks bitten

With frostbite

And ice cold chills

Of intense terror

Of never finding anyone

To share your fear

One by one

They start to crowd you

There is no escape

From anxiety or fright

It's too late

You blink and it's gone

The creep of death

The frozen block of ice

Dancing with rainbows

Sits on a barren wasteland

With nobody around

For miles there is ice

Snow and utter cold

Sprinkled through dreams

Gathering like a cloud

Granting still peace

Still a quiet rest

Still a solemn vow

Always a grave stillness

And then the darkness. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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