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I am lost in this lonely world
With my troubled past
And I can't escape from these memories
That will forever last

The darkness surrounds me
And the obscurity, oh how it confounds me
And I cannot escape this reality
That will forever last

I don't know what to feel anymore
Or what feelings are even for
So why must I live through this suffering
That burns me up inside
That ruined all my life
That brings tears to my eyes
That always made me cry
That always hurt my pride
And realize that my life - it was a lie!

This life is a burden
My future is uncertain
But I know that I must go on to fight another day
So I must undo the wrong
And continue to hold on strong
So I can finally push the troubled past away

I need the strength to fight this pain
And see my life change
'Cause I don't want you
To see me this way anymore
Not anymore

I was lost in this lonely world
With my troubled past
And I have escaped from these memories
That will no more last


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