I think that is a good question


Will it ever work while I hurt and think about you

Knowing that the love I have for you might be true

But it doesn’t come back to me boo

I guess I’ve lost the argument

Since I see you talking to that girl… again

Maybe a curveball like me could never keep up to a fastball like you

( yes that is a sexuality joke so if you don’t get it don’t laugh)

I knew I fell in like with you from out of the blue

While you like pink skies be filled with chicks

Mine are blue skies filled with hicks named dick

Stop thinking with that head and start thinking with your heart

For instead mine skips a beat every time I think about your heart

And want you part of a world where its yours and mine

While we dance in the sunshine

I’m dying to hear the words

But I guess I won’t be around for them to be heard

But I somehow feel indifferent to the situation

Though I want to feed the dada in you while floating in suspension

For I come to your heart when you hire love

I come to your mind when you feel the rush

I come to your soul when your God is gone

I come to your smile when you want some fun

I come to your feet when you jump at night

I come to your hands when you wanna fight

I come to your legs when you wanna run

I come to your smile when you want some fun

So please N don’t let us waste anymore time 


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