I lay here looking at the ceiling in the dark…

The sound of the rain echoes off the roof,

Hail peircing the world outside like bullets let off.

Lightning shoots across the sky like a belt flung at a child…


I close my eyes trying to remember yet trying to forget,

Why was I so Naive to think he cared… 

To Think he loved me.. Why did I listen to anything he said,

Thunder rings out like the earth shifting in my ears.


I close my eyes trying not to imagine how much it sounds like our skin,

Opening them I imagine the look on her face if she new… 

If she knew her precious husband was molesting her granddaughter,

The lightning pierces through the clouds filling my rage filled eyes with light.


Closing my eyes I see you… 

I fill my mind with you between flashes,

My memories flashing back and forth like the lightning.

Never sure wether it wants to stay or not…


My mind fractured like my spirit,

My innocence gone, yet yours not as much.

A girl keeping me safe and sane,

I leave my razor alone.. 


For tonight blood isn’t what i need to see…. 

Tonight… I need to see your eyes. 


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