I don't think people actually understand what it's like losing somebody you love.

It's not like losing a toy,

Or losing  your favorite pair of gloves.

It's like endless emotional pain,

That your body feels from below and above.

You know you gone completely numb when you lost somebody you love.

It's just endless irritation when you hear everyone around you chant

"Stay tough."

You know you want to feel it,

You know you want to be it,

But its that stabbing pain that stops you,

That lies above your gut.

You know completely gone insane when you lost somebody you loved.

You just feel like the only sentence you have left is

"I'm done."

And you feel like everyone around you is annoying and completely dumb,

But it's actually you that crumbles like an old piece of crumb.

You know you completely changed yourself when you lost somebody you loved.

You just feel that every happy emotion has been crushed.

And everytime you laugh its like this weird strange rush,

But you know that laughter will end when your mind gives you a hush.

You know you completely lost your mind when you lost somebody you loved.

It's such a strange feeling that you can't go up to them now and give them a simple hug,

But now i’m completely aware of what’s around me,

And what I completely felt,

And i finally realized;

That i’m the one,

That lost myself.


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