Distanced of the long ubiquitous walk
Like no end behind an aching shadow 
I storm beneath the line lit of a flame

Sounds chime like ever before
It must be crawling souls
Moaning of much of a darkened fear
Blackened smoothly across my path 

It's seem long and unending 
No, not single star or moon glaring 
There yet I see my shadow  wander off
I miss it much of my only accompany, 
My sane

A familiar view I see reminding me so what future I wished to seek 
To end this walk unburdened
There a past opened my eyes just
a bit, alas I've seen it too much
Flame flickered storming my vision
A distorted mind I came across one last time 

There wasn't much of anything so to speak 
As this distanced walk hollowed away and weak
I finally so to speak lied upon the formidable ground
A profound taste I've came to adapt 

This time tasting as bitter as the petrifying view
Oblique distanced away of what I hoped to see a way
Away I am away long before living
Leaving this cause to be only but myself 
Aloof, such a tuition of the darkened blindness 

Like always it's my place to vacant 
For is there a way to soon be free?
Not in my case, not a single tenacity 
The custom of never loving 
A dying rose, a screaming dove, a ghost mourning bleeding mercy

It withered my spirits
Too much, it lingers away 
Forgotten on this forsaken 
Ubiquitous walk to encounter nothing and everything 

Pure darkness
Like feeling blind, my soul will stay among this walk 
Of a distanced walk that never have been reached of a non existing destination 
Rotting away of a memory through the grounds 
More sounds chime 

Not a single trail broad the way again
I'll just wait or maybe this consciousness has seized to exist to begin with.


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