I know that you are out there!

Please come and talk,

To a girl who feels all alone,

A girl that feels so lost.


I am bisexual,

Yes, we exist.

I am not hiding that I am gay,

I am not a selfish human being.

I just another person,

All I want is love.

Man or woman I care not.


But I need to keep it hidden,

I need to keep myself safe.

I know I'm not accept by the human race.

I am according to some "a gay in denial"

To others I am just confused,

My 'decision' repulsive in all styles.


It wasn't my choice!

What can I tell you?

I live in an in between.

I only want love,

But it is too difficult for my reality.


So here I am,

Another bisexual.

But I can never be proud.

I am just am insecure sixteen year old,

Who can't see the beauty in herself.

I can't be proud when I hate my body,

When I know I don't belong.

When something that wasn't my choice is rejected,

When I can't be myself. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world



I like this. You are a great person. Don't think about what other peaples think.


Thank you, I'm glad you think so. :) It's harder than it seems, but we all survive. Hope you have a wonderful day.


Very good poem. Reminds me of myself a year ago. 


Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. It gets better doesn't it?


You're welcome and of course it does. Love yourself and keep living in your truth, that's the ultimate set up for happiness :). 

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