The Next Logical Step

Wed, 03/16/2016 - 22:04 -- elmm682


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The next logical step, now that I’m on a deserted island, is to kill myself.

Plunge into the water and sink onto part of a marine shelf.

After all, how long can I last here?

Without anything I hold dear.

But something stopped me.

And I reached the key.

It may be petty,

But I think now I’m ready.

I’ll tell you the truth,

Even if my explanation is uncouth.

When I lost you,

I lost me too.

I wanted to die.

It was the worst, I won’t lie.

I love you in the worst of ways

And that’ll never end, even to the rest of our days.

I love you like the cliche movies we used to laugh at.

Even if you can be an annoying brat.

It’s always been you and me.

You see,

I never thought I’d lose my sister.

I never thought I’d trade you for another.

No one else can be my partner in crime.

No one else can get away with making me suck lime.

So I’m wishing for you today

This island may have made me a little cray.

But it also reminded me how I much I miss us.

This is the whole fuss.

I can’t live with you.

But let’s face it, I can handle very few.

I’m sorry,

Save me from this island and we’ll take a ride in a Ferrari.

Talk this through.

Go over how much I’ve rued.

Or you can come this island.

We’ll get burnt, not tanned.

But we’ll be back together, and we’ll resow our seeds.

After all this time, I know you’re all I need.

This poem is about: 
My family


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