and they say sphere keeps spinning,
shit'll reach the fan and catch some airplay,
moments are tarnished missing tossed bouquets,
then deemed stray, then eyes wander in disbelief,
then we ponder with the dis belief,
how could you spit words saliva can't hold?
you thought the untold wouldn't incriminate my sinned soul,
now bashful actions consummate verbal engagements,
and passenger fingers ring silent swears,
I hope you never come backs and I never wanna sees,
the result of blissful interaction meeting the alter e,
going where we'd never be, but...
life is swimming lessons above the knee,
prophets sold us the meaning of people and seasons
and how there similar, change can be good or 
could be the shine that's been dimming us,
and we'll find the worth out when its a memory or
when we're in the same shop purchasing trinketry.
_Shaun Poet


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