innocence became insanity

when did innocence become insanity?

even the voices in my head are sick of me

wish they wouldn't feed the beast

that I now have named Agony 

but I swear it wasn't really me 

it fed on words from humanity 

Words of Joy's frailty 

words of Courage panicking 

while Ancint times, tell of poisoned kings 

and old lost voices, the phantoms sing 

till Fear gained back it's vanity 

and stole from Boldness greeedily 

till love became a tragedy 

and I almost lost my sanity 

cause up was down with this gravity 

changes throughout the galaxy 

how come I feel it affects only me?

not the whole world or my family 

no, the world goes on so casually 

while in my head it feels like a casualty 

but I still have to act so happily 

though iside I don't really know peace 

pretend, for them but it ain't cheap

it wasted all my energy 

give me back my center piece 

the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit 

To live as long as endlessly 

I used to move so restlessly 

It's still a struggle, but my Master, Christ 

helps me so much, so tirelessly 

and to Him I am thankful for this master piece 

that He carved out of the junk called me

I was nothing more than a begger, a thief 

but still so thankful to my Everlasting King

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world


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