Look Here N, You stole me

Yes for the very first time someone has stolen me in years

But please know I’m very fragile and have high self-esteem

And unlike the body I live in I don’t have any fears

At all, and it’s very peculiar that I say this

But I’m like Katy Perry for some reason,

“I’m capable of anything of anything and everything

Make me your Aphrodite

Make me your one and only

But don’t make me your enemy your enemy your enemy

So you wanna play with magic

Boy you should know what your falling for

Baby do you dare to do this

Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse.”

I’m like so serious

You break me I break you so don’t get delirious

Period you know that this body love’s you with all of me

So take your time and see that he loves all of you

And when I say all I mean all

I’m mean every time he looks into those emerald sea eyes; he makes me change the song

Like one day I was being a dark horse and he seen you and I started going he beez in the trap beez beez in the trap.

But boy N, you got someone who loves you and you don’t see it

He’s just gonna have to say it

And soon but not today because he’s not ready

Like all smart dumb people he’s not ready 


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