Who Am I?

I ask, Who am I?

Forever I shall know not,

Between wolds above and those beneath

Eternal life and endless rot.


If all the stars in heaven

Shone into my very soul,

That which was illuminated

I would scarcely know.


If the sun pierced my very core,

I would not know what it had seen,

For who am I,

And what is me?


I would ride down every highway,

Run the course of every byway,

Search ev'ry alley through dead of night,

Sigh at the dawning of morning light.


I could lose myself and never care

About finding what had been there

What reason would I have who cannot find

Really who is the me I left behind.


Who am I? I ask once more,

To heavens high and depths below

Knowing no answer shall be giv'n.

For who I am, I shall never know.





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