Pain is what I know  

I know I messed up for the last time 

I'm afraid you'll want me to go 

I don’t blame you, I'm a burden 

But every time, you take me in 

Why are you like this: so perfect 


You make my heart hurt 

It melts in flirt 

Every time you speak, my heart skips a beat 

The drums in my ears fleet 

The pain in my chest will never leave 

But you couldn’t say the same about me 

The distance frightens me  

I just wanted you to see.. 

The pain 

Hurting you was never what I wanted 

Those thoughts keep me haunted 

I've asked you too many times  

For forgiveness 

I don’t expect it anymore 

That assumption is poor 

I love you 

My heart wants nothing more 

You're all I need 


Your love keeps me sane 

Without you I don't know if I could stand living 

Depression gets the best of me 

But you make everything feel free 


The touch of you would send me into a long sleep 

A lucid dream 

If you decide to take your love with you 

Ill stand aside 

Watching you leave will kill me 

But hurting you kills me even more 

I'm sorry for 

Everything I've done 

The way I feel is unbearable 

Every breath I take is for you 

When I stop, will you cry 

My doubts exhaust me 

When will it ever let me be 

I just want happiness 

I feel lost, why do I even exist 


You make me feel safe 

Even from afar 

Your words hold a bond around me 

You told me to kill myself 

And I would but I'm already in hell for it 

Remove me and pull me to heaven 

Where you stay 

What's left to say except 

I love you 


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