Silent Swan

The first funeral i attended

There wasn’t too much i understood about death 

Relationships that were broken

Now mended 

With shared sadness


How can i comfort you?

How can i take this pain 

and throw a rainbow in your rain?


I’m trying to find the comforting words

They’re right on the tip of my tongue

Now that I’m older i realize


There are none 


There’s screaming

Intense heaving 

And the hope or possibility


That your dreaming


This isn’t real.

It can’t be. 

I saw her yesterday.

Why was there no other way?




Im attending my second funeral

There isn’t too much i understand about death

But i do know 

Relationships that were once broken 

Will be mended 

With a shared sadness


I know now 

That words can never be enough

And that even silence 

Is loud enough


Rest in peace to my dear grandmother Delphine Swan- 6-20-20


This poem is about: 
My family


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