But I’m broken.

And now anger overflows within me.

And I still feel lost.

Not because I still love you,

this isn't even about you anymore.

But because I'm filled with wrath.

I thought only beautiful storms could be stirred in me.

But I was wrong.

Because now i see.

Although I'm on the boat,

I still can't seem to settle.

And although Jesus is in the boat with me,

I don't cease to tremble.

The waves are rocking this boat in every direction.

Every wave hits with a harder force each time.

There is lightning everywhere.

Thunder roaring, never ending.


The storms are representing the demons that won't stop tormenting me.

The demons that approach me and fill me with the strongest forces that lead me to an impure and unkind heart.

The storm won't stop roaring, these demons won't stop screeching and hollering.

The lightning keeps striking and these demons keep smiting.

“God make it stop. Take me away please!”

“Jesus save me. Jesus tell the storm to stay quiet!”

Bedlam, bedlam everywhere, bedlam all the time.


But Jesus has been on the boat this whole time.

He's been there with me through the entire voyage.

When I was in the waters of sin, He was there.

When I was riding through the storms, He was there.

“Wake up my Lord! Please, I'm begging you! Save my heart that seems to sink in agony”


I still feel like I'm failing you Lord because I can't seem to let go of this grudge.

I'm becoming bitter and I'm starting to hurt those around me with my words.

I don't mean to, I swear I don't mean to.

I just feel so defeated and tend to cover the pain with words that will hurt others the same way I'm hurting inside.


I need you to break chains.

I might not be chained to my old sinful ways,

but now the devil has found new things to chain me to.

And I want to be set free, Lord.


My heart desires you, Lord I want you.

But I see myself in the midst of darkness.

And although I pray, and although I read your word, and although I praise and worship you,

the devil doesn't leave me alone.


Jesus is the light.

Lord send the shining sun to illuminate the skies.

Open the gates of heaven, let your arms  reach out for me.

Let your peace descend into my heart.

Allow your love to heal my wounds

because I'm bleeding interminably.


I might be riding through the storm, I may be fighting this battle, but Jesus I promise to keep worshiping you.

I shall stand firm even when it hurts.

Although I may feel this darkness closing out on me, I know I'll be able to see the light again.

My knees hit the ground and even with my eyes shut, I see the brightest light, Jesus Christ.


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